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NWO redefines nationalism 

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Not really fakeology (more psyopery), but an interesting discussion on the redefining of a word (and reorganizing and resyncing online dictionaries) to suit the NWO’s domination of the world economy, to the benefit of a few mega rich families instead of the masses. 

Maybe Hitler’s Germany was the ideal economic model to redistribute national wealth to the people. Maybe replacing the descriptive words National Socialism with Nazism=antisemitism=mass murderers=enemy of humanity is the best way for the ruling class to keep any idea of resource sharing out of the public discussion. 

This psyop has been going on for a hundred years. Only recently has it resurfaced with Trump, which is why the media works so hard 

1087: “Hippie Hummus” by No Agenda 

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Irish were discriminated against

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The British made sure of it.

This story touches on some of the themes of this blog. Darwin even said at one point that the Irish came from a lower line of “development”, as evidenced by their cro-magnon like skulls. As slaves, they were given away, not even sold…so the story goes. Students often are encouraged to think critically, to research thoroughly and, above all, to not believe everything they read on the Internet.

Source: Were ‘No Irish’ job signs a myth? They were real, student tells professor | Toronto Star

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What aren’t we to know?

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So far I enjoy listening to Veronica Clark. Whether you believe Hitler was an invention or not, his party must have stood for something that has been smeared by almost 100 years of disinformation. So what exactly are they trying to hide from us?

Was it that the NSDAP was for a socialist redistribution of wealth to the volk? Were they a real, and not controlled, threat to the PRC?

Veronica comes across as even headed and fair when it comes to her view of history. She is neither for or against Hitler.

Veronica K. Clark specializes in World War II and military history. She has two associate degrees, one of which is in Diesel Mechanics Technology and she completed one year of doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology. Veronica founded Vera Icona Publishers in 2011. She is the originator of both the ‘Warwolves of the Iron Cross’ (Wehrwolf) and ‘Powerwolf Publications’ series as well as the author of the popular book “Black Nazis.” Her next book, “Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Black Wolf, Whit…

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A complex German puzzle

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One thing I am certain of: history cannot be accurate if we are to take the recent history of 9/11 as an example.

Taking about Hitler always brings up jews which then immediately ends the conversation. This is why people who identify themselves as jews are used in almost every psyop.  Once shown to be “at the top” it immediately ends any serious research no matter what the topic. What a brilliant ploy of those that engineer these deceptions.

I’m weary of John Friend and anyone who falls for this trap.  However,  his willingness to have somewhat contradictory guests and to be hosted by the moderate Delcroix gives me hope that he is sincere in his research.

I don’t know the entity Veronica Clark but I like her style and information.  Jews hardly come up at all in the conversation, which is good for a change since my interest is in Germany and what happened and why during the big wars up to today. 

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by historian and author Veronica Clark. Veronica and I will be discussing her book Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Union Jackal and a variety of other subjects relating to Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and WWII generally.…

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Here’s another link to a spingola interview with Veronica.…

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Biggest psyop was on Germany

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Really interesting interview if you like another take on the last 100 years of history surrounding Germany. I hear many themes that Blue Moon has brought up in the past here.

Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist, musician, satirist and independent researcher, best known for the book, Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath, along with his writings on socio-cultural engineering, propaganda and the influence of late Victorian occult societies and policy think-tanks upon the creation of both Fascism and Bolshevism, and the paralysing shadow these aristocratically created and cultivated symbiotic ideologies have cast upon the face of humanity. In the first hour,

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* Published 7/7/14 2:29:48 PM

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“Time Shift A Shadow Over Europe”

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I don’t know what part is true and what part is not, but at least we have the appearance of two sides of the Czeck – German story here.

One side of my family tree has roots in this area.

It’s clear to me that murder and mayhem did occur during WW2.  It almost gives licence for evil people to carry out evil deeds. Many take the opportunity to kill anyone they don’t like.

This fact is the essence of why people don’t bother with the finer points of the Holocaust.  Most people agree that minorities were rounded up all over the place and killed. Revisionists appear to be arguing about the numbers and details of the killings, which to most people is a fruitless and thankless endeavour.

Therefore revisionists attract more scorn than praise. What could be more distasteful and unappreciated than researching body counts and death methods?

This doc is interesting to watch. It’s another story of ethnic cleansing. As usual, it’s the civilians that get it the worst during war. Civilian relocation, coupled with rubbleization and rebuild appear to be the point of war.

