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Miles Mathis and guest on NZ Mosque #HRDPAR

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Lots of breakdown on this big event in NZ.


Part 3

Interesting idea in link 2-competing intelligence agencies or within a single agency are blowing each others’ covers and helping expose inconsistencies to discredit or expose the whole operation. Maybe they leak to their favorite spook media types to help with the take down.

Scare your children well

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One level below #hrdpar is #hrdtsts (hyper realistic drill to scare them sh*tless).

Several teachers at an Indiana elementary school were injured after they were told to kneel and then shot with plastic pellets “execution style” during an active-shooter drill, according to the Indiana State Teachers Association.…

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Weisbecker flushes Max Igan

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Vinny Eastwood and Max Igan get tossed into the do not listen pile by Allan.

I wanted to avoid a debate on the details of the New Zealand shooting(s), for the simple reason that the PTB want us toThis is the frame after a shot ‘ruffled’ the guy’s blue shirt. No bullet hole. Oh, right, bad bandwidth, which erased the holes and blood on the wall as well…This is the frame after a shot ‘ruffled’ the guy’s blue shirt. No bullet hole. Oh, right, bad bandwidth, which erased the holes and blood on the wall as well…get tied up in details and argue amongst ourselves, when, in the big picture, the details are unimportant, assuming weagree on the simple truth that the shootings (real or not) were the work of the PTB. If this is not your view, please move on from this blog and do not leave comments.

Source: Max Igan’s ‘Independent Analysis’ – Allan C. Weisbecker

NZ Hoax – Same day drills

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One of the most brushed over silly coincidences that occur in and around every #HRDPAR. Useful in explaining why 50x the usual EMS staff are on site.


Interlacing hoaxes

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Fakers gotta fake, fake, fake, fake… since it’s their lifetime LARPing job.

As such, they travel the world enforcing myths.

The links are tenuous and unnatural, but they find a way to convince.

The Parkland students grew connected to the Christchurch community when they visited New Zealand last July on a learning and healing trip.

They planted trees in memory of their classmates who were killed on Valentine’s Day 2018 and met with members of the Student Volunteer Army — a movement that started after an earthquake in Christchurch in 2011 — about sustaining their own youth movement that grew out of the shooting on the Parkland campus.…

New Zealand’s 9/11

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Starting around 28:00, Adam, a #hrdpar denier, plays some clips and reads the intelligence agencies’ manifesto released from the #NZmosque #hrdpar. Worth a listen. The American intelligence agent sent over to oversee the event, Paul Buchanan, calls this NZ’s 9/11.…

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Good Christ-Church – NZ joins the terror hoax fray

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If it’s top of the media on a Friday, The Ides of March, then it’s likely a #HRDPAR. All major terror stories are fabrications, and no nation is immune to the hoaxes – especially nations in the Five Eyes Terror (Prevention) Group.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Mass shootings at two mosques full of worshippers attending Friday prayers killed 40 people on what the prime minister called “one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” as authorities detained four people and defused explosive devices in what appeared to be a carefully planned racist attack. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the events in Christchurch represented “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence” and acknowledged many of those affected may be migrants and refuge

Source: 40 killed in New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 held | CTV News

NZ police(or the their poseurs) don’t want the video shared. Why is this? Officially they say to prevent copycat, unofficially of course it’s so you don’t see how fake it looks.

Update 1400EDT: this Blog has had no hits from New Zealand. Are all kiwis busy tending to the Sheep?

Kiwi sim snuff film on Faketube

A plane crash for all – Ethiopian 302 737 max

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Best to include as many nations as possible if you want your hoax to get any attention.

State broadcaster EBC reported all passengers were dead and that they included 33 nationalities. An Ethiopian Airlines spokesman said 32 Kenyans and 17 Ethiopians were among the victims.…

One purpose of these #hrdpar is stock manipulation. Apparently Boeing is down 9% today after being up 31% for the year. Time to buy?

Not much on Youtube these days.

Measure twice, cut once

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The H3 coroner is going to try harder, and other legislation borne from the hoax. 

Saskatchewan’s chief coroner says a public mix-up in identifying two hockey players involved in the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash means, in the future, his office will be more careful in releasing names.…

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