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Putin builds a bridge

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WaPo is American propaganda, but if anyone takes the time to read the responses of the Russians in this video, they’ll see that Russians are just propagandized in a different way and not at all a threat. The USSR was probably the test center for its duration of British and American propaganda techniques to control a population, since under communism, all planning was central and required a strong message to motivate the prols who didn’t have the money system to drive them.

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday opened a $4 billion bridge directly linking Russia to Crimea, giving him a propaganda victory that drew condemnation from the West and served as the latest demonstration of his personalized system of power.

Source: Putin’s bridge to Crimea illustrates his power — and his regime’s weak spot – The Washington Post

PG12-fake nuclear edition

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AA Morris Presents: The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Episode 13 â?? Hey Let’s Fake A Nuclear Attack! Forget about fake alien invasion- forget about Orson Welles and 1938 and think Hiroshima instead. The history of CGI is also discussed. SHOW NOTES: 1984 Computer Chronicles Computer Chronicles – “Computer Graphics” 1984 (Part 1) â?¢ c c arc â?¢… Chronicles – “Computer Graphics” 1984 (Part 2)

PG9.5 – The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast

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AA talks 9/11 and all our favorite fakeologist topics.

The Proper Gander Podcast Episode 2 More News From Nowhere

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NDAA 2012 neutralized Smith Mundt Act

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The amendment would “strike the current ban on domestic dissemination” of propaganda material produced by the State Department and the independent Broadcasting Board of Governors, according to the summary of the law at the House Rules Committee’s official website.

The tweak to the bill would essentially neutralize two previous acts—the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 1987—that had been passed to protect U.S. audiences from our own government’s misinformation campaigns…


RV#040 – I Took My Daughter to North Korea

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If you like audio and want a better clue about North Korea, introducing radio vagabond. I intend to have Palle Bo on my broadcast to discuss his trip. Contact him to encourage him @….

He did get rather upset at this story I hadn’t heard about. Anyone here think it’s real or timely propaganda?

I took my daughter to North Korea – or as they call themselves: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. In this episode, you can join us to a crazy dictatorship where the supreme leaders seen as demi-gods. At the border both me and my daughter are getting the big search, we meet the locals and visit many of the biggest attractions in the capital, Pyongyang. The DPRK is a very interesting place to visit. In many ways, it’s a modern place and also it’s like stepping back in time. And it’s a pla

Kyle Mason on Propaganda and Monetary Dominance

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Good interview from fakeologist Notsofreemason on who “they” are.…

Move over Bernays: here comes King Creel

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Ever heard of the CPI? It’s the committee for public information, a government agency that George Creel created to supply all information to the “news” outlets. 

There was also the APL, the American Protective League, armbanded and badged enforcers of those who were out of line with the war effort in WW1 (remind you of brownshirts?) 

Now these agencies are part of the Pentagon. 

The piece begins the latest noagenda show. 

Atmosphere of pervasive fear

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From one of fakeologist’s favorite podcasts,…

from the movie:

Toyota gray propaganda recalls  

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I am invested in Toyota. I drive them, I own them.

They aren’t in the top 2 worldwide automaker list by accident. They use all the tricks in the book, including recalls as a form of (free) advertising.This may be a fake story. Look at the numerology. 7 and 44 (multiple of 11, a master number) are signatures.
The story is full of conditionals. There are no actual cases, and no solutions.…

My Toyota has been recalled many times. Each time the fix is the cheapest of parts, taking little time. Since I avoid the dealer at all costs, this is an excellent time to upsell overpriced service. Nothing gets people back to overpricedum like a recall.

The Difference Between Gray, White And Black Propaganda

Gray propaganda is information that’s really on the other end of the spectrum. It’s propaganda that might seem like it’s presenting legitimate arguments that don’t have any sort of agenda behind them, but the origins of the information (or even the names of the groups releasing it) are almost never properly sourced. A source might be noted occasionally, but it’s often ultimately untrue

Intel cartoon characters 

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Mark sums up perfectly who Gates and Zuckerberg are. 

It helps to know that none of our great entrepreneur class of the modern era are true geniuses. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg are all spook creations. Perhaps they were allowed to succeed as they did using DARPA technology without having knowledge of its origins. More likely, they are cardboard cutouts used to mask the Intel work going on behind them.

STASI was the acronym for Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, the feared East German secret police of the Cold War era, much like our own FBI*. They were limited in manpower, and technology of the time prevented them from spying on everyone, but they had a better idea anyway. If people thought they were being spied on, it would have the same effect! So STASI made a great show of spreading rumors, arresting people in public, and looking menacing. Newspapers there, just like ours under state control, would highlight its activities, thereby intimidating the East German people into submission.It worked.

That’s all that is going on with Reed, Scahill, Greenwald and Omidyar. They are reinforcing the notion that we are being spied on. That’s their job. Edward Snowden may be a real person, but he is not holed up in Russia. As soon as we were sold the idea that he was real and on the run, he probably went on to a new assignment. Like Charles Manson, he makes a public appearance now and then to seal the impression. He’s not holed up in Russia, he never had any documents, his dramatic escape through Hong Kong was scripted.

33 Thomas Street…

Is Michelle/Michael a cover for twins? 

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… Or is it the other way around? It’s fun to wonder about some of the most media-d actors in the plane(t). 

Barack Obama is a shady character. For example, he is said to have attended Columbia University from 1981 to 1983, but no one remembers him being there. No one. His transcripts from Harvard Law are not available.…

Banned in Canada ! 

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Interesting read. 

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Phil Solesky,* who is a regular reader of Miles Mathis and now comments here. We had a very interesting e-mail exchange, and I asked Phil if I could publish it here, with some minor editing for brevity and continuity. Phil agreed. Be warned: what you are about to read is so explosive and controversial, it was banned in Canada!…