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Stevie Steve Cleveland Facebook Live killer commits suicide hoax-by the numbers

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Zach’s commentary is getting better than even his gematria. Yes, this is good coverage of this obvious media hoax.…

322 Skull And Bones London Hoax

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Cluesforum thread

All the usual youtubers have analysis on the London 322 #HRDPAR.

Do you think the masses, who are the targets of these hoax stories, are even paying attention?

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POM on the fake OJ trial 

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Whole I’m skeptical of both, I am more likely to believe that Bruce Lee was a FTM (assuming the photos JH used are legit) than Bruce Lee played Judge Ito. 

OJ Simpson has had his name dragged through the mud unlike any other save perhaps Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. It is an interesting spectacle to watch. He did not kill anyone. He is supposedly in jail in Nevada for burglary in which a weapon was used. His sentence was 33 years. Not likely.…