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What’s behind the a$$truenots?

like this

Simon doing what he does best.

“EXPLAINING” the transparent Apollo 11 ass-true-nots

It is quite amusing (or tragicomical) to read the various “explanations” offered by self-professed film/video experts for the transparent Apollo 11 asstronots…

Apollo, and more space hoaxes • Re: The MOON HOAX…

Deepfakes for dummies

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The scene opened on a room with a red sofa, a potted plant and the kind of bland modern art you’d see on a therapist’s wall. In the room was Michelle Obama, or someone who looked exactly like her. Wearing a low-cut top with a black bra visible underneath, she writhed lustily for the camera and flashed her unmistakable smile.

Source: Here Come the Fake Videos, Too – The New York Times

h/t Delcroix

Get up-to-date, news fakers

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Really old green screen backdrops shows how lazy or sloppy the “news” is. This backdrop is more than 20 years old. Amusing it’s a media type who actually noticed his fake news bretheren.

I am still amazed this Russia farce has legs. It’s literally a Seinfeld show for the news… a show about nothing.

Eaton’s? Check out tip right of this shot. Have I never noticed this? #toronto…

Check out @jlancasterCBC’s Tweet:…


el sushi de la manchalikes this

No need to use real people as models and dress them up later to hide them. Just use NVIDIA’s latest software. (h/t Simon)

Imagine playing a game like Skyrim or a sports title where the characters you encounter look like real people or creatures, and not rendered graphics. If implemented correctly, it could add a new level of immersion to gaming. It may not be far off, either. NVIDIA released a paper over the weekend detailing a new training methodology for generating unique and realistic looking faces using a generative adversarial network (GAN).
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Coincidentally, NVIDIA was recently mentioned for autonomous cars.

Photo fake phun

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Untouched or photoshop? The real or fake debate comes up from time to time. This falls under the half-truth debate – if half is true, does that make the who thing fake?

These are real men (I think) but are they really posing high up without safety harnesses? I think not.

DTLA – The 73-story Wilshire Grand replacement project had already altered the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. On Saturday, Sept. 3, however, it made history: It officially became the tallest building

Source: An Amazing View of the Wilshire Grand Spire | News |…

Reminds me of this infamous pic.

On simulation technology today 

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Hoi at his best. 

Simulation technology has been progressing over the last 16 years to the point where the threshold of the simulation has blurred. It is logical, therefore, to assume that major lighting and rendering issues on CGI bodies that appear in the media have also been reduced.

London, Madrid, Oslo and other faked terror events: the psyops are everywhere • Re: Nashville Church shooting Hoax…


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Fascinating excerpt from a great video previously posted.

Moulage (French: casting/moulding) is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel. Moulage may be as simple as applying pre-made rubber or latex “wounds” to a healthy “patient’s” limbs, chest, head, etc.,[1] or as complex as using makeup and theatre techniques to provide elements of realism (such as blood, vomitus, open fractures, etc.[2]) to the training simulation. The practice dates to at least the Renaissance, when wax f

Source: Moulage – Wikipedia

Start at 11:11

Putting words in sim’s mouths 

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I’m sure the military has been putting words in sim’s mouths for a while now. 

Snowden simvestigation

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Calcified Lies doesn’t have much good to say about fakeologist, but this is a good analysis questioning what level of deception the Snowden entity is.… on Snowden

How simulated is Mark Zuckerberg?

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It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of how much.

As I said, I tend to believe there is an actor/agent impersonating him. Maybe the same goes for Obama. Then obviously their past would be a fabrication, everything would be a fabrication. My advice would be not to focus your attention in trying to “prove” that he is a “100% simulated character” simply because we don’t know enough about the technology in the hands of the military or whoever is behind this shit (although a fair guess is that it’s not such a great technology, given the sloppy quality of the 9/11 scam). Virtually all discussions that start with the need to prove that a certain technology is being used, end up prattling about holograms in a matter of two or three posts. All of them. And we don’t need that here.

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