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Intel cartoon characters 

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Mark sums up perfectly who Gates and Zuckerberg are. 

It helps to know that none of our great entrepreneur class of the modern era are true geniuses. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg are all spook creations. Perhaps they were allowed to succeed as they did using DARPA technology without having knowledge of its origins. More likely, they are cardboard cutouts used to mask the Intel work going on behind them.

STASI was the acronym for Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, the feared East German secret police of the Cold War era, much like our own FBI*. They were limited in manpower, and technology of the time prevented them from spying on everyone, but they had a better idea anyway. If people thought they were being spied on, it would have the same effect! So STASI made a great show of spreading rumors, arresting people in public, and looking menacing. Newspapers there, just like ours under state control, would highlight its activities, thereby intimidating the East German people into submission.It worked.

That’s all that is going on with Reed, Scahill, Greenwald and Omidyar. They are reinforcing the notion that we are being spied on. That’s their job. Edward Snowden may be a real person, but he is not holed up in Russia. As soon as we were sold the idea that he was real and on the run, he probably went on to a new assignment. Like Charles Manson, he makes a public appearance now and then to seal the impression. He’s not holed up in Russia, he never had any documents, his dramatic escape through Hong Kong was scripted.

33 Thomas Street…

Zika is fear programming

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What is the Zika hoax really about? It’s subconscious fear programming, and I dare say it even works on fakeologists. It’s just that powerful when you are up against the collective mindset.

Raw propaganda

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Canada had a brief period when its MPs appeared to speak their minds when Harper first appeared. That lasted 5 minutes, and has culminated into this:

The art of any propagandist and agitator consists in his ability to find the best means of influencing any given audience, by presenting a definite truth, in such a way as to make it most convincing, most easy to digest, most graphic, and most strongly impressive.

Lenin, The Slogans and Organisation of Social-Democratic Work (1919)

More Lenin Quotes

Philosophic music

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John brings two great philosophers together to make some great intellectual sounds.…

John and myself have another great call with Jay Dyer(…). We discuss Max Horkheimer,Theodore W. Adorno, Frankfurt School,Marxism, banking, Columbia University, Institute for Social Research,the Nazis, the MASY Group, the Charleston Shooting, the Kingsman film,MKULTRA, gun shot statistics, The Bank of International Settlements,Paul Marcinkus, Civilization, The New World Order,Alvin Toffler, H.G. Wells, Arnold J. Toynbee, Cultural Revolution, Public Relations, Mad Men, Andre the Giant has a Posse, Helen Blavatsky,The Brothers Karamazov,James Bond, Ian Fleming, the Cold War, Spy Culture,Crisis Actors, Dupers Delight, Sex-espionage,Dallas Goldbug,Flat Earth, the Moon Hoax, 9/11, Maya, CGI and the Pentagon, Stanley Kubrick, Jay Weidner, Suppressed Technology, UFOs, The New Atlantis, The Nephalim, Gnomon,Fractal Geometry, Platonic Solids, Atlantis,Genesis 6, Genetic Engineering,Reductionist Materialism, Personalism, Statism, Panspermia, Richard Dawkins, Scientism,Cause and Effect,Metaphysics, The Multiverse, Roger Penrose,The Logos,Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest, Mathematics, the Golden Ratio, Carl Sagan, Scientism,Death by Design-The Life and Times of Life and Times, Alchemy, Platonism, Eugenics, Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina, Her, THX1138,Siri, The Americans, Viv, Dark Mirror, Wearables, Apple Watch is Dr. Schwitzgebel’s Machine.

Plane crashes into bunny school house

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This is an example of using comedy in cartoons to make you subconsciously dismiss the concept that news programming is completely fictitious not to mention ridiculous most of the time.…

H/T Max Ratt’s outstanding mh370 deconstruction.

Osama Sim Laden

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It’s another big anniversary of terror story mind control- the mythical capture of the mythical sim Laden.

