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H3 hoax wrap up

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Neil Armstrong did a better job reading his lines at a press conference.

Even the Crown switches from the bare facts to emotional appeal, which has nothing to do with sentencing for a straightforward highway traffic offense.

More proof that this is a completely staged event one of Canada’s biggest ever.



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Some holiday season easy reading. 

50 years of N.A.S.A. lies

Numerous Anomalies and Scams Abound


This web page is dedicated to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA Historian Erik Conway, and the few remaining Apollo astronauts, who make themselves a worldwide laughing stock with their ongoing claim of having walked on the Moon.

If the Internet and e-mail were around in 1968, I would have been glad to have a serious open debate with “Apollo believers” on whether the Moon missions were for real or not. However, it is not 1968, but 2019 and, as such, the authenticity of the Apollo Moon missions can no longer be debated. Neither does it fall into a “conspiracy theory” as the facts are well known. Conspiracy theories question what really took place, however it has been a well proven fact since the mid 80’s, that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA for propaganda purpose.…

What NASA engineers are really doing 

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All that alleged money they get they must be doing something besides space fakery. 

Mark Rober, a NASA engineer and YouTube personality with more than 4 million followers who is known for his elaborate science experiments and homemade gadgets, posted a wickedly ingenious new video Monday titled “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap” which is, well, pretty self-explanatory.…

Tychos cures the moon motion conumdrum 

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Sad that a single man in Rome (not the Pope) can solve a timeless puzzle but all of NASA’s so called scientists are still roving around a sound stage with their remote controlled toys. 

Dear friends, it is most ironic that the greatest (and still ongoing) astronomical controversy of all times revolved around our own Moon’s motions. After all, the Moon is our largest, nearmost and thus most intensely studied celestial body: 

The TYCHOS model • Re: Introducing the TYCHOS…

MARS & the Curiosity Rover – NASA’s latest hoax •

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THE SHOW MUST GO ON… At this very moment, yet another remote-controlled, man-made probe (“InSight”) is supposedly landing on Mars – “7 minutes-of-terror” and all… Image *yawn* full link:

You’ve gotta love the dramatic soundtrack. Those NASA clowns sure know their target audience: Hollywood action-movie addicts. -_-

Source: View topic – MARS & the Curiosity Rover – NASA’s latest hoax •…

Marooned 5 – Were the Russians hacked – by Russians?

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The same old deceptions from the 1960s apparently work today. Does anybody believe this space comedy?

Personally, this space comedy is closer to my liking, and the truth.

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Neil Armstrong never lies

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Sure he lies by omission, but he chooses his words carefully so that he never has to lie. 

Start at 10:30. 

Why anyone believes man went anywhere near the moon in 2018 defies all logic. 

NASA Shadowy lies

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Bart Sibrel is one of the only anti-NASA researchers who doesn’t mention flat earth. I think he believes in an advanced space program, which doesn’t make logical sense. Maybe watching his own videos will help him change his mind that we can barely get a rocket off the ground, let alone set up advanced far away colonies.

Moon hoax shill show

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A group of controlled opposition showing how meaningless one can make a 9 minute media piece, all selling a different version of the lie that man can go to the moon, and that the moon is even a 3d place one could actually set foot on. 

The moon landings are even less believable than the 9/11 hoax. Maybe they would be a better place to start with non fakeologists. 

So Over The Moon – Another a$$-true-not implying the truth

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I know this American Life is mainstream, and the interviewer may know the truth that no man can or will ever probably go to the moon, whatever it is.

Listen to this audio and hear Frank Borman implying quite clearly that he in no way went to the moon. As these ass-true-nots age and slowly lose their (blue) marbles, it’s clear that the secret that must have eaten them from within that they didn’t go anywhere isn’t as important to them as they prepare for death.

One of the astronauts, Frank Borman, was saying things I had just never heard an astronaut say. Like this–

Frank Borman

Space science fiction still bores me. I’ve never seen– what’s the name of that– that very popular–

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah, all that crap. I’ve never seen any of that.

David Kestenbaum

Emmanuel, the filmmaker, also seemed amused. He pressed on. What about when you were a kid?

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

And what about the stars or astronomy?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

None of that?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Frank Borman

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Wow. Wow.

Frank Borman

And a certain particular girl.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah. So–

Producer David Kestenbaum tells the story of an astronaut who returns with a very unexpected view of the great beyond

Source: So Over The Moon – This American Life

I couldn’t help thinking of this cartoon, when I listened to the over-eager narrator as the little dog, and Frank as Spike.