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Nuclear cloud explanation 

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An expert tries to explain the unexplainable. 

Hereâ??s a conversation between myself(Chris) and weapon physicist, Greg Spriggs, a recognized expert on nuclear weapons, where he explains the anomaly appearing in the nuke footage in my video(

). II wanted to have him further expound on what he describes as a â??ball of hot gasâ?? that some is a â??ballâ?? yet is clearly asymmetrical, that begins as a blast(in motion) then suddenly freezes in place(apparently) but he had to attend a meeting.Greg reveals that what you

Nuclear NASA

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More proof the nuclear industry is as fake as the space program. So fake that they work together.

Sad that my tax dollars are being shot up in smoke in so many more ways.

Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) plant in Clarington could soon play a role in fuelling NASA spacecraft.OPG has announced that it plans to work with venture arm Canadian Nuclear Partners, to produce plutonium isotopes to help power deep space exploration.

OPG spokesperson Neal Kelly says there is major demand for plutonium-238 as the global supply dwindles.

“The supply of isotopes is down, much of the previous supply was created by the U.S. nuclear program, which has stopped production,” he explained.

Plutonium-238 is a byproduct of plutonium-239, an isotope used to make nuclear weapons.

Source: OPG to make fuel for spacecraft in Clarington by 2020

They’re also involved in the medical industry to produce their witch’s brew of chemical poison.

OPG already uses a similar isotope process at its Pickering location, to create Cobalt 60 for use in the sterilization of surgical and medical supplies.

Update: Simon weighs in and adds this cartoon.


Electricity, Electricity

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One of my favorite topics – nuclear power – fake – a dumpload facility to blow off steam –  is closely related to the possible entire electron scam we know as electricity.

I’m quite sure hydro and gas are real powers to turn generators (magnets). Solar is real too (I’m looking into getting a few panels myself).

Aaron Dover speculates that it ALL comes from the atmosphere, and all other plants are just props.

A few members of cluesforum are chiming in now.

Where I live, Ontario, we have mismanaged our vast hydro supply into huge bureaucratic mess, added the nuclear hoax, and now have among the highest rates in the world (at least that’s the propaganda – I haven’t scanner the world’s rates).

This video may summarize the masses’ entire knowledge on the subject. I know I didn’t learn much past this:…

Fake computers use fake software in fake nuke plants

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Recently, I attended a city hall meeting to request that Toronto’s nearest nuke plant be closed in a reasonable time. It sits on a huge amount of waterfront on Lake Ontario that could be used for the people’s enjoyment.

Most speakers were just anti-nuke, as they fear being radiated to death if a radiation leak were to occur during a plant “melt down”.

I would have liked to tell all of them that there was nothing to fear, since I believe radiation from U238 “hot” rods is fear fiction.

OPG 3 via…

One of the most thoughtful speakers is a persistent anti-nuke activists who presents himself as A.J. Kehoe. He appeared as a middle aged man, and read a speech that I enclose here.

The main thesis of the essay is that the operators of the nuke plant have NO source code for the software that drives the 1970s computers that run the plant. Programmers will note that this makes changes to the machine code virtually impossible. Computer programs need to be updated continually in a dynamic environment, as it’s impossible for every permutation and combination to be anticipated.

The plant operator’s responses are hilarious – I’ll let you find them if interested. To someone who believes in nuclear power, the responses would be very scary, since it’s clear that the fake computers would clearly crash if real software was controlling them and the boilers that are heated with mythical rods.

To fakeologists, this is just another chink in the flimsy armour that guards the lie.

When touring the plant in the past, the guide quickly explained why the computers and control room (featured above) looked like Apollo 11 computers from the 60s.

The laughable answer was that they worked so well it would be dangerous to replace them with newer, unknown technology.

By that logic we should all be burning coal in our basement furnaces for power.

It’s wonderful being a fakeologist. All baffling and contradictions of these experts are so easily understood now that we know they are lying through their overpaid teeth.

Here’s where I found the doc:…

AJ-Kehoe document