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CC19: Disruption is good – satellite hoax, part 3 

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Hoi and Head floss (his father!) talk about the great satellite hoax, and all the goes with disrupting one’s ingrained beliefs.


Source: Issue 19: Satellite Musings, Part 3 – The Clues Chronicle

CC18: the cluesforum culture

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Hoi and Kham explain the Clues culture and discuss the satellite hoax.

Show notes

Did Trump mix up script date? 

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Shades of the pre-mentioned WTC building 7 announcement. 

Simon says, 


Some of you may remember that back in February 19 this year, commander-in-chief Donald Duck Trump expressed his (*cough*) concern and outrage over a purported “terror attack in Sweden”. At the time, of course, nothing had happened in Sweden – and people were wondering what the heck he was talking about.…

The “Firsthand Eyewitnesses”  To The “Planes” That Hit The Twin Towers On 9/11

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Is Robin finally coming around to…? It’s not an “inside job”. It’s an inside simulation. 

Let’s see if he covers the vicsims. 

27 more Pentagon photos

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Most appropriate reaction might just be zzzzzzz.

The batch of 27 archived images uploaded to the website, FBI Records: The Vault also show fragments of the plane, which had left Dulles International airport in Washington DC for Los Angeles before it was hijacked by terrorists.…

Snowden simvestigation

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Calcified Lies doesn’t have much good to say about fakeologist, but this is a good analysis questioning what level of deception the Snowden entity is.… on Snowden

Nuclear NASA

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More proof the nuclear industry is as fake as the space program. So fake that they work together.

Sad that my tax dollars are being shot up in smoke in so many more ways.

Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) plant in Clarington could soon play a role in fuelling NASA spacecraft.OPG has announced that it plans to work with venture arm Canadian Nuclear Partners, to produce plutonium isotopes to help power deep space exploration.

OPG spokesperson Neal Kelly says there is major demand for plutonium-238 as the global supply dwindles.

“The supply of isotopes is down, much of the previous supply was created by the U.S. nuclear program, which has stopped production,” he explained.

Plutonium-238 is a byproduct of plutonium-239, an isotope used to make nuclear weapons.

Source: OPG to make fuel for spacecraft in Clarington by 2020

They’re also involved in the medical industry to produce their witch’s brew of chemical poison.

OPG already uses a similar isotope process at its Pickering location, to create Cobalt 60 for use in the sterilization of surgical and medical supplies.

Update: Simon weighs in and adds this cartoon.