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Marooned 5 – Were the Russians hacked – by Russians?

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The same old deceptions from the 1960s apparently work today. Does anybody believe this space comedy?

Personally, this space comedy is closer to my liking, and the truth.

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Neil Armstrong never lies

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Sure he lies by omission, but he chooses his words carefully so that he never has to lie. 

Start at 10:30. 

Why anyone believes man went anywhere near the moon in 2018 defies all logic. 

NASA Shadowy lies

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Bart Sibrel is one of the only anti-NASA researchers who doesn’t mention flat earth. I think he believes in an advanced space program, which doesn’t make logical sense. Maybe watching his own videos will help him change his mind that we can barely get a rocket off the ground, let alone set up advanced far away colonies.

Moon hoax shill show

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A group of controlled opposition showing how meaningless one can make a 9 minute media piece, all selling a different version of the lie that man can go to the moon, and that the moon is even a 3d place one could actually set foot on. 

The moon landings are even less believable than the 9/11 hoax. Maybe they would be a better place to start with non fakeologists. 

So Over The Moon – Another a$$-true-not implying the truth

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I know this American Life is mainstream, and the interviewer may know the truth that no man can or will ever probably go to the moon, whatever it is.

Listen to this audio and hear Frank Borman implying quite clearly that he in no way went to the moon. As these ass-true-nots age and slowly lose their (blue) marbles, it’s clear that the secret that must have eaten them from within that they didn’t go anywhere isn’t as important to them as they prepare for death.

One of the astronauts, Frank Borman, was saying things I had just never heard an astronaut say. Like this–

Frank Borman

Space science fiction still bores me. I’ve never seen– what’s the name of that– that very popular–

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah, all that crap. I’ve never seen any of that.

David Kestenbaum

Emmanuel, the filmmaker, also seemed amused. He pressed on. What about when you were a kid?

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

And what about the stars or astronomy?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

None of that?

Frank Borman


Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Frank Borman

Airplanes, and airplanes only.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee

Wow. Wow.

Frank Borman

And a certain particular girl.

Emmanuel Vaughan-lee


Frank Borman

Yeah. So–

Producer David Kestenbaum tells the story of an astronaut who returns with a very unexpected view of the great beyond

Source: So Over The Moon – This American Life

I couldn’t help thinking of this cartoon, when I listened to the over-eager narrator as the little dog, and Frank as Spike.

NASA’s output is all poop

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Another non explanation of how defecating in space would work if there was such a place to go. Looking back over the years of reporting on NASA fakery, it’s amazing how little the nonsense stories have changed. They either work well or no one is listening. I choose the latter.

This certainly isn’t the number one perk about space travel: going number two.…

Gaia has a blog

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With some fakeologist posts.

Just a short post, after the long (Don’t) Mind the Logic one.

“A man is a fabulous nuisance in space right now. He’s not worth all the cost of putting him up there and keeping him comfortable and working”

James Van Allen (1959)

Mooney Tunes…

A$$-TRUE-NOT Alan BEAN escapes his 50 year lie

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It’s amazing how long you can live with a lie without it killing you. I’d say then remaining fake moon walkers are a hardy bunch.

Amusing pin story, coupled with his painting of the fake moon shots, complete with moon dust.

In painstaking detail, he re-created what it was like to be on the moon, using actual moon dust and ground-up remnants of Apollo spacecraft. Before starting each painting, he would spend weeks studying photographs and videos, and calling fellow astronauts to probe their memories.

Those materials and memories are what Bean brought back from the moon, but he also left something behind — his silver astronaut lapel pin. He had thrown it as far as he could into a crater.

He said he thought about it often, “and when I look at the moon at night, think about that pin up there, just as shiny as it ever was, and someday maybe somebody will go pick it up.”…

He was one of the fiestier interviewees on this staged mockumentary.

Start at 10:20

What’s behind the a$$truenots?

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Simon doing what he does best.

“EXPLAINING” the transparent Apollo 11 ass-true-nots

It is quite amusing (or tragicomical) to read the various “explanations” offered by self-professed film/video experts for the transparent Apollo 11 asstronots…

Apollo, and more space hoaxes • Re: The MOON HOAX…

The transparent a$$-true-NOT

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Simon’s ability for being succinct, snarky, and smart make him one of the best exposers of psyOps, hoaxes, and media swindles. Social media THIS to all your contacts and ask them if they still believe man went anywhere near the moon.

Sadly (yet this is not to admit defeat!), the repetitive power of this massive, ongoing (multi-billion $) psyop scheme may be its greatest “strength”, as the efforts of normal (inquisitive) people such as this forum’s valiant contributors may eventually wane due to sheer exhaustion. This is hoping we can overcome this natural, inherent weakness of human nature, and keep doing what we’ve done here at Cluesforum for this last decade – lest our children have to “start from scratch” all over again! Whatever will be the case in the future (and however future generations will judge it), I will remain jolly proud of having started this discussion board – with Hoi Polloi’s precious help: we both called it an “experiment” at the time. Well, this (now almost decade-long) grassroot experiment seems to have been, all things considered, a darn good one – and if you’ll allow me to paraphrase an infamous quote, it’s been “a small step for a man – but a giant leap for mankind”.

Source: View topic – THE “CHATBOX” •…

Simon, can we please have one of these graphics per PsyOp, including recent ones, to explain and share the power of the media to make us beLIEve fairy tales?

NASA thought gatekeepers

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NASA’s biggest role is to gatekeep the wrong belief about the earth, space, and the stars, and to imprint this wrong theory in every child ever born.

I don’t know if Simon’s Tychos model is correct, but at least he has an alternative to the visual evidence we can all observe.

An interesting post on Hubble and Rhodes. I like the part about “recovering the United States.” Was it ever really lost?

“In the 21st century it is high time that independent thinkers break all ties to academia and begin forming our own parallel system of scientific development and achievement.”

The TYCHOS model • Re: Testing TYCHOS: PVP Parallax Experiments…