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Price manipulation real

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Commodity and currency prices going up and down is real. This is how traders make money; stagnant markets are hard to make money on.

The stories behind them moving are likely staged or completely fabricated.

Is Yemen even organized enough, let alone able to afford/deploy a military drone? Even if it did, the USA sells more fighters etc. to Saudi than anywhere else. Were all these planes sleeping? The story is on its face nonsense.

Update: The WSJ is out with an update hinting at just how much the price of oil is set to soar when trading reopens late on Sunday after the Saudi Houthi false-flag drone attack on the largest Saudi oil processing plant:…

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Why America supports Israel: expediting end times

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I don’t particularly like the biblical aspect of America, Israel, the middle east, as it’s the single most powerful belief system in the world.

Psyops and propaganda are a mere cudgel compared to the super weapon of beliefs known as organized religion.

This audio goes a long way to explain why America wants/needs/supports Israel and why its controllers exploit this devotion.

Did they get their red heifer yet?redheifer

Right. It’s not just fundamentalists. I know a lot of people who would not consider themselves to be fundamentalist who are mainstream Christians who read the Bible and see these events that are happening in the Middle East and think that it’s resonating with the prophecies of the Old Testament. It’s an overwhelming feature of American support for Israel. The Jewish population of the United States is not that significant. But the fundamentalist Christian and evangelical Christian population is substantia

Source: 125: Apocalypse – This American Life

Bonus: A rapture prediction that came and went on our favorite day.

Bonnie Gaunt also points to scripture that indicates that the millennium will come on the sixth biblical day. Each biblical day, she says, is 1,000 years. And you start counting from the creation of Adam. Counting all the events in the Bible and since, she believes that she has discovered the exact day that good Christians will be raptured directly to Heaven and that the end time will begin.

I spoke with her back in April of 1999. And at that time, her calculations indicated that the exact date of the Rapture would be–

Bonnie Gaunt

September 11, 1999.

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Is this easy to believe?

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..because we’re trained by the Nutwork that Zionists are evil thugs who prey upon Palestinians?

Since Mossad is the master of psyOps – rule by deception – and all, why does everyone automatically believe this video is not staged? Just because you are supposed to despise the Zionists doesn’t mean they will behave exactly as they’ll have you expect. I propose this video is a warning to anyone who dared question the dialectic to NOT protest else you’ll get a beat down. Either way it’s ugly.

PsyOps and war propaganda have been perfected in Israel, so much so that I dare say almost everyone falls into the pits of division they expertly create.

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Disassembling Syria

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Jay is great at giving his guests a bit of fakeology in order to explain what they call news.

This is the first free half of a full talk for paid subscribers. Patrick Henningsen of 21stCenturyWire joins me for another graduate level course in geopolitics, as we break down the following topics: Mainstream media hoaxes, fake news, Atlanticist hegemony, intelligence operations and smart power/soft power fronts, NGOs, the war in Aleppo, “White Helmets,” the history of CIA operations in Syria, Hollywood’s Rendition, Turkey’s role, 007 and The World is Not Enough’s plot in relation to modern

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Fake forever war

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Do they have studios that they film this in Israel as well? Fake terrorism has been perfected in Israel – with its citizens as victims.

All this war fakery is perhaps Israel’s biggest export – paid for by US taxpayers to be used against the US citizens in the US.

Iron Dome Is Fake – Part 2 – Israeli Hoax Pretext For Palestinian Invasion, US Taxpayer Fraud

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The Moammar Gaddafi Affair

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The Gaddafi ouster is a complex but significant world event, using psyOps and propaganda to effectively tell the people that any sharing of the wealth (resources) will not be tolerated by the globalists that control our world.

Even if Gaddafi was not on the people’s side, and is possibly residing in luxury somewhere in the elite’s (hidden) enclaves, the point is to let the people and any future organic leaders know that sharing the wealth will not be tolerated.

No new currencies, no new development to benefit the many will be allowed outside the current established isms that benefit the few and suppress the many.

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Media/psyops tells you to believe it

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How can something be true when nobody believes it? With the media’s help, anything is possible.

Two good clips here:
At 47:00, nobody believes Isis exists.

At 54:00, Afghan president Kharzai says Al quaeda doesn’t exist.

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Iran Psyop Hoax

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Jungle doing what he does best when he’s not transinvestigating.

Iranians/Persians love the USA, especially the young ones, which make up a majority of their population. To think they are the enemy is false. Their population despises their leadership as most as we are supposed to here. As usual, the population is the real enemy of governments, not foreign governments.

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