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Trump isn’t on our side

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He never could be – you’re always beholden to your funders.…

He’s starting the new Vax army.

Most Americans get a flu vaccine every year at their local store or clinic, but President Trump says he needs the US military to vaccinate most Americans by the end of the year – (with a vaccine that is unlikely to actually exist in that time frame.) The US is not some third world country which requires the military to distribute anything. We have extremely efficient commercial distribution systems which operate every day. This was a very strange thing for the President to say, and needs to clarify to keep his base from collapsing. That is why I am posting this video.

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Trump Drives Clowns Nuts at Press Briefing

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I don’t normally post partisan videos since they really don’t address the idea.

Trump is still the best actor in chief we’ve ever seen. He still seems like he’s fighting this corona coup, but it’s so hard to tell what he believes that it may not even matter.

It’s impossible to argue against the herd when they are convinced they must lock themselves up until a cure is found.

Anyone who speaks against this concept, including Trump, will be labeled a heretic.

We don’t want to find out what the future holds for heretics, based on the past.

I think this video is going “viral” if you believe the stats.

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Kissinger still serving up the quotes

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Sometimes I wonder if he’s just a foreign policy puppet, with words being fed through his ears to his mouth by the usual suspects.

“Failure could set the world on fire.”

Source: Kissinger: Failure to establish post-COVID new world order ‘could set the world on fire’ | News | Lifesitenews

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Always falls back to 9/11

likes this

The myth is always called upon in times of distraction.

Assisted in the clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

MSM link

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Gorby LARPing to the very end

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As a long time media consumer, it’s fun to catch up with these past prominent players years later.

Gorby is still pushing the nuke hoax. He’s very convincing, you wonder if he really believes it or has convinced himself that nukes are real.

Either way, the Soviet missiles on parade look like giant toys, which I believe they actually are.

As a fakeologist, it’s a relief to know that nukes are a fantastic psychological weapon that actually maintain peace by creating a fear of an ultimate demise by a magical weapon, as opposed to anything that can really destroy every last (fake) atom on earth.

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Denies the 9/11 hoax, promotes the climate change hoax

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A new MP catches the Green wave in Canada. Like many left of center politicians, they embrace 9/11 as an anti- corporate/MIC move.

Once elected, it’s time to get with the program unless you want to lose your funding or find yourself in a sex scandal.

Green Party MP-elect Paul Manly openly questioned the “corporate media’s” coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and whether there is additional evidence that would reveal a different explanation for the attacks.…

Like a race horse, you have to back the correct myth to win the race.

Two audios deemed controversial:

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