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Poop their smelly lies out of their asses

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The only major achievement of NASA in the last 48 years (i.e. between 1969 and 2017) has been that of training their ass-true-not actors to act in a considerably more relaxed fashion – as they poop their smelly lies out of their asses. (Simon Shack, December 2017)

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Hoax of a hoax

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The onion is thick.

As it happened, I ran across a compelling “confession” by Stanley Kubrick to having faked the moon landing, which I knew he had done and therefore found highly plausible. It turned out to be a cleverly staged piece of fakery, where the man conducting the interview is also the director, offering him instructions as to how to respond to questions he is asking in order to convey the intended impression of this actually being Stanley Kubrick actually confessing to having faked the moon landing, when it’s an actor who is simply playing a role. I sent the original out to a large list of correspondents, which I had to retract when I discovered that I had been played by a hoax about a hoax?

Source: JAMES FETZER: Moon Landing Hoax: Why the faked Kubrick Confession matters

Potpourri of sub fakery

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Add fake ingredients like subs, NASA, numerology – and you’ve got what it takes for some fake baked story.

I’m still convinced subs are props from a by-gone era. Even if they were real, what use are they today? Why would any navy bother with them in the age of air power?

The submarine ARA San Juan, with 44 crew members, had participated in naval exercises off southern Argentina before departing Monday from the city of Ushuaia for a naval base in Mar de Plata. It hasn’t been heard from since Wednesday.

Source: NASA joins search for missing Argentine submarine | Toronto Star

AstroNot Scott Kelly asked about Air Bubbles in Space 

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This has nothing to do with the shape of the earth – but everything to do with the liars simulating space travel.

I know this adds fuel to the DBA-discredit by association-of flat earth and NASA lies, but the question is still valid and the Mark Kelly answer still a poor try to cover up a the lie.


It rains solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune

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Cosmos really is science fiction. I still think the naming of the wandering light in the sky “your anus” is one of the most crude Masonic inside joke there is from space tales. 

Consider this your daily reminder that the solar system is even more awesomely bonkers than you realized: On Uranus and Neptune, scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds.…