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The men who fabricated 9 11 3d Specialists, CGI Movie Makers

Zalianlike this

Paulstal service does a good job. Wonder why he thinks there were victims if the planes were faked.  

H/t Who Fabricated 9/11? 3D Specialists And CGI Movie Makers…

The future of (fake) news

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I will only pay for the truth – as long as it fits my paradigm. Even this story couldn’t resist faking some numbers.

And who’s paying for it? Not many people. Of the 2,011 Canadian news consumers who were surveyed, only 9 per cent said they had paid for online news in the previous year, either in a subscription or in one-time payments

The only other “news” we can guarantee will survive is paid propaganda. The only reporters left are rehashing intelligence sourced fiction. Having fewer might even make spotting fake news easier, as the sources dwindle.…

Harrison Ford’s pelvic twist 

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Apparently he made a miraculous recovery from his “plane crash”. 

Amazing that they need to stage events to get Star Wars into the public consciousness. Have they milked that old cow too many times too?  

Is Michelle/Michael a cover for twins? 

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… Or is it the other way around? It’s fun to wonder about some of the most media-d actors in the plane(t). 

Barack Obama is a shady character. For example, he is said to have attended Columbia University from 1981 to 1983, but no one remembers him being there. No one. His transcripts from Harvard Law are not available.…