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The transparent a$$-true-NOT

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Simon’s ability for being succinct, snarky, and smart make him one of the best exposers of psyOps, hoaxes, and media swindles. Social media THIS to all your contacts and ask them if they still believe man went anywhere near the moon.

Sadly (yet this is not to admit defeat!), the repetitive power of this massive, ongoing (multi-billion $) psyop scheme may be its greatest “strength”, as the efforts of normal (inquisitive) people such as this forum’s valiant contributors may eventually wane due to sheer exhaustion. This is hoping we can overcome this natural, inherent weakness of human nature, and keep doing what we’ve done here at Cluesforum for this last decade – lest our children have to “start from scratch” all over again! Whatever will be the case in the future (and however future generations will judge it), I will remain jolly proud of having started this discussion board – with Hoi Polloi’s precious help: we both called it an “experiment” at the time. Well, this (now almost decade-long) grassroot experiment seems to have been, all things considered, a darn good one – and if you’ll allow me to paraphrase an infamous quote, it’s been “a small step for a man – but a giant leap for mankind”.

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Simon, can we please have one of these graphics per PsyOp, including recent ones, to explain and share the power of the media to make us beLIEve fairy tales?

Forever grateful

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It’s been quiet here and at… the last few weeks. That’s fine, because it’s the mountain of research into media fakery exposure at both sites we ultimately can fall back on for people to peruse, now and in the distant future.

While Simon is busy with…, I will be forever grateful for his past work to fully explain the business of psyops. He will never have to do another post and still hold first place in this fakeologist’s mind.

Thanks for your replies and thoughtful insights into the issue. And yes, I do realize that my own scarcity of contributions to the forum (in later times) may be ‘part of the problem’. I must confess that (apart from being deeply absorbed by my Tychos model), I have also just been rolling my eyes at the incredible lameness of the Nutwork’s more recent ‘brand’ of psyops (truck & car “attacks”, frustrated plastic lady Youtube shooter, Hockey team road crash drama [well-covered over at Fakeologist],etc) and have simply lacked the energy and time to address them all – preferring to keep my head in (or above) the clouds so as to concentrate on my ‘cosmic investigations’…


Why the smart are more deceived

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I’m going to have a stab at this one.

Smart people are enmeshed more than the average man with wild expectations foisted upon them from the cradle. To what financial or social benefit would be calling out lies and deceit serve? Adults already know in their deep subconscious that they are ruled by forces they cannot name or even point to. What parent would encourage their child to pursue truth over financial security, independence and acceptance?

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Welcome Hoi plug

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While Clues is busy solving the solar system, we are still doing fakery.

Hoi gives one of the first directly quoted plugs for us at Cluesforum – ever. Hoi is also the only fakeologist I’ve met in person. Fantastic man.

As for the speed of the site, it is on a shared server. I don’t have that many doodads to slow it down but if you are concerned feel free to read the site off of the feed using a feed reader such as…. You’ll be able to whiz thru the comments, the forums and the posts in three different feeds at record speed.

Local psyops – and minor media scams • Canadian Hockey crash — April 2018…

3.14 Hawking his last story

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Xilefelix is commenting in my original post.


What the hoax character is really about.

but for some readers the subtext of A Brief History of Timewas a human interest story about a genius who overcame his disability. Multiple reviews from the time touch on this. Hawking said in the Journal that it probably helped sales, but he signaled he was uneasy with such a reading.

Hawking and others have long joked that many people purchased his book because it made them look smart but never bothered to read it. “He agreed that the book, Brief History of Time, was probably the least-read, most-bought book ever,”

September Clues Tour Guide |

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As youtube purges videos, I will slowly upload them here to my own server.

You will find most the September Clues videos restored below in the tour guide.

Some you may not have seen, or even known about.

Enjoy and link. Remember, this video hosting is paid. Feel free to contribute to keep it going.


“TOUR GUIDE” to the September Clues research by simonshack on November 15th, 2010, 11:05 am *”TOUR GUIDE” to the September Clues research THE SEPTEMBER CLUES website:  (watc…

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Synched Out removed from Youtube •

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As Youtube revises history, we can try and restore it.

Share via here, reslio sync,,…, and your solution below.

“911 ACTORS” removed from Youtube

My video “911 ACTORS” was removed two days ago from my Youtube channel for some unspecified “inappropriate content”.
Of course, my “SYNCHED OUT” video was removed (twice) from my YT channel several years ago, as described in this thread.
So this is only the third time that my videos have been censored by YT – in more than a decade. Not too bad, I guess…

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September Clues still the truth

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Gematria Zack endorses September Clues, without speaking of numerology. The doc has stood the test of time, with the complicit media still being the #1 reason for the deception.