Daily Mail mega story of sim Laden

Great audio clips starting at 22 minutes.  My favorite from the AL Quaida online job application form:

Who should we contact if you become a martyr?

In a letter to his favorite wife:

Telling her to take fillings out in case Iranians inserted tracking device in the amalgam.

The CIA has great writers. Can’t wait for the 2016 update.


It’s all about the psychic driving

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Meanwhile, as psyOps are swirling all around us, the great unwashed are unfazed and consuming mass amounts of repetitive slogans, getting their preferred dose of propaganda via youtube.

The top songs in Canada all appear to include shaking posteriors in a pedophile-like packaging.

  1. Meghan Trainor

  2. Taylor Swift

  3. Nicki Minaj

h/t An associate too old to be consuming such drivel



Crescendo 11

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The 9/11 noise/chatter/slogans/psychic driving this year is mind splitting.

Al Jazeera television reported in late August that western intelligence reports had warned of terror threats to the region from 11 stolen commercial jets.…

H/T Mrs. F.

What a Card!

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9/11, like any movie, has its famous moments and actors. TMZ, an entertainment celebrity buzz site, rather appropriately interviews one of the opening scene actors.

9/11 is psychic driven in your brain every single day, likely for the next 100 years.

Andy Card — chief of staff for George W. Bush while he was President — probably has the most famous quote of all-time that was not heard at the time … and he re-enacted it this morning for TMZ.

Card was in D.C. this morning — coincidentally signing the famous photo taken on September 11, showing him telling the President about the World Trade Center attack.

He then stoically repeated what he told the President that day … and it’s sure to send chills down your spine.

via George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Re-enacts Famous 9/11 Quote |….

The Al-Qaeda myth

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John and Adam were talking about the propaganda myth known as Al Qaeda. The more we know the more ridiculous the concept sounds.…


From Rick’s blog:

More here:…



Getting ready to get scared

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I know that I have been engaging in fear p0rn, so I apologize for that. Sometimes I fall victim to the hype. After all, my brain is just as susceptible to the propaganda as anyone else. Hopefully none of the speculation will come true, even it will only be a narrative backed by fake imagery.

Propaganda is so powerful, it can be difficult to defend oneself from it. Here’s a video of an audio I’ve played and linked to before that reminds us of that.

h/t Jan Erik

Weekly Nazi Stories

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Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS and founder...

Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS and founder of the Ahnenerbe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I have Google look for 9/11 stories every day, I’ve decided to add Nazi to that list. Why? Because hardly a day goes by when there is a story, usually unverified, that doesn’t vilify the Nazis for their ultimate holocaust on jews. Fully seventy years later “new” stories are constantly surfacing. It’s pretty hard to substantiate any of them at this point, so one has to ask why bother?

The answer of course is psychic driving. Nevermind the slaughter (of Protestants) at Dresden, the mass starvation in the Ukraine, or all the other forgotten players in the mass sacrifice of WW2. We only hear of this singular meme of WW2. Could this be to continue to give those that run Israel (not just jews) an ongoing blank cheque (perhaps to fulfill their false prophecies to rebuild the Temple of Solomon). I really don’t know, but the fact that this goes on week after week, year after year is a harbinger of things to come for this generation.

9/11’s constant stories are modeled after the Nazi/Holocaust psyOp, which was perfected by the Russians (Germany’s main enemy), and continued on by the Allies to this day.

Therefore we can expect 9/11 stories for many, many years.

One black-and-white photo shows Heinrich Himmler on an idyllic family outing, holding his wife’s hand while his blond, pigtailed daughter is picking flowers. Others show the SS Nazi leader feeding a little fawn or taking a bath at Lake Tegernsee near his home in Bavaria.

The family-friendly, intimate scenes are part of a previously unseen collection of photos, recipe books and hundreds of letters and notes believed to be written by Himmler, one of the Nazis most responsible for the Holocaust.

via Top Nazi Heinrich Himmler’s letters published by newspaper | Toronto Star.

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