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Rigged NBA; Magnetic Rims part 4 (the Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater)

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All major sports is rigged – this wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Even if you knew it was fixed, most would still watch.

We love our WWE wrestling.

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Another magnetic ball for a magnetic personality.

Apparently someone else though the very same thing and made a post / audio/video mashup of the two events.…


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Boston Strong: Toronto Weak

Questioning Our Realitylike this

One of the most blatantly fixed games ever – all in support of the Boston Bruins running all the way to the Stanley Cup win to pay tribute to the Boston Unbombing.

They call it a collapse – the only explanation if you don’t understand that pro sports, like news, is entertainment. The only way to fix fear or elation is to script the story.

I’ll never get excited for another Leafs game again.

Perhaps the brand new Golden Knights will take it all this year in the same way to pay tribute to the Las Vegas hoax shooting.

The Maple Leafs are back in the playoffs against the Boston Bruins, the team that broke the hearts of Leaf fans everywhere on May 13, 2013. For many fans, Game 7 of the first round of the 2013 playoffs is still fresh in their memories: The Leafs had a 4-1 lead with five minutes to go. After a nine-year post-season hiatus, it looked like Toronto was set for a playoff run. But then, an epic collapse.

Source: ‘They blew it’: A history of the Maple Leafs’ Game 7 loss to the Bruins in 2013 | The Star

Boston Un-Bombing:

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If all pro sports are scripted…

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… Then even this “only in dreams” story is no doubt too good to be true… to be real.

It’s the sort of thing we’ve all dreamt of as our heads loll at our desks during hour six of a soul-killing nine-to-five, but for Illinois’ Scott Foster, the fantasy became real. The 36-year-old accountant, dad of two, and rec league hockey player was called up as the Chicago Blackhawk’s emergency backup goalie Thursday night and blocked seven shots to secure the team’s win against the Winnipeg Jets.

He wore #90.…

Our hero has mysteriously gone quiet and is not doing any interviews.

Since Friday, Foster has declined to talk any more about his sudden fame. A representative for Golub Capital’s (Foster’s employer) New York-based public relations firm said it fielded several requests for interviews and is turning them all down.

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Magnetic personality, magnetic ball?

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Finally found the clip of the pregnant “Nike” pause.

Zack speculated that magnetics could be used to keep the ball out or nudge it in for basketball.

This is not to take away from the tremendous talent required for all sports entertainment, but every show needs a little polish, a little nudge, a little “Disney” magic to put it at the highest level.

Tiger Woods 16th Hole Chip Shot – Masters 2005 [HD] – YouTube

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Cracking wikipedia’s code – Les Canadiens fake

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This post is mostly to introduce a new blog on fakery. I don’t have much use for professional sports ENTERTAINMENT, but everyone else does so I do keep in touch.

The Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Was Fixed – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth

At this point, my assumption is that all 23 of their Stanley Cups have been gifted. What I can tell you for sure is that all of their Cups in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were rigged in their favor. I’m going to go after the red flags for each star player to let you know what was fixed and what other events were faked as well.

Source: The Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Was Fixed – Straight From The Devil’s Mouth


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Bigger Faster Stronger Bodybuilding Documentary review

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I know I don’t usually do movie reviews here, but I decided to place this here because it centers around WWE – which most people understand is fake, but is portrayed as real. As fake and contrived as it is, however, real people do get hurt, often from the drug use used to curb real pain from injury playing a role.

This movie is great on so many levels. It is shot in the Michael Moore documentary style that I like so much, and has a genuine feel to it. The filmmaker Chris Bell’s agenda starts out portraying anabolic steroids as dangerous at worst and immoral at best, but he finishes questioning who decides what drugs are legal and which are not and why, and whether any of this information is based on the scientific method. Of course, most laws are based on a well agreed upon lie, that’s spread by all the laws of propaganda that we study here.

The film also questions the whole America is #1 psyop as well. It’s an honest look at how his family (all of them) were sold a bill of goods and left hanging at the end (literally). His family seems loving and supportive, yet despite their best efforts their children are left devastated by the great American myth.

If you like this movie, you’ll enjoy this one as well – a scathing look at the legal drug industry.

h/t @adamcurry @

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Athletic actors

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If you think it’s just the Harlem Globetrotters going through the motions, then you’d better wake up to the fact that all major (bettable) sports are fixed, by the numbers, including the Toronto Raptors.

Watch “NBA Eastern & Western Conference Finals Observations +NBA Finals Preview” on YouTube

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