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Running of the trucks in Barcelona

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For any Chinese who can’t detect sarcasm, I can 100% sure JLB is being sarcastic in this troll-the-masses video.

If the liveleak video they are showing as “proof” is the best evidence they have, then they have no evidence and are not using the more realistic Helliweird producers that Charlotteville had.


For contrast, here’s what I believe is a real story of a truck killing or nearly killing people that got no attention worldwide.

crash, Brampton

Now here’s a driving tip: be aware of who’s behind you. If you choose to stop at an amber light, be aware that if there’s 80,000lbs behind you who’s playing with his phone or not interested in stopping, then you need to blow that light and argue later if you are accused of running a red. Brampton has very fast roads and more truck traffic than anywhere in Canada, combined with more new Canadian drivers who don’t understand the risks involved. The insurers do, as this area has some of the highest premiums anywhere.

Charlottesville, Virginia False Flag August 12, 2017 +Car Ramming, KKK and Police Involvement 

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Zach says it’s clear the police run these protests. I’m sure real people tag along and (get in the way) but the counter protesters wearing police riot helmets, carrying shields and batons makes it too obvious.

Paul’s take:

Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Conclusion) 

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Conclusion to a really good series. Well done Mark.

I started this Columbine journey out wanting to know how they pulled it off, and it has only been over the last couple of days that I came to realize that Parker and Stone, whatever their real names, merely lent their images to the event, and that everyone in that school that day after the real evacuation was an actor. The cafeteria scenes were shot long before, as was the death shot. everything else was a TV show, perhaps a rehearsal for another TV show set for 510 days away, September 11, 2001.

Source: Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Conclusion) | Piece of Mindful

Bowling for Michael Moore

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I am a big Michael Moore fan. I fall for his ambush rich vs poor theme every time. My cognitive dissonance is very high when I read this 6th instalment in Mark’s excellent breakdown of the Columbine hoax.

Controlled opposition may be the most important part of any psyop, as good hoax management can literally set a lie in stone. A hoax need only survive one generation, which is around 20 years.

After that time, all is forgotten and forgiven.

This movie helped me realize that Michael Moore, film maker, is a spook and complete fraud. I watched it many years ago, and assumed it was a plea for gun control. Only later do I understand, thanks to the good company I keep here at this blog in the other writers and commenters, that each attempt to promote gun control results in a surge in gun sales. That is probably the objective. Even if armed, the American population in its deeply ignorant state is easily managed and presents no threat to the state.

Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part six)…

Columbine hoax deconstruction 5

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Another great instalment. I enjoy this type of writing.

At the end of part four of this series, our heroes Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had entered the school library. They did so at 11:29, a spook number (yet another way of writing “11” twice or “11” and “911”, which tells the entire world community of spooks, Freemasons, intelligence operatives and wealthy scions with inside connections that the event is fake.) The scale of this event is breathtaking. As I have worked on it these past weeks I have felt over-matched. Just as with 911 itself, the amount of planning, the actors involved on low and high levels, the cooperation of the media and law enforcement is intimidating. No one will believe this. Or, as skeptics are so proud of saying, “Someone would have talked.” Would they have? I am talking. No one beyond readership here will pay attention. I can see through the veneer. It is very easy. All one has to do is ignore “news” and the whole world reveals itself. Odd as it seems, it is constant attention to news that blocks out reality and keeps our heads filled with distraction, misdirection, and lies. The feeling of being over-matched comes not just from the scale of the fake event, but the number of people who were in on it and have kept their secrets. I cannot explain that other than by the mere fact that the world is composed of a few insiders and the rest of us, outsiders. All the world is a stage. By means of electronic media, psychological insult, power of suggestion and intimidation, the few control the many. But suppose that someone did talk. “Victim” Mark Taylor, said to be walking around with bullets in his body (magic bullets that left no scars), is an interesting story. I will cover him in detail in the next segment on Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, but for now take a brief look at the first part of this video, part of the ongoing cover-up of the non-event:

Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part five)…

Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part four)

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So many good quotes in part 4:

But I am thinking of a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain: “It is curious that physical courage be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.” Columbine was a script written by Intelligence in consultation with behavioral psychologists and designed to push appropriate buttons. While many people would indeed cower in fear and tremble hoping for random fate to pass them by, there are among us people of a different mold. They are with us now and have been throughout recorded time. These are the ones who ignore fear and physical pain: Our athletes and soldiers. We all know them – they are not the brightest among us, as evidenced by any sports interview ever done. We need them, however, and they easily take on protective roles, becoming police, firefighters, and joining the military. We honor them at every sporting event, parade, and on every holiday. On April 20, 1999, they were hiding under tables.…