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Notsofreemason breaks down the Pulse Nightclub hoax. 

POM on Pulse

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Good review of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting hoax. I think Mark agrees the shooter is a sim.

I liked this particular hopeful message:

You might ask why – why do they fake these events? The answer should please you. If they did not fake these events, there would be no events! People are good. We do not go around randomly shooting each other … not even Muslims do that. (Please note the sarcasm. I don’t have access to emoticons.)  There is violence among us, most of it fueled by alcohol and drugs, but it is of the one-on-one type – bar fights, broken romances, desperation. Add raging hormones, and life is quite a trip.

The Pulse Nightclub massacre one year later…

Howiseeit calls Orlando PD

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He doesn’t get far, but this is illustrative of how these operations are carefully setup and protected.

Robin still needs to check out the vicsim report for 9/11, and realise it’s only a few highly placed spooks that are have hijacked or are spoofing these “criminal organizations” like the police and FBI.

JAAC-Dallas analysis   

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Good analysis of the Dallas hoax of the day. 

Plagiarism in music, Edward Snowden,Snowbot, Enemy of the State, CGI, Orlando Gay Club Shooting, Crisis Actors, False Flags vs. Fake Flags, ISIS, Alex Jones, Retarded Rastafarians, Commute Music: Led Zeppelin Examples of Plagiarism 

Jay Dyer gets it – DALLAS “ATTACK” DIALECTICS: Summer of Uncle Sam

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Fantastic analysis by Jay, who is the smartest philosopher and analyst who accepts media fakery (move over and on Fetzer!)…

Miles on the BP Oil spill – engineered hoax

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Miles does a brief commentary on the Orlando Psyop and then launches into a great piece on the BP Oil Spill Media event.

PDF link

Interesting points to ponder:
Institutionalised bribery:

Next, they spend many minutes blaming oil industry lobbyists. But if all Congresspeople weren’t
corrupt, no amount of lobbying would matter. You can’t “lobby” people who are incorruptible, by
definition. If you are a Congressman who is going to do the right thing regardless, lobbying is
meaningless. Lobbying is actually a misnomer. Why not call it what it is? Institutionalized bribery.
We are told lobbying is the second biggest business in Washington, after the Government itself. But,again, that is just smoke. Lobbying isn’t a business. It is institutionalized corruption. The definition of “business” is not—or should not be—institutionalized corruption.