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Don’t freelance with your phone 

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Hard to analyze this media event since no details are given, but I wonder if the detention of “journalists” is true or a fear psyop to tell any bystanders of staged events to bug off or be “detained”

Hamilton police, paramedics and firefighters responded to the scene at Evans Road and Highway 5 around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

The victim was transported to Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

Hamilton police aren’t releasing any details of the collision as the investigation is still ongoing. The intersection is expected to remain closed overnight.

Global News videographer Jeremy Cohn and freelance photographer David Ritchie were arrested at the scene. The Global videographer was later released.…

Questioning the death penalty 

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The question needs to be asked: do states really carry out any or all of the death penalty executions? 

Is it possible these are fake executions to scare the masses and potential criminals? 

Clues like expiring death drugs make me wonder (how silly is that concept?) 

Ledell Lee was pronounced dead at 11:56 p.m. Thursday, four minutes before his death warrant was due to expire at midnight. The state is planning 3 more executions before the drug expires.…

Kendall Jenner media storm

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Nothing sells like controversy. My interest in media started long before the 9/11 revelation. While commercials are mini fabricated movies/videos, they are some of the most influential media we consume. Other than the assumed fakery, I occasionally post what appears to be non-fakeologist items here.

However, is the controversy manufactured? What we are told it is offensive but it hardly seems to be so in today’s main stream obscenity marketing. This is clearly part of a “not for you” marketing effort. Will it work? It got me watching, and Pepsi to the top of mind conversation. 

Pepsi has married these generic concepts with a new advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner and Skip Marley’s Lions. The ad contains images of protesters. People standing up for things. What are those things? Is Kendall proclaiming #BlackLivesMatter? Is this the Resistance? Unclear! But drink Pepsi!

Lots of occult symbolism taken for  granted by today’s youth. Do they even know how they offend Christians?

Pepsi hasn’t had so much publicity in a long time. It’s so hard to break through the matrix of noise, a media bomb is required.

My view is soda is poison to the body, and won’t go near it. That’s besides the point as usual – the whole commercial misdirects from the actual syrup you pour into your system.

Kendall is cute…which makes me wonder what I’m looking at. I still think all the Kardashians are engineered humans, most likely from the same zygote or at least the same egg/sperm donor. 

Transvestigation at 11

Humble weighs in at 22:00

Mark at POM comments

Dis-arming pilot story

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This likely fake story comes with a photo with a very strange arm and arm placement. Photoslop? Everyone now, please strike this pose and tell me if it’s natural.

Gronych, a Slovakian national who was in Canada on a work visa, will also have to pay a $100 victim fine surcharge.“He has abstained since his offence and, now realizing the devastation caused by his addiction, has committed to abstain for life,” said Brown.

Source: Drunk Sunwing pilot, who appeared to pass out in cockpit, sentenced to 8 months | Toronto Star

Is this the point of the story?

Foreign pilots working in Canada are not being vetted

Mystery person death doc

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I love documentaries. They’re my favorite type of film.

I used to assume they were true stories, but after 9/11, I assume they may only be partially true, if not complete fabrications. I still watch them with the illusion that they are completely true, but at the end at reflection time, my critical thinking begins to poke holes in what I’ve watched.

This doc is no exception. It’s fun for me because it’s based in Ontario, where I live. We just assume nothing bad happens here being Canada, but sometimes I think we have it worse. Ontario is a hybrid of the US and Britannia, and may get Langley and Tavistock leftovers more often than we think.

Follow filmmaker Dylan Reibling as he investigates the mysterious death of his friend, computer salesman Michael De Bourcier. Michael’s sudden death in 2002 has remained an unsolved cold case with the Toronto Police — until Dylan started digging deeper.

Source: Filmmaker Dylan Reibling Investigates Mysterious Death Friend Michael De Bourcier

Have a look at this series if you wish. CBC has an entire doc series that it funds called Firsthand, and I enjoy picking through them. You may too.

One thing that the doc did, to tie it into 9/11, is show how easy it is to create a new identity. This is an easy way to create a vicsim, by simply taking an old death record, preferably from a child, and assuming it. There are, to this day, no master databases to prevent this from happening.

I made a comment on the show page. It mentions just one of my skeptical thoughts.

I’m skeptical of this whole story, but did enjoy your film making. At the end of the film you mention they confirmed his identity with DNA testing. How exactly was this done? After fingerprints, didn’t the retired coroner say dental records were the next best thing to identify a corpse? How do you get DNA from a long cold composed body allegedly buried in plot 622 in Scarborough? Who exactly buried him? Do John Does get expensive plots in Toronto? The story is full of holes which makes me wonder if the whole thing was made up.

Magic numbers, the DNA myth – two triggers that indicate fakery. It does ruin the fun of so many things, but I still think more people need to pick apart their culture and quite frankly, get real.

Anti-Anti vax psyop? 

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I think more and more are catching on to the scam that is vaccinations. 

Is this teacher even real? Does his behaviour seem reasonable considering his position and pay? Is scaring individual students with foolish “you could die” statements really the message anti vaxxers are spreading? 

Does it make more sense that this is a fake story to scare any teacher thinking of discussing anti vaccination in school to keep quiet? 

Science teacher Timothy Sullivan shouted at a public health nurse administering vaccines at his high school and told students they could die if they take the vaccine

“The risk of leaving a group of grade 11 students for two minutes was worth it,” Sullivan said.

Wadsworth said despite Sullivan’s intentions and beliefs, that “doesn’t actually change the conduct of how things played out on March 9th.”…

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