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What the Nuclear Hoax Implies | Vexman’s Thoughts

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I would like everyone to consider what the nuclear hoax implies. Really, this could easily be the mother of all hoaxes of the twentieth century. Consider that the nuclear bomb was impossible to make. The science was not there. The theories were incorrect. The geniuses of all geniuses were fabrications. Not even a thousand billion dollars could produce the impossible – a weapon of apocalyptic proportions, that produces the heat of 10,000 suns. Just bollocks. The bomb never made anyone surrender. It never wo

Source: What the Nuclear Hoax Implies | Vexman’s Thoughts

What city did they drop the bomb on again?

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I know I’ve posted this theme before. This time a local droner went over to Japan to take the shots, and I found complementary footage from another droner.

Don’t forget, we’re told that radiation from the “plutonium bomb” has a half life (half gone away) of 25,000 years (clearly give or take 25,000 years or so). Laughable link.

If you are still worried about Kim il Yum Yum nuking the world, you’d best study the history of atoms and such and put your head at rest knowing it’s all a Royal Scam.

CC 22 : The Clues Chronicle Examines Albert Einstein

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The world’s leading alchemical narrative device, Albert One Stone, was a star for most of the 20th century. He was the leading sales(wo)man of the atom bomb.

Some good talk about his role selling the nuclear bomb as well. K reminded us that the official nuke bomb story is that it requires a massive conventional TNT (Alfred Nobel) bomb to set off the nuclear part. How convenient.

One of my favorite songs by Canadian band Rush called Marathon with some  great lyrics on the nuke bomb (hoax).

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Turn off the nuclear fear porn

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Stop worrying about nuclear anything – unclear science is the basis of this hoax and the science itself is fabricated. You’re afraid of a lie based on a lie.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s avowal to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea if they don’t “get their act together” has raised the spectre of a nuclear confrontation between the countries, ratcheting up public anxiety about the potential for such a devastating event.While the escalating rhetoric may be mere sabre-rattling, psychologists say feeling fearful or anxious about the threat of a nuclear holocaust, or any life-altering catastrophe, is perfectly normal.

Source: Trump-induced fear of nuclear war a normal reaction, psychologists say – World – CBC News

Don’t we all despise Brian Williams by now?

Start at 2:05

Lyin’ Brian should be arrested as a terrorist. This is the REAL definition of the term. “unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”



Meeting Smiling Joe Fission

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Check out Jungle’s vidme channel.

We don’t see this propaganda anymore because nuclear science has now been solidified as FACT. No-one questions it because no-one thinks about it anymore.

Perhaps the fake North Korea nuclear scare will generate some interest, but I doubt it.

Source: Nuclear energy is fake – Vidme

US/Scana nuclear fraud

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South Carolinians, like Ontarians, appear to be paying dearly for the fraud that is nuclear power. The idea that delays and cost overruns and the enormous capital outlays are never questioned proves that people in general cannot conceive of a big lie.

The idea of the 9/11 hoax convinced me of the nuclear weapons hoax, which logically led me to question nuclear power and the entire nuclear science narrative.

In a major blow to the future of nuclear power in the United States, two South Carolina utilities said on Monday that they would abandon two unfinished nuclear reactors in the state, putting an end to a project that was once expected to showcase advanced nuclear technology but has since been plagued by delays and cost overruns. The two reactors, which have cost the utilities roughly $9 billion, remain less than 40 percent built. The cancellation means there are just two new nuclear units being built in the

Interesting hoax numerology of the alleged nuclear component of their power production.

South Carolina currently gets 55 percent of its electricity from nuclear power and 40 percent from coal and natural gas. The two reactors were expected to push most of the state’s remaining coal plants off the grid, reducing planet-warming emissions. But the failure of the project could lead to those coal units running for longer.

Ontario’s hoax nuclear number is around the same percent.

Source: U.S. Nuclear Comeback Stalls as Two Reactors Are Abandoned – The New York Times