September Clues – Top Documentary Films

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As I was watching some random docs on this channel, I was surprised to stumble upon the epic video we all were transformed by.

Needless to say, the comments have trolled the video into the ground.

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CC24-Plane crash hoaxes

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Great story at 1:15:00 from a Texas lawyer on hoax management.

2:55:00 K makes a great point on how there are no real reporters, they’re all intelligence plants like project Mockingbird

4:55:00 simulated accountability – another great point from Sacredcow slayer the Texas lawyer.…

Poop their smelly lies out of their asses

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The only major achievement of NASA in the last 48 years (i.e. between 1969 and 2017) has been that of training their ass-true-not actors to act in a considerably more relaxed fashion – as they poop their smelly lies out of their asses. (Simon Shack, December 2017)

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Is Simon ready to send NotRap into orbit?

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Simon can be like a cat playing with a mouse on his forum. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for him to get ready to jettison this “ISS” fauxtographer – if not put the entire taking pictures discussion in clues’ derailing forum.

As I’ve said before, it’s very hard to even take a steady shot of the very slow moving moon with my P900. How anyone could even dream of taking a picture at night of this fictional “thing” is beyond my wildest imagination, given the official story of its size, distance, and speed.

Dear NotRap,Thanks for the link to that thread on asterisk.APOD(dot)com ( a forum hosted by NASA ). It was an interesting and entertaining read. Fraudsters are everywhere, see? So what’s your final take on Bianconi’s “ISS” imagery? Is it legit? A “yes” or “no” answer will suffice. Of course, more profound comments of yours will be a bonus.Seems like some nasty meteorites have crashed into the E and F sections of the “ISS” radiators…Rest assured, dear Notrap, that no paranoia is to be found in my soul : if your personal verdict is *I think it’s legit!*, my ego won’t be butthurt – nor is there any hostility on my part only for trying to comprehend your stance on this. Just share your thoughts with us, will you please? My stance is the following: the Bianconi images were crafted using a poorly-maintained chocolate-scale-model of the “ISS”. To be sure, Bianconi is a regular contributor to NASA’s very own… “APOD” website (Astronomical Picture Of the Day:… )

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Shapeshifting in space 

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Simon has such a way with words.

I have a P900 – and I can barely capture the moon at full zoom – and it isn’t even moving that fast (or am I on our spinning ball?).

There is no way anyone could possible capture the fictive ISS, if, as we are lied to, is going 17,000 miles per hour. Without some sort of computer tracking device, it’s just not physically possible.

If anything representing the ISS is flying by, it’s some sort of high altitude plane. I am sure no one could see the ISS based on its fake altitude and size, so I don’t even know why Simon is entertaining the thread at all.

Dear NotRap,I applaud you for your valiant efforts in trying to snap the sharpest possible image of that (ever-changing & seemingly “shape-shifting”) speck of light traversing our skies known as “the ISS” ( aka “the Thing”, on this forum). I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next set of pictures.In the meantime, let me just post (for comparison) a few images of the “Thing” – which I recently added to my ever-growing collection of “ISS” imagery :These are two images which one Barbara Mueller sent me a few weeks ago. She says she used a handheld Nikon P900 camera to snap these two shots:

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Ran all the way back to grandma’s house

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One thing the 9/11 hoax taught all of us is the central role of the media and the individuals that it’s comprised of.

Start at 41:46

Knowing this fact, when we see a massive media storm involving its own members, we must be suspicious of the story in part or in full. A clue to something not being right is the long list of celebutards and media stars, past and present, being used to promote this media storm.

In the latest of a growing number of sexual harassment or assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, former Boston ABC affiliate news anchor Heather Unruh held a news conference this morning to claim the actor assaulted her son in 2016 when he was 18 years old.

Source: Former Boston News Anchor Claims Kevin Spacey Assaulted Her 18-Year-Old Son | Deadline

This former anchor, possibly retired like many females who hit the age wall (one could argue unfairly), looks like she sheds a real tear here:

(a clip of her reporting on the Boston Bombing hoax is near the end)

…but fails to find any moisture in the constant dabbing here:

Her story, similar to this one, of her son being traumatized and running home to grandma’s, is quite unbelievable.

How an 18 year old cannot handle himself and acts like a small child in an adult situation makes one wonder if he exists at all.

Trying to figure out the true point(s) of the massive media campaign to bring down Hellyweird producers and actors is difficult.

Know for sure that when the media must call upon its own to make the story/case, that you are probably witnessing an elaborate psyOp where there is far more to the story.

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Casey says it’s real

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I admit to still watching Casey. He and his (not admitted to) team do some amazing videos. One thing I noticed that almost every NYC video he does includes the new One World Trade Center, even if it’s just a flash.

Clearly he’s being used to appeal to a whole new audience to sell psyOps. Sadly, he’s good at it.

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