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Argentine agitprop

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Probably not a real person, but amusing how the controllers bring in Zoom and professors and students to a story, at the beginning of the dystopian school season, and weave this tall tale.

Grief over the death of a UADE professor: she had coronavirus and became unbalanced in the middle of a virtual class…

Note the one eye occult symbolism in the story.

Good luck finding the “student’s” zoom recording.

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Another bat stew coronavirushoax propagandist origin story

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How many “leading researchers” have origin stories as batty as this?

They can and do make this fiction up.

University of Florida Health virologist John Lednicky was in the seventh grade, living in the Philippines where his father worked, when he enjoyed a meal of a delicious bat stew. Fruit bat was a local delicacy.…

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33% less farts

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The soft/sun approach always works better than the hard/North wind approach (Greta) when it comes to influence operations (IO) propaganda. Songs and jingles and happy children are particularly effective.

Clearly Burger Pig has taken a page from this fable.

Reduced methane emissions beef. Do the cows know they are part of the solution?

Only thing missing from this shameless piece of pandering is the masks.

The corporations are clearly the new governments.

No more borders, no more democracy.

Just majority shareholders.

H/t Eddleson James

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Devil’s in the Details… (Second Wave Propaganda)

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I won’t back up this disgusting propaganda full of crisis actors and Baphomet signs.

The coronavirus hoax was designed to destroy the United States independent system more than anywhere else in the world.

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