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Collapsing building stories

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No indication about what collapsed, but lots of occult numerology including 9 and 11.

This is all pre 9/11 programming to lead up to the big anniversary.

There were no injuries Tuesday evening when a three-storey heritage building in Ottawa partially collapsed.

Ottawa Fire Services says it received multiple 911 calls about the collapse at 1119 Wellington St. W. just after 6:30 p.m.…

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Buildings coming down mashup in movies

prescientlike this

I fell asleep a few times to this recommended vid, but found the part at 1:34:33 and onwards for a few minutes interesting: the montage of buildings being blown up pre-9/11 was well done. It’s called predictive programming. Otherwise Adam believes in a few too many myths for my liking.

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Armageddon and 9/11

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More good work being done over at the POM blog.

Let’s get started on the highest grossing movie of 1998, Armageddon. Here are some of the main social engineering psyops they threw into this movie. Note that I am going to skip over the obvious NASA and nuke programming since I believe the blog readers are well past that and I want to offer some new information. Predictive Programming Let me start by saying that this movie, made 3 years before 9/11, has the most blatant predictive programming I have ever seen. We’re not talking minor stuff either. But a

Source: A 1998 Time Capsule of the Social Engineering Found in Armageddon | Piece of Mind

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