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Amish school shooting hoax

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Great audio summarizing this #HRDPAR, which happened just miles from where Markus lives.

I won’t bother listing some of the gruesome, hoax riddled sections of the wiki. They are written by a sick sexual pervert who clearly wanted to portray a crazy perp.

West Nickel Mines School shooting – Wikipedia

Markus found out many facts consistent with this being a federal drill.

  • the local first responders were kept away from the scene
  • there was a 5 mile perimeter around the scene for a week
  • the school house was destroyed the next day, and not a week later, and the community was paid $300,000 and also received a new federally funded school house
  • out of state demolition haulers were called in (and likely overpaid), told to drop their trailers, and 5 hours later told to return to a sealed trailer and take them to an undisclosed location

At around the 2 hour mark of this audio on 6-26-2010, the trucker called in and talked with Markus about the operation.

Markus Allen’s new XClave – an ambitious new mask/vax free community.

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Ring of fire and Covid conspiracies

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A fine blend of covid/conspiracies/Qanon/middle aged/military/white/guns/Trudeau/celebs to link crazy with anyone questioning the coronavirushoax.

This toxic mix of tropes and memes is more obvious than the future mess that will be part of the mythical covid vaccine.

More pathetic psyOp writings for the Canadians who even bother reading the “news”.

The jalapeno sausage part of the story is a particularly puerile poo poo pee pee joke.

He is also the owner of a small meat company with a flagship garlic jalapeno sausage he is proud of. A father and a member of the local Lions Club, he was described as “a community-minded personality” in the local paper, back when his only notoriety was how spicy his “Ring of Fire” sausages were. The COVID-19 pandemic and its emergency restrictions brought considerable change to Hurren — to his work, his military life, his public pastimes and, perhaps, his state of mind.

Hurren was charged Friday with 22 criminal offenses: one of uttering threats, the rest relating to his four firearms and ammunition brought into the Rideau grounds.

Source: Man who allegedly crashed truck through Rideau Hall’s gate with four guns is soldier troubled by COVID conspiracies | National Post

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2 Buffalo Cops Suspended After STAGED Event – Fakeotube

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Update 6/23

This drone pilot found a – movie set – was where this all went down.

Update 6/14

All my favorites at 153net think it’s real. Uncle Alice, Anaconda, Jefferson Girl. Are they working together? I still say the blood pump gives it away. I still say it takes great effort to keep your head elevated when on your back. In fact, it’s part of my morning exercise routine and winds me.…

Update 6/10

Massaging the blood line

Update 6/9

Clearly a stunt. Was it even done in real time or prerecorded?

Update 6/8/20

Anaconda thinks it was real. Link

Even after watching and reading all the info, I say it was a well staged fall – not easy to do without getting hurt for real, but well done.

Piece of Mind post

Source: 2 Buffalo Cops Suspended After STAGED Event – Fakeotube

A (paid) agitator? Either way, a dangerous place to tread.

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The Cuban Missile Crisis – Another Hoax

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The Soviets probably had nothing to do with the hoax either.

If the Bay of Pigs invasion was a hoax, as I suspect it was, the Soviets would have known, Castro would have known, and the Pentagon would have known. This leads me to suspect that, given that everyone knew everything, that the entire Cuban Missile Crisis was a hoax. By “hoax” I mean no showdown, no Soviet vessels turning around, no blockade, no missiles. It was all a TV show.

Source: State of Fear governance: The Cuban Missile Crisis – Piece of Mindful

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He missed being the next Clarence Thomas by this much

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More in-your-face deception propaganda.

The fake name Waynel Sexton carries on the scriptwriter/satanist obsession with the third eye between your cheeks.

She probably lives in Uranus, ArkansASS.…

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Looks ma, no legs

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Hey Ab,

I don’t know if you have seen this but it appears that Floyd was legless.

The body of ‘George Floyd’ that was lifted onto the gurney had no legs (0:35)

There is also this twitter thread here.



Thanks Andy!

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Pick an autopsy

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Following the psyop concept that if you can’t convince, confuse.

I am still getting mail saying that Floyd’s death was due to underlying conditions. I see. By purest coincidence, he died of natural causes while hand-cuffed, face down, with cops kneeling on him. Nothing could be more natural.

Autopsies: Pick any two of three.…

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