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Boston bombing trial joke

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The Boston bombing trial was in no way a real trial. That doesn’t stop the media from reporting the fiction as fact. Adam and John treat it as fact but joke around about the fictional qualities of the fake trial. All this does is confuse the whole issue of media fakery.  Aware of all this, the fictional characters and their silly script is amusing to listen to. Start at 2:36h…

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John Adams Afternoon Commute w/ Dave McGowan

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Chris and John talk with Dave.

Dave McGowan jjoins John and myself to discuss Laurel Canyon, Psyops, Stanley Kubrick, Mass Shootings, Media Coordination with Fiction,Serial Killers, Cops, The State, Mass Media, Ferguson, Michael Brown, Police Shootings, Craft International, Chris Kyle, Bradley Cooper, American Sniper, Boston Bombing, The Moon Landing Hoax. , ………

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Another sim written out of the script, with these characteristics:

  • story originates in British paper
  • no name of hospital
  • incident takes place in controlled location (police academy)
  • no details of officials

One thing for sure: dead sims don’t speak. He came into this virtual world just as the other sims do: at the stroke of a keyboard. The world can close the story on this digital entity with nary a peep of questioning.

The father of a 28-year-old police officer who died Thursday while working out at a gym said his son may have suffered a fatal brain aneurism less than a year after he was wounded during a shootout with the Boston Marathon suspects.

Officer Dennis O. Simmonds was on duty at around 1.30pm and in the police academy gym on his lunch break when he suffered a medical emergency, police spokesman Sgt. Michael McCarthy said.

The officer was rushed from the Boston police academy in Hyde Park to hospital where he died after attempts to resuscitate him.

via Dennis Simmonds, cop wounded in shootout with Boston bomber, dies | Mail Online.

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Talking like it’s real

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I do like the, since it’s the closest I’ll get to listening to the “news”.

They don’t touch media hoaxes, so it’s frustrating listening to them talk about stories as if they are real, or in their view, setups by the “government” where real stuff goes down.

Here, Adam analyzes 60 minutes, a show I used to watch religiously. They “go behind the scenes” of the Boston Bombing (Hoax), and discuss the FBI’s solving of the “case”, complete with these fantastic (occult) numbers:

120 video analysts, 1000 agents and analysts, 120,000 still photographs, 13,000 videos, all solved in 101 hours.…

The so-called news investigation shows are just a second tier deception-reinforcement system. In other words, don’t waste your time watching them, thinking they’ll help solve the case.

There is no active media that I am aware of on the public’s side. The media is your enemy.

As an aside, government buildings in the US are massive, and no doubt designed full of symbolism. Here’s the FBI labs in Virginia — another monument to the massive police state that is America.…

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9/11 and Boston Bombings Super Witness Steve Silva! – YouTube

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Betsy McGee is doing some great work.

via 9/11 and Boston Bombings Super Witness Steve Silva! – YouTube.

h/t El Buggo

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Advancements in Media Fakery In Modern Day Events | Sandy Hook Truth

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Great post from Lynn, as usual. Here she analyzes the phonytographers and their pictures in the biggest psyOps of our day.

I believe media fakery has been around for a long time, but I only discovered the extent of it while researching the 9/11 event.  September Clues opened my eyes about what we were shown and how they accomplished it.

via Advancements in Media Fakery In Modern Day Events | Sandy Hook Truth.

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What if Mr. Fetzer?

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Just listened to another radiofetzer broadcast with two “oh so close” to the truth guests. Many listeners tell me that a breakthrough is coming in getting the media fakery word out. They just may be right.

At the 1:24:00 mark of the show, Sophia posits “what is no-one died at Sandy Hook?” or “what if no-one lost legs at Boston?”, to which Fetzer let out a big guffaw and laugh. This is such a critical point I was anxious to see how it was brushed off, and in true form, Fetzer did not disappoint. The only thing left for her to say, which I was waiting for, was “what if no-one died on 9/11?” Think of the laughs that one would have got!

The way Sophia was constructing the probably mechanism for creating such a fake event via drills was the best I’ve heard so far. Her explanations for why those who “acted” the way they did made great sense.

I strongly suggest you listen to the broadcast here:…

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