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What Titanic event will bring in internet regulation?

likes this

Smj brought this link..and it’s full of gold.

Who knew amateur telegraph operators were buggering up the Titanic transcription service?

Likely a lie, it brought in a “hesitant” Congress to regulate the air waves thanks to the great work of Sarnoff.

Myths create laws and grow government.

While the sinking of the Titanic showcased radio’s potential value as a life-saving technology, it also raised questions about the need to control its use. The lack of clear guidelines concerning shipboard wireless equipment and interference from amateur operators had hindered rescue efforts and cost lives.

Congress, which had previously hesitated to regulate the airwaves, seized upon the disaster to pass the Radio Act of 1912. This law divided the electromagnetic spectrum between amateur, government, and commercial users and mandated that all American operators, even experienced ones like David Sarnoff, had to be licensed. To accommodate the demand for trained wireless experts, the Marconi Company recruited Sarnoff to act as an instructor at a newly organized technical institute…

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They seeded this story early

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Forgot about this story. The purpose is to soak up all searches seeking the actual death hoax of 3/22/16.

Rob Ford is dead. At least that’s what social media is saying. However the Toronto Mayor didn’t die. He’s just the victim of an Internet death hoax.

Click here for my posts on the topic that don’t come up in most searches.…

Snowbird down

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A media officer dies? Was she flying the plane or reporting in it? Remember the majority of the 9/11 “witnesses” and of course reporters were media.

This story is so full of holes and humor I have no idea where to start.

Yet another likely staged event to drag the already low morale of the country into the ditch.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds’ cross-country tour to raise people’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to tragedy Sunday when one of its planes plunged into the ground in Kamloops, B.C., killing one member and injuring another. The Snowbirds jet crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames in the front yard of a house. Capt. Jenn Casey, a public affairs officer with the Snowbirds, died in the crash, the Canadian Armed Forces said in a statement.

Source: Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet crashes in Kamloops, B.C., killing 1, injuring another | CBC News

Here’s the crash. The ejectee wasn’t injured, despite his parachute not having time to open. Is he rubberman?

Mad Mike’s fatal crash. It appears he plunged from a greater height.

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Can we feed the murder wasps Covid19?

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Personally I preferred the “killer bees” from past decades.…::mc=social::src=facebook::cmp=editorial::add=fb20200504animals-murderhornets::rid=&sf233557518=1

Nobody knows how the insects arrived in the United States. But the discoveries set off alarms and the insects began trending on social media as “murder hornets.”

If all the pesticides and glyphosate are killing bees, what makes these wasps so special?

H/t Exoterick

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Speaking of fake volcano smoke

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I used to eat these specials up. I never considered the fact that the setup crew would be 10x more at risk than the performers. Even soundstage setup indoors can be dangerous to workers.

Imagine doing it over stinky, scorching lava!

Here’s wake the fuck up people:


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No one will dare question this (very expensive to taxpayers) solution, since a small child was killed on Remembrance Day.

About 6,000 air conditioning units will be removed by Christmas at an estimated cost of between $4 million and $5 million, according to Bruce Malloch, director of strategic communications for the TCHC. TCHC said it will replace each window air conditioner it removes with a new floor model at no charge to the tenant before the weather gets warmer next year, or what the corporation calls the “2020 cooling season.” It said it would provide floor-model air conditioners to tenants who have already removed win

Source: Tenants not allowed to install window AC units after toddler’s death, TCHC says | CBC News

Original story

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Toronto shit spreader

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Update 12/4: Shit story gets delayed again for phony reason. Reason: keep story in news making it impossible to follow in person at court, if you were so foolish to try and attend.

Another likely phony story that is hidden under a publication ban (no reason given).

Apparently all our controversial cases belong in a private court.

What about “all those witnesses” that crowded into the courtroom? My guess if you went down there is you’d be told that there was no more room to get in (to an empty room).

This story has served the pun industry well, so I’ll refrain from adding to the pile.

Outside court, Opoku’s lawyer Jordan Weisz noted there was little he could share due to a publication ban protecting information presented during a bail hearing, but said he understands the degree of interest in the case.…

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Intelligence agencies create these stories

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Intelligence agencies or the military, two institutions that remain between different administrations, are the bodies that likely create these stories.

Most are probably contracted out to private contractors or their foreign counterparts.

Canada’s national intelligence agency took an interest in the Danforth shooting for at least six months after the tragic event unfolded, new “top secret” documents obtained by the Toronto Sun confirm for the first time.…

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