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Parkland grief goats

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Just when you think the hoaxers can’t get any more silly.

Start 1:07:30

HBC566 – Chris is back

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… And talking about the Florida shooting hoax.…

FAC433-Megachat-Is war a hoax?

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Faye, Gaia, John Adams, John le Bon, Dave J, Rollo, Phil, Justsayindude, Farcevalue on his closeness to the Florida shooting hoax. [more to come as I listen]

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MM on FLA Shooting PsyOp

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MM has a guest writer (?) and comments here.

The Parkland School Shooting:
Another See-through Psy-Op We’re less than a week out from this staged event in Florida, but already conspiracy theorists have compiled plenty of good evidence showing it was staged. Watch this and this video for a start. First of all, multiple students confirmed that the school conducted active shooting training a month before this event. One student interviewed said there were rumors that an active shooter drill was going to happen soon, and there had already been a fire drill earlier that day. Most of the students admit they thought it was a drill. Many students reported gunshots from multiple locations, claiming two or three shooters.
Many students interviewed show very little emotion, and we even get a few who can’t stop smiling,like the girl who claimed she spoke with Nikolas Cruz as he was exiting the building with the other students. If you had just been terrorized by a school shooting and found out you actually spoke with the shooter on your way out of the building, would you be chuckling about it so casually? There’s also the “former” FBI agent interviewed on Wolf Blitzer
who does the worst impression of someone breaking down crying that I’ve ever seen. Then there are the dozens of pictures of students, parents, and community members making crying faces without any tears…

Wacky Waco

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Mark breaks down the Waco psyop. I contended the worst thing to come out of Waco was one Alex Jones.

The Waco Massacre was the closing act of a 51-day siege took place from February 28th to April 19th, 1993. It has all the hallmarks of a psyop. I doubt anyone died, and in fact doubt that there were any people placed in the building during the 51 days except for photo ops. It was just a movie set.

The Waco Massacre: Wanton destruction of a movie set…

Integrated capstone event

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Florida is another ICE event.

Go to the 10:00 mark of this audio

2D flim-flam integrated Capstone events

… and listen to Sophia describe the Las Vegas event. It applies to all #hrdpar.