Time Shift A Shadow Over Europe:

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33 or 66 day

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Big day in history, by the numbers.

Doomsday, or D-Day as it is called for short, took place on June 6, 1944. Notice the date of 6/6 for June 6 and ’44 for 1944. The word ‘Doomsday’ also has master numerology, being thirty-three, another multiple of eleven.
Doomsday = 4+6+6+4+1+4+1+7 = 33…

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David Cole a/k/a David Stein, enigma

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I listened to this audio with great interest. The fact (that we are told to believe) that David Cole is a jew somehow lends special meaning or significance to his research. The goal (if not genuine) is to make it more believable. It’s imperative that we don’t take any promoted researcher too seriously too quickly. It’s for his reason I always listen for even the slightest clue for deception and coded language.

The one instance that made me suspicious (and there aren’t too many) is that David mentions he paid off the ADL (a deception front organization portrayed as jewish) $2200 to get them off his back. He claims this was all the money he had to cover a $5000? bounty (a fatwa?) the ADL placed on his head. Just this odd bounty and the occult number had me wondering.

Another interesting point is how the war propagandists may have fabricated the 6 million number. With the raising of the (magician’s) Iron Curtain, divided families on both sides were told that their other half were exterminated, and not to bother checking (how could they anyway?) This could account for some on the ground “real” stories.

El Gran Tabu video

Another interesting point is that he said you can’t ‘t defend yourself in Germany (and 17 other Euro countries?) from any revisionist charge. You can either denounce yourself for your thoughts or plead for a lesser sentence, but you cannot provide proof for what you say or write.

For now, I remain cautious with this entity. As we know, so much of what we are told and who tells us must be critically reviewed. This is a multidimensional puzzle that cannot be taken at face value!

His website: or

Holocaust researcher undercoverin Hollywood (w/ Josh Blakeney)

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Were the blacks already here?

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Questioning the whole slave trade story seems reasonable.  Certainly the numbers are not verifiable.

Did the Transatlantic African Slave Trade really exist or is it another American myth? When taught about slavery in school, I often had questions the teacher couldn’t answer. I would ask, how did the slaves live stacked on top of one another at the bottom of the ship for months without drowning in their own feces and urine? Where are the ships and why aren’t any of them inside of a museum?…

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Why NAZI is a four letter word

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The more you tell a child he can’t have something, the more he’ll want it. I must think like a child, because the more I hear about Hitler 125 years after he came to the planet, allegedly, the more curious I am about why it’s illegal to even show his image in the country he was elected leader. Where in history have we ever seen this?

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John had Richard Tedor on twice to discuss the book on the left. In the discussion, Richard discusses National Socialism, the recovery of Germany, and Hitler’s rather reluctant role to oversee the whole transformation and fight against communism. He talks and writes about aspects of history and Germany you will not hear or read in many places, if at all.

What did I get from this interview? It appears that National Socialism’s elevation of the common man and worker, and Germany’s trading with other nations without international money and credit, raised the ire of the Anglo American empire. While they may have thought that they had successfully crushed Germany with the Treaty of Versailles, Germany came up with a system to rise from the ashes despite the West’s best efforts. So why is it that we never hear about this system? National socialism was apparently a hybrid of liberalism and communism. It allowed private property and private ownership, with companies charters issued with the state’s best interest in mind. Instead of using the state’s power to build corporations and enrich a few, the workers and people had to see a communal or social benefit.

As America and the West’s workers are slowly assimilated to the lowest common denominator, including “third” world countries, those disaffected will be looking for solutions. What better way to get them NOT to look at the National Socialist solution (which was not Hitler’s idea) then to equate their system with antisemitism and the most heavily propagandized and demonized person on the planet, Adolph Hitler.

I don’t know or say that this book is right or wrong about Hitler. What I do think is wrong is that we can’t know or learn from more than one source about history and its characters. To make it a criminal offense to investigate is the opposite of free thinking and freedom in general.

I urge all fakeologists (who know how easy it is to fake history, even reality) to review this information and make your own decisions. It’s that important that we know history so we aren’t doomed to repeat it.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by author Richard Tedor. Richard and I will be discussing his book Hitler’s Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs & Foreign Affairs.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report – Richard Tedor: Hitler’s Revolution.



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