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CC16 :Columbine Shooting Hoax

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Hoi and K review the 1999 shooting hoax that changed trench coats and school security. 

Introducing the concept of “safe cities” – safe for military and intelligence families. 

A Brief Trip Down the ‘It’s all the Jews’ Psy-op Rabbit Hole 

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Not a bad treatment of the subject I’ve mentioned before. 

The promotion of the belief that ‘it’s all the Jews’ is the oldest, biggest and most insidious of all psy-ops. It’s also the overarching psy-op behind the Fed-infested KKK and Neo-Nazi movements. No matter how few people believe it at any one point, it will always be sustained by government agents because it serves a highly useful purpose: A) it makes ‘truthers’ look racist and get dismissed by people who are not racist and/or don’t want to appear racist and B) it provides the largely non-Jewish power structure with an escape hatch in case of a large popular insurrection, one which they’ve used many times in the past. It’s highly insidious because Jews are over-represented in the power structure to the point where one cannot see the non-Jewish forest for the Jewish trees, and because for a number of reasons it has always been tempting to indulge in ‘splitting’ and scapegoat outsiders…

Libya explained 

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Mike B. had a SAG meltdown to sell his movie about theibua psyop. 

Here’s a good explanation of what really went down, except I disagree that Qadaffi was killed. In the end, I’m sure he took the gold and not the silver. 

Movies seal the myth

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Marky Mark (who just missed 9/11) once more fulfilling his role as actor propagandist, bringing the official Hollywool seal to the already made in Hollywool Boston bombing psyop hoax. 

Who will play the guy with the blown offeg? 

Suicide suicide exploding house

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Toronto’s most famous exploding house to date (psyOp) wrapped up today.

The Christmas holiday season is the best time to conclude a fishy story or pass laws, as most are too busy with family to notice anything.

If you (thought you) had cancer and were going to die, along with your spouse, is your first thought to write a note, hold each other tight, disconnect the hot water heater gas line and light a match or flick a light switch? Does this sound at all plausible or efficient?

This is the official story that the linked 9:11 in length video tells. Do any of these officials look or sound like they’re telling the truth? Why don’t we get to see the suicide note?

Why do the critical documents used to “solve” the case always emerge unscathed? Remember the intact passport of the 9/11 suicide bomber? Do these ridiculous memes fool the public each time, over and over again? The answer is of course is yes.

As usual, this story is full of occult numbers (including 65 witnesses interviewed!) I suspect that the vicsims may have been used as sims in past psyOps, and that maybe this event was used as a multipurpose (as always) drill to begin an urban land clear or redevelopment.

If you follow this story as a non-fakeologist, it makes no sense, and the final press conference serves up nothing but confusion and contradiction, with an official smile.

If you look at the whole event as a fakeologist, everything fits beautifully. The press conference doublespeak with no firm conclusions leaves the perps guilt and incrimination free. A perfect non-crime with no victims yet all the goals and results are realised as if it was real.

Double suicides are a perfect, Canadian way to absolve guilt on even the “dead”. Double suicides are an almost impossible, most improbable crime with almost no history. Here’s a story from a 1940s museum entry to illustrate how unlikely the concept is.

Police in Mississauga, Ont., say a house explosion in June that killed two people and forced hundreds from their homes was a double suicide.Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans told reporters Friday that “the cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma consistent with having been near the epicentre of the explosion.”She said a team of investigators “ruled out accidental, double murder and murder suicide” in the deaths of Dianne Page, 55, and her husband Robert Nadler, also 55, on June 28.

Source: Notes, witnesses lead police to conclude Ontario house explosion was double suicide | CTV News