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Wolfgang and Sandy Hoax

mattiJohnnyClueslike this

If this guy is controlled opposition, then he is quite high level and difficult to detect. These two never use the word hoax, and often imply that real children died.

He claims his phone number is available for anyone to call and talk to him. Maybe we’ll do that someday. 

He claims that Alex Jones will not talk to him, yet he only calls Alex strange.

Controlled opposition is an integral part of psyops. For anyone to not know this and or avoiding talking about this makes them either profoundly ignorant or part of the stagecraft. 

He doesn’t even mention Homeland Security Capstone events and I couldn’t quite figure out what his position is on the Marjory Stoneman Florida shooting hoax.

Marty Leeds Mathemagical Radio Hour…

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Nobody Died at Sandy Hoax

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Nobody yaks it up like Jim. Despite his insistence on magic nukes, this is the most thorough audio on the Sandy Hoax I’ve heard in a while. Caller Jim is very good as well.


Source: Mami’s Shit: The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2017.06.13

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Some nuggets

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Worth a listen from the PK archives.

The Ottawa hoax was so long ago it seems. Jim drones on about JFK, and won’t see sim villains.

Movie guy Nathan Folks has been dormant since he “spoke out” on the Boston hoax.

Watch “Nathan Folks, James Fetzer & Peekay with The Liberty Men (26th Oct. 2014)” on YouTube

Need a new school? Stage a psyop/drill/hoax

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In Canada, we get straight to the point when we stage a #HRDPAR.

This is Sandy Hoax on steroids, minus all the details.

The La Loche school that was the scene of a “senseless” shooting should be torn down, the town’s interim mayor says.“I want that school torn down and rebuilt because of the trauma,” interim mayor Kevin Janvier told a press conference in the town.

Source: La Loche interim mayor: ‘I want that school torn down and rebuilt’ | La Loche |

Update: Zach looks at the case

Fetzer sees staged pictures

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The world’s longest most unsuccessful JFK researcher and now 9/11 is shown how the Joody Wood pictures have nothing to do with direct energy and everything to do with simple torching with old fashioned fire.

My only difference with the revelation about these props is I doubt many if any were wheeled down to ground zero.

I wonder if the charade of Fetzer will ever be allowed to give up on his suitcase nukes theory, as he seems to accept the vicsim concept of Sandy Hoax.

Jim Fetzer and Allen Powell do 911

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig Exposed

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I commented on the last video of this series. If Fetzer didn’t appear as disinformation before, his guilt by association with Halbig does now.

All four parts are worth the watch discussing trolls and disinformation and how they work.

Wow I enjoyed your 4 part series so far. A lot of work and research. I listen to Fetzer and am quite disappointed by his association with Wolf. You’ve exposed much to be considered. Hopefully this isn’t just another layer of the truth onion.

SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig is a LIAR (Part 1):…

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Wolfgang Halbig and Fetzer go to Sandy Hook

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I don’t know what to think of this. I have heard that Wolfgang (and Fetzer) are controlled opposition, but I can’t see exactly how that may manifest in this case. The opposition and obstruction they are getting while asking questions seems to make sense.

If what they say is true (and the plan to release the video) about the obstruction at the United Way offices for West CT, then this certainly makes things look very bad for the officials of the area that are no doubt complicit or were spoofed in this hoax.


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Wolfgang Halbig / Kelly from Tulsa.

Can we close the Sandy Hoax case up now?

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The hoaxsters are getting lazy. My comment:

All I see is an old school that needs to be replaced (at 10x the normal cost). I guess the Hollywool special effects people are busy making their own movies to spare any time ghouling up child actors (or sims) with blood and guts. Thanks for saving us all the time with your review. It’s time to ignore the psyOp hoaxsters – that would be their worst nightmare – that no-one cares about their fake reality.