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Riley Martin was a wack packer on Stern

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Is this just another sim invented by a US Psyops team who like Howard Stern? 

The murderers were two of fraternal triplets. Wonder why the third was left out. 

Santa is raising money for the obligatory funeral. 

All that knew Riley said he was a charming and polite young man with a heart of gold. His presence is greatly missed at the family table.”

GoFundMe page raising money for family of murdered Mississauga boy…

Heart of Gold is among Canadian Neil Young’s biggest hits. 

Exploding Kitchener house

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I’m posting this not because I don’t believe this happened, but because we never seem to get an explanation for why they happen.

In one of the youtube videos, someone says the house was hit by lightning. If it was, and it stormed today in the area, can lightning hit a house’s natural gas line and blow it up?

Should all homeowners using natural gas be concerned?

A woman was killed and a man was airlifted to hospital after an explosion destroyed a home and started a fire in Kitchener, Ont., early Wednesday, police said. The blast took place at a home on a residential street a little after 8 a.m., police spokeswoman Cherri Greeno said.

Source: Kitchener house explosion leaves one dead, another in critical condition | The Star

Dramatic youtube video.

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Officially #NDSGH

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This story is different, where no one died but someone got hurt.

I have no idea if it’s true, but someone somewhere was making media.

An Aeromexico jetliner crashed while taking off during a severe storm in northern Mexico on Tuesday, smacking down in a field nearly intact then catching fire, but officials said everyone on board escaped alive. Gov. Jose Aispuro, who had initially reported there were no deaths but later said authorities were searching the charred Embraer 190 to make sure, announced late Tuesday that “no person has died.”

Source: Mexico airliner crashes and burns, but all aboard survive | The Star

Staged hate?

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This “viral” video has attracted big media attention.

Therefore, it should be deemed suspicious.

The media intelligence apparatus demonizes Muslims, