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CR048 – The Saturnian Vatican, Jesuits 

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Even the origins of the months is fascinating and largely unknown. 

The Vatican and Jesuit Order Run the World In this episode we examine the roots of western religion and ask if the roots of this tree are poisoned. The Vatican and Jesuit order can be directly tied too much of western life to include religion, law and the corporate straw man identity covered in recent shows. When we see the magi-strate in a court room, we are looking at the Saturnian brotherhood which is directly relatable to the Pope. We can also understand much of western religion came through

Trump: Jesuit Coadjutor – Bridge Builder(s)

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Trump has brought old friend Robin Fisher back to youtube.

This presidency is going to be one wild ride, as I’ve said many times.…

Fake heckle 

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Is the political stage show just being kicked up a notch? Is T-Rump a fakeology killer? 

How do we explain THIS to non fakeologists?…

Whether or not John Lennon wrote his own music, its power is undeniable.…

Andrew White House in Rome, Maryland

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Rome, Maryland was the name of Washington D.C. before the richest man, John Carroll, a Jesuit, donated the land. The White House is named after Jesuit, Andrew White, who helped found St. Mary’s Maryland and returned to England to die in his later years The US, French, Russia, Britain, Australia, Chile, Puerto Rico, etc. all have the same colored flags The US flag is a derivative of the hated East Indian Tea Company Washington D.C. was founded on Feb 21, 1871 by Congress, beholden only to Congress oversite.

Source: Revisionist History; The Jesuits founded America! As told by the Victors | Plane Not A Planet

Wake up to the Jesuit control grid 

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Great conversation with two of my last guests. 

The author of, ‘Illuminati Unmasked’, Johnny Cirruci might not take offense if you call him single minded, as long as the topic is the Society of Jesuits. Throughout history, secrecy and evil has been woven into the fabric of our lives. We discuss how it is possible for such an old organization has been able to affect so many, most of the time, usually without our knowledge of the staged events. Johnny often updates his findings

Can you see the Holy See?

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Here’s something I’ll bet you never knew and almost 99.9% of the population doesn’t either.

Start here to learn of the Holy See.

Dennis Savoie has been chosen as Canada’s new ambassador to the Holy See.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird named Savoie among a number of diplomatic appointments made Aug. 1. The new ambassador had most recently been serving as second in command of the Knights of Columbus at its international headquarters in New Haven, Conn. As Deputy Supreme Knight working closely with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, Savoie also advised the Knights on Canadian affairs.

… And the flipside is

Apostolic Nunciature in Ottawa

The Apostolic Nunciature in Ottawa is the home of the Papal Nuncio to Canada. Also known as Rockcliffe Manor House, it is one of Ottawa’s most expensive homes, appraised at $16,790,500 in 2014. The building sits atop a cliff looking down to the Ottawa River.

Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy

Contracting out America

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If you’re in business today, you know no one is hired any more. It’s all contracted out, like a movie production crew.

Once the event is over, you’re thrown back into the vast employee ocean. Sink or swim, little fish!

President Trump or Hillary will likely do the same with all their cabinet. This is why things never change. The best technocrats created by the trillionaires are ready to fill their Jesuit trained roles.

They work for their creators, the same group that has always had all the gold since a money system was invented to control the masses.

Trump is Rockefeller Owned and a Shill for the CFR – YouTube…

Spooky Clinton and Lewinsky hoax

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Miles goes to town on the Lewinsky “scandal” and the very spooky past of Bill Blythe Clinton. He even adds some Zach Hubbard gematria to his story.

I enjoyed these quotes:

We are told Blythe died in Sikeston, Missouri in 1946, when his car skidded off the road. He was thrown clear but drowned in a ditch in three feet of water. At least it wasn’t 33 feet of water.


As such, they should have been able to expose the fact that Clinton had zero experience in anything, except in running for offices for which he had no qualifications.


These scandals and apparent murders are almost always signs of the trillionaires nudging one another, jockeying for power in Intelligence. It is Intelligence that runs the country now, including the military, although Intel takes orders from the trillionaire families.


One of his pet theories, especially on Lenny Bloom’s show, was that the Jesuits controlled the world. Right. Not trillionaire Industrialists, many of them Jewish, but Jesuits. Yes, the Jesuits have been involved in centuries of skullduggery, but like everyone else, they were controlled. They controlled nothing.



Miles has a lot of material here to chew on. He doesn’t bring up Wag the Dog, which everyone mentions in reference to the Lewinsky Psyop.