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9/11 Vicsim report update 

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The most important and least reported/diffused aspect of 9/11 has an important update. 

Just to let this possibility sink in for everyone, and this is statistically speaking, now, I want to add a critical comment for your consideration.

If the six characters we identified here had been real people, they also do not fit the official profile of:
Completely legitimate, innocent, uninvolved, random victims of a terror event perpetrated by government, by extremist faction or by insurrection.

VICSIMS: the simulated victims of 9/11 • Re: 9/11 vicsims with real-life counterparts (Master List)…

Useful idiots 

John le Bonlike this

John and “Neg”discuss this and other 9/11 fakeologist topics. Mentions start around 1:07:00. Jlb thinks I’m a UI since I don’t toe the WN line, and Neggie because I’m not Joo wise.…

Audiochat-Rollo, Nikon, Ab, Typo

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We talk about Paulstal Service’s problem with Simon’s….

Just for your information, Ab :

that “Paulstalservice” entity (aka “NorwayResearch” – aka “SanLuisSkywatch”, aka ex-Cluesforum member “Kentrailer”, etc…) is the ‘Ace Baker’ of our ISS research – and more generally, a full-time stalker/troll employed to co-opt and (at the same time) throw mud at our Cluesforum research.

Some examples of his ‘work’:………


Pay for mention on noagendashow

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Made a donation/advertising buy on… and got a mention for the site. I also got a few other mentions in for… and September Clues, not to mention….

Curry claims he’s never heard of September Clues. He also doesn’t remember the interview below from January 2013 with Markus.  John agrees that 9/11 being a media hoax is just as good an explanation as any. John also got indignant at the nuke hoax lie.

Two points regarding this donation. One, I think it is the way of the future for funding media. I prefer it to subscriptions for paying for what I consider good entertainment. Second, I think it’s quite possible these two are happy gatekeepers. I do think they do more good than harm, and I have benefitted from their discussions, including those on technology that I like using. Like everyone else out there, I don’t agree with everything they say – but don’t have to and don’t expect to.

English: Adam Curry portrait

English: Adam Curry portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Computer columnist John C. Dvorak.

Computer columnist John C. Dvorak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No Agenda Show 891

Markus Allen interviews Adam Curry




Whatsapp rags to riches hoax

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I tried to tell my father I don’t believe much coming from the MSM, especially the NYT. 

After their story on 9/11/01 featuring 19 Moslem tewwowists knocking down buildings, there’s really nothing more needed to prove they promote lies. 

I mention 19 because I use this and other occult numerology to validate my claim of obvious storytelling. 

The following story has so much more than 19 (billion) in it. I won’t go through every bit of psyop storytelling, but suffice it to say the founder of this “safe from NSA snooping” app is probably no more real in his character development than Bugs Bunny. 

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for more than $19 billion in 2014, Jan Koum, a founder of the messaging company, arranged to sign a part of the deal outside the suburban social services center where he had once waited in line to collect food stamps.…

More manufactured tech/science leaders:

Oh, and I do use and like whatsapp. I have no illusions of my lack of privacy there, and its ultimate purpose. 

We make ourselves conform

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Social proof is so powerful it’s really what keeps us in line. Orwell called it groupthink.


Sorry, I totally didn’t fully qualify what I meant with that last sentence. I was referring to the ‘in/out’ fear that comes into play when for instance someone brings up a non-mainstream opinion, such as the nuke hoax, or the impossibility of space travel, or whatever. Social norms, programmed by the propaganda, use people’s existing social mechanisms to label ‘outsiders’ as such. The ‘outsider’ then quite often drops his avenue of being different, as there is a warning light going on in his subconscious indicating that he will have no friends if he keeps this behaviour up.

This is the crux of the cognitive dissonance that many people suffer from – their intelligence tells them one thing, but their amygdala tells them under no circumstances to push it, OK? All the propaganda is designed to make sure even doubters understand what they are meant to be thinking, so that when under pressure, they can conform easily and stop worrying about being alone.…

H/t Simon 

There’s no network here

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Sorry to disappoint Steve – there is no organized network here. I support Chris and his work, I’ve never (yet) talked to Jay, and I have had a few calls with John Adams and enjoy his research. That’s the limit to our association.

As much as you appear against what I believe in, I couldn’t really make a list of what parts of the fakeologist research you are opposed to. I know you think Simon is presenting false image comparisons – but what about the overall big idea? Is he fundamentally wrong with his research? Do you agree 9/11 and all psyOps are simulations conducted by the military?

If you do, then I can easily ignore the nitpicking. We all have areas that we think each of us is off – but compared to the mainstream population, we have far more in common than not.

Chris invited you on to discuss in his latest call. I suggest you take him up on it – he’s harmless and quite friendly.