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CC 27 : Discussing ‘The Vicsim Report’ 

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Hoi and K review the vicsim report and its role in the 9/11 deception. 

The Clues Chronicle issue 27 : Discussing ‘The Vicsim Report’ by The Clues Chronicle… 

Did Chris @ hoaxbusters pull a gun? 

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AA Morris takes on DaveJ, JLB, Chris Kendall, and praises Unreal. Fakeologist emerged untouched, for now.

Podcast Episode 226: The Circus of The Cyber Shills by The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast…

POM’s take

Rollo and Velocet call John Laws

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Brilliant, respectful calls to the old codger.

Good work mates.

Start at 29:00. Clips coming up.

MFT008-Fetzer on empty towers with Jayhan

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We’ll be back shortly with more Fakeologist 55, meanwhile, enjoy this gem.

It takes a while to cut out the audio blips and Beatles music, but I think I got most of it.

AA Morris goes after DaveJ

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I’m back trying to catch up with AA. 

Podcast Episode 221: The History & Science of Rocket Science & “Zero Gravity” Part 1 by The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast… #nowplaying

FAC498-Radio Rollo

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New voice Lovecraft, who is from Sweden and can also speak fluent Russian

MFT007-Hoaxbusterscall 120

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I guested on a show from June 3, 2013 with Chris Kendall of….

We discussed the Hindenburg and we’re also joined by Jan Erik of Norway.

Here’s the podcast link.



PG 214: The History of Rocket Science & “Zero Gravity” Part 10

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AA Morris is going strong and he makes a great mention of fakeologist in the following link. This link will also show you a fantastic podcast player that I am currently investigating for myself. 

Hat tip to Napoleon Wilson.

Podcast Episode 214: The History of Rocket Science & “Zero Gravity” Part 10 by The Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast… #nowplaying

FAC497-Radio Rollo

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Rollo fires up another one.

Napoleon,Original Simulent, Silverbeam, Anounceofsalt, Tom Dalpra, DaveJ, Rachel

Dave J says the Freedom Tower is built for Destruction so as to give the controllers a new head of steam for the next 20 years section of time.

FAC496-Rachel, Napoleon Wilson, Exoteric64, DaveJ

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Brian Staveley on 100 + Explosions Rock Massachusetts

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Is this a real Boston bombing? We’ve talked about exploding houses all around the world but this looks like an epic land clear. 

Once more I ask is natural gas safe? Is this just a staged event to get the public to pay for gas infrastructure?

Brian Staveley’s 2018 9/11 anniversary special

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Brian asks the great question, if 50, or even 10,000 people were in the twins at 9am, subtract 3000, and you’re left with at least 7,000 people clamoring for the exits.
Where are the photos of this rush of people?
Did they not make them, so they didn’t have 7000 potential interviewees for the “media”?