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CR048 – The Saturnian Vatican, Jesuits 

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Even the origins of the months is fascinating and largely unknown. 

The Vatican and Jesuit Order Run the World In this episode we examine the roots of western religion and ask if the roots of this tree are poisoned. The Vatican and Jesuit order can be directly tied too much of western life to include religion, law and the corporate straw man identity covered in recent shows. When we see the magi-strate in a court room, we are looking at the Saturnian brotherhood which is directly relatable to the Pope. We can also understand much of western religion came through

Crane hoax 

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Just in time for Toronto breakfast television, we have this #hrdpar. 

Perry Como voice, 22 year veteran, hockey game at 11, no idea how she got up there (maybe she’s an angel and fell onto her perch). (is that EGI Angelina Jolie up there?) 

Is there anything these masons think the stoopid public will buy?…

Montana mason investigation 

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Interesting post on the hidden in plain site owners of the USA. 

It’s amazing how few of us know or are taught the real power structure of our world. I know I wasn’t. 

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful man in that state, one whom most Montanans do not know. His name is Dennis Washington.

Jian Ghomeshi Masonic (simulated) rape ritual humiliation 

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People are talking about what they’re led to talk about, but they are not aware of who this rising mason is and why he performed the fake trial ritual last year. 

Now he’s back with a lame podcast extolling globalism without borders. 

That is the only highly funded game in town when it comes to the media. 

This isn’t the best link, but there isn’t much out there on these rituals. 

Here’s what the trial was all about – a culture creation change moment by a culture creation change agent (usually someone in media or notorious). 

Why Jian Ghomeshi’s New Podcast Is Absolutely Guaranteed to Fail

The only comfort anyone could take from last year’s trial of Jian Ghomeshi was that it seemed to signal a turning point in the way we think about sexual assault,” my colleague Jessica Johnson wrote in The Walrus following his acquittals. “As our society takes its first steps toward addressing the root causes of sexual assault—through the courts, the media, and the education system—I realize that we may be witnessing a new kind of revolutionary movement.”