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Vegas LARPers 

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Simon has great posts. 

As I woke up this morning, this old musing of mine was trotting in my head: “exactly what type of folks are recruited for these staged shooting events.”? So I decided to spend an hour or so seeing if I could learn some more about this ‘headshot’ Braden Matejka chap – the “miraculous Las Vegas survivor”. 

London, Madrid, Oslo and other faked terror events: the psyops are everywhere • Re: Las Vegas Harvest 91 concert mass shooting, 2/10/17…

On simulation technology today 

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Hoi at his best. 

Simulation technology has been progressing over the last 16 years to the point where the threshold of the simulation has blurred. It is logical, therefore, to assume that major lighting and rendering issues on CGI bodies that appear in the media have also been reduced.

London, Madrid, Oslo and other faked terror events: the psyops are everywhere • Re: Nashville Church shooting Hoax…

Cluesforum 9/11 2017 SOTU

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Simon brings in the new year with a 16 year summary. 9/11 is the busiest day of the year for…

THE 9/11 HOAX – Sixteen Years On
A warm welcome to newcomers to this forum

Dear members, readers – and newcomers to Cluesforum

SEPTEMBER CLUES: the 9/11 psyop exposed: the media aired a “Made-for-TV Hollywood movie” • Re: 9/11 anniversary…

FAK178-Something Fishy with Simon Shack 

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I can’t think of a better way to bring in the new year (9/11) then with the man that inspired it all, Simon Shack.

Instead of getting all worked up about who why what when how, we are going to kick back and relax and play his entire new album, Something Fishy.

I will also interject some of my favorite songs from his seminal soundtrack from the movie September Clues.

When? Sunday, Sept 10 @ 1911 EDT.

Who? Ab, Simon Shack and friends

Where to listen?…

Join in:…

Buy Something Fishy

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Victims of Terrorism – attacks

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I didn’t know of this sub-site. I have a editable chart here, similar to this site.

How simulated are the following “Attacks”? Who might be simulating them? Because of the frequency of media lies about peace (and those behind the lies who are working to make peace a difficult road) it is often hard to believe peace is a possibility. However, once you understand that those describing the world as inherently violent, scary and wrong are the same people working to make the world that way, it is easy to see how peace can be achieved; we must stop lying to ourselves about the need for war.

Source: Victims of Terrorism – attacks


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Frank (Astana) should take a look at this architecture.

Yesterday, I visited Vigilantcitizen and discovered the new IRS headquarters in Maryland. I don’t know how much more in our face these people can be – and to put this symbolism outside the IRS building speaks volumes!… … -maryland/

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