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FAC386-Introducing Sophia

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Sophia and I talk about her fakeologist journey, including 9/11.

Also starring Gaia, Tom Dalpra, John Adams, Misom, Napoleon Wilson

Notsofreemason, Gaia, Phil Blanks, Anounceofsalt all debate rockets, temperature, and how it can’t work in a vacuum.

HBC 554-no planers and no ballers

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You can be a no planer and a ball denier without conflict.

Good 9/11 discussion starting around 53:00


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I have a one-on-one with Misom, a new fakeologist from Switzerland.

When? Nov 12, 2017 1500h EST

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FAC385-Ab, Goldenskidmark and friends

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We have, in no order, Napoleon Wilson, Delcroix, Anounceofsalt, JamesM, Notsofreemason, Mahatma Coat

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Follow the sex assault money

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Good contributed theory that this sex assault slime war is all about the traditional media using corporate warfare to attack the new media streaming services.

The stories of abuse will lead to 0 convictions in any real criminal court I predict, either because the stories are fake or the money will protect them.

The topic comes up early in the show.

FAC384-John Adams, Notsofreemason

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Also Ab, TheNovascotian