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322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

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Cluesforum thread 

All the usual youtubers have analysis on the London 322 #HRDPAR.

Do you think the masses, who are the targets of these hoax stories, are even paying attention?

POM on the fake OJ trial 

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Whole I’m skeptical of both, I am more likely to believe that Bruce Lee was a FTM (assuming the photos JH used are legit) than Bruce Lee played Judge Ito. 

OJ Simpson has had his name dragged through the mud unlike any other save perhaps Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. It is an interesting spectacle to watch. He did not kill anyone. He is supposedly in jail in Nevada for burglary in which a weapon was used. His sentence was 33 years. Not likely.…

Leon(a) Helmsley, Bernie Madoff with the money

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Interesting look at two money show trials, a-la OJ Simpson race trial. These actors may have been real people but their stories appear completely (spook) manufactured. Were the trials even real? I sincerely doubt it. All staged to make it look like someone is watching the financial cookie jar.

Leona Helmsley was painted in the media as a shrew, and was branded that for supposedly having said “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” This goes back to 1989, and so may not be fresh material for most readers here, but is still useful to try to understand.

Source: The magical ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ (Part 2): Leona Helmsley, Bernie Madoff | Piece of Mindful

CCR44 – Blowing up Boston smoke  bombing

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Giving Boston the crow treatment. 

The Coming Police State Now that so many of us have caught on to the faked terror and shooting events, isn’t it time we do something? The Boston Bombing was designed to erode freedom in our minds which will be followed with an actual police state that is already in place. Wake up or sleep in chains. All designed systems have an outcome and Boston is no different. It is up to each of to make a difference. After all freedom is ensured by – JUST US. Subscribe to Crrow777’s Free RSS Feed False Flag,

CC16 :Columbine Shooting Hoax

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Hoi and K review the 1999 shooting hoax that changed trench coats and school security. 

Introducing the concept of “safe cities” – safe for military and intelligence families. 

A Brief Trip Down the ‘It’s all the Jews’ Psy-op Rabbit Hole 

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Not a bad treatment of the subject I’ve mentioned before. 

The promotion of the belief that ‘it’s all the Jews’ is the oldest, biggest and most insidious of all psy-ops. It’s also the overarching psy-op behind the Fed-infested KKK and Neo-Nazi movements. No matter how few people believe it at any one point, it will always be sustained by government agents because it serves a highly useful purpose: A) it makes ‘truthers’ look racist and get dismissed by people who are not racist and/or don’t want to appear racist and B) it provides the largely non-Jewish power structure with an escape hatch in case of a large popular insurrection, one which they’ve used many times in the past. It’s highly insidious because Jews are over-represented in the power structure to the point where one cannot see the non-Jewish forest for the Jewish trees, and because for a number of reasons it has always been tempting to indulge in ‘splitting’ and scapegoat outsiders…

Libya explained 

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Mike B. had a SAG meltdown to sell his movie about theibua psyop. 

Here’s a good explanation of what really went down, except I disagree that Qadaffi was killed. In the end, I’m sure he took the gold and not the silver.