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I absolutely think this is dangerous to the civil discourse

like this

A silly hit piece on 9/11 truth, blaming “the algos” of YT (which are most likely human editors), for promoting a 9/11 originating youtube channel on Canada politics instead of our state run broadcaster, CBC.

I absolutely think this is dangerous to the civil discourse

Source: How a 9/11 Truther may be influencing which Ontario election videos you see | CBC News

CBC’s take on 9/11 via a show I used to watch religiously in my past, The Fifth Estate:


Can we have a fresh fake Bernardo picture please?

Fayelike this

Update 5/20/18

Ask and you shall (not) receive (glad to see the controllers may be reading this blog). The Star‘s resident crime commentator says she saw the video of Mr. B. Why can’t the public? At least Americans got to see some (unconvincing) pictures of old (not a killer) Manson.

I wanted to see what he looks like today, the only reason for attending a hearing at the Napanee courthouse on Friday morning, where it was known in advance that Bernardo would appear only by video link from nearby Millhaven Institution.

Oh, but the video almost didn’t work.

This hearing sputtered to a start, court officials struggling with the technology of beaming Bernardo into the courthouse from the “Keeper’s Hall” at Millhaven and then all but giving up, Justice Geoffrey Griffin prepared to set a trial-date without participation by the defendant, if his lawyer (who sent a representative) was agreeable.

And then suddenly the screen came to life.

And there was Bernardo, grinning, wearing a blue T-shirt, his hair a darker shade than the styled blond of 23 years ago, a mousy brown.

Older, obviously, middle-aged at 53, but very much a recognizable Bernardo.

Will we see a pic this fall? Guess it takes time to find an actor or morph a photo.

A trial date on the weapon charge has been set for October 5.

“There you go Mr. Bernardo,” said Griffin. “You will be brought to court in person.”

I used to like Blatchford and to a small degree Dimanno, the leading female crime/victim writers in Toronto media. With almost no paid columnists left, why are they still around? It’s their focus on vicsims and their (female) emotional appeal that hooks in readers. It’s their willingness to knowingly create fiction as fact. They are the ultimate media perps, the arch enemy of truth.

Canada always gets the cheapo psyop versions. We haven’t had a new photo of our famous simserial killer since this hoax began. Since the perps might read this blog, I appeal for some recent photo morphing of the original actor for our entertainment.

What’s with this overuse of video Court appearances? Are they even legal? If our courts are actually public, then can’t we see these video court appearances on YouTube? Video court appearances are probably just simply code for there is no actor playing the role right now and therefore nobody is required to show up that an actual courthouse anywhere.

If you didn’t notice, serial killer simulations are making a return to the fear circuit this year.

Convicted killer Paul Bernardo is scheduled to make a court appearance in Napanee, Ont., today via video from prison.

He is charged with one count of possession of a weapon and this will be his third court date on the matter when he steps before a camera at the maximum-security Millhaven Institution.…

Kicking it up a notch part 2

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Another example of how the idea of crisis actors, staged ICE capstone events, #HRDPAR, #NDNGH is catching on and has to be confronted head on by the powers that be. Even if this case is also staged, will real laws be passed?

The parents of two children killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012 sued Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, who had derided the shooting as fake and possibly staged by the government.

Source: Sandy Hook families sue InfoWars’ Alex Jones | The Star

NA1024: war is a hoax pulling nobody died nobody got hurt

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Former ambassador from UK to Syria Peter Ford tells how propaganda staged videos are being used in a potential attack on Syria. Start at 2 hours and 9 minutes.

I’ve always said this is a race between those that don’t understand how the media is being used against us learning the truth and those explaining how the media is used against us are cut off from being able to explain the deception to the first group (ie. A race between those that know losing their media to explain and those who still don’t know they’re being deceived.)

Geraldo Rivera – hoax management media shill

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From JFK to 9/11, Geraldo has been there as a leading “investigative” journalist exposing, or promoting, the lies of the military media.

As AA Morris has pointed out in episode 17, there is no “intrepid reporter” on the people’s side. They are merely placeholders, or controlled opposition, or media perp.

Geraldo told Tom the 9/11 attacks marked a watershed moment in his career. Weeks after the attack, the veteran newsman traveled to Afghanistan to chase Bin Laden. The decision led to 17 fantastic years at Fox News chasing big stories and reporting from war zones.

Source: (AUDIO) Gerlado Rivera On How 9/11 and The Search For Bin Laden Changed His Career And Life… | Tom Shillue

Start at 2:00

Great Google purge continues

Be the 1st to vote.

…now to its blogs:

Clearly, using other people’s spaces, as convenient as they area, isn’t a great idea.

How far will the great purge go?

If this isn’t google’s doing, hopefully John or Chris can explain.

h/t Gaia

AA Flight 77 and Steve Irwin’s death: The eight videos people search for but can’t find on the internet

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The reason no-one can find these videos is because Hellyweird never bothered to make them. Your imagination is far more useful and vivid for the script writers.

THERE’S no shortage of people seeking out macabre videos of harrowing real-life incidents. Such is the level of interest in cases like the 1974 on-air suicide of US news reporter Christine Chubbuck, two movies are due for release this year that tell her tragic story. And there are plenty of other events captured on film that are extremely sensitive and forever sealed from the public eye. This is to protect the families of the victims and prevent them from being shared online. READ MORE:

Source: AA Flight 77 and Steve Irwin’s death: The eight videos people search for but can’t find on the internet – The Sun


Orchestrated purge

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Paul talks about how this whole Youtube/Hogg/Parkland was orchestrated. I won’t even bother linking to his youtube channel Pocketsofthefuture in case it gets deleted. You can find it if it’s still there when you read this, but the video below is hosted on my site.

Damage control not strong/working

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If this is the best the MSM has to counter “conspiracy theory” blogs like this, then we don’t have too much to worry about. I just wish they’d link to the site.

Among keyboard mourning and 280-character fury, a small but determined minority spring up in the wake of mass shootings to insist that events were staged – concocting monstrously complex tales involving “crisis actors”, the “deep state” and accusations that attacks are “false flag” murders being used, for example, as a pretext to institute gun control reforms.

Source: The people who think mass shootings are staged – BBC News

Professional student Hogg (videos exposing him are already scrubbed from Youtube) professionally dodges the question and changes the talking point.…

I’ve also noticed that the media wants to frame believers/non-believers in the classic left/right dialectic. This immediately helps eliminate half of the audience, as people who choose sides will ignore anything labeled the opposite. More classic d?vide et imper?. Trying to fit those that don’t believe the media into this frame is like putting a round peg in a square hole – it doesn’t work.

Where the ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Comes From – Motherboard (h/t Silverbird via…)

Before Newtown and Tracy’s blog posts, conspiracy theorists had often said that events like the 9/11 attacks were inside government jobs or false flag operations, but I can find little evidence of anyone suggesting that national tragedies were outright faked.

Amusing passage. Obviously this controlled outlet didn’t do a quick search to find fakeologist or….

Not outrageous to me

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It’s hard to say if Trump is helping or hurting the cause- like Alex Jones. At least he’s starting the conversation, but how fakeologists manage the reaction is a difficult job.

It hadn’t even been one week since a gunman murdered 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, before the conspiracy theories about the surviving students began bubbling up. David Hogg, a student journalist who documented the shootings as they happened, was a “crisis actor” — someone who didn’t even attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He and several other “students” speaking out about the need for legislative action on guns were plants by gun control advocates — professional rabble-rouser

Source: How Donald Trump has enabled the outrageous ‘crisis actors’ conspiracy in Florida – CNNPolitics