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The Fakeologist Puppet Show 

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They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. A channel that identifies itself as Dustban (old Dustban audios are found here) is cutting up our old shows, both figuratively and literally.

Banazir and Dusty Ash are both still welcome to come by on… and air their beefs with the site.

There are so few Canadians focussing on Canadian psyops. It’s too bad they have turned on this site. Why not do a video on this possible fake event? A  Canadian past politico has a small plane crash the same day JFK Jr did.  

Russianvids does 9/11

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I still enjoy Russianvids’ stuff, even though he just can’t apply his normal logic to 9/11. Why is 9/11 so hard for people to deconstruct? Is it just too big of a lie?

This proves you can’t agree with everyone about everything…not that it’s necessary.

You’re analyzing fabricated footage (ie. a movie). The two buildings were brought down like any other buildings. Anything you’re watching was done in a studio and portrayed as LIVE (inverted is EVIL). Nothing hit the towers. The hole (if there even was one) could have easily been created with conventional explosives. Re-watch…. Also, who died? Do you have the names? Are they on the memorial website?

Let’s KISS ep 5 talking 9/11

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Really good episode talking with David Weiss (who talks about his KHam show exoerience) and Russianvids who is great to hear.

Let’s KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Episode 5.:…

A demolition and some birds

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Interesting to watch the second half of this video with a flock of birds circling in from the right three times. Each appear different, indicating the video isn’t using CGI birds.

It reminded me of Simon’s not famous enough video Some Birds, which did demonstrate CGI birds:

Demolition art

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This demolition was particularly graceful and complete.

The more I watch what I think are real demolitions, the more I realize that the video from these events was taken and looped for the 9/11 deception video of buildings falling, including famous building 7.

Tripode Building – Controlled Demolition, Inc.:…

9/11 commenter Jeffrey Grupp talks with Strange World

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Grupp is interesting philosopher Jeffrey Grupp who has come and gone from the 9/11 scene. Some interesting discussion on the control mechanism for higher education and how any non-conformists are squashed.

I don’t endorse any flat earth theories, but I do enjoy the discussion on questioning and the control structure.

Pretzel vicsim

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Every now and then I find myself trapped in front of a TV and use it to go to sleep – here’s a show I thought was genuine a few years ago and now of course I watch for fakery and the blatant scripting.

Advance to 31:11 and let your jaw drop. Scroll down for the spoiler.

Yes you heard right – his “mom” was in the WTC! Now, perhaps some of these people are real. I am leaning more towards many of these “workers” are actors. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a specific script here – single mother with minimum 3 children, medical issues due to no health care insurance, working 60 hours to pay for school debt.

This is the plight of retail workers and always has been. Minimum wage, little chance to advance, no health insurance. There’s really nothing these suddenly-noticed-the-plight-of-their-workers CEOs can do other than share the wealth and we know that’s never going to happen.

For all those arriving at this post via google, please know that even reality TV is scripted. It has to be – otherwise it would be deadly dull. Life in retail is dull (I worked in it for years) – and low pay. Walmart and Amazon will only make the situation worse for these people.


Birth of the 9/11 enemy myth

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1997 was the beginning of the mass propaganda 9/11 #1 mastermind enemy myth on TV. Four years of psychic driving had him deep in America’s subconscious when he was declared the #1 enemy and #1 suspect hours after the 9/11 hoax began. $500 million of his own money to finance jihad. Hopefully it’s easy to see today how ludicrous this concept is and how the US military creates enemies based on old memes to justify corporate military spending and territorial take over around the world.

Today, ISIS and its manufactured personalities are this era’s enemies, using the same propaganda techniques of the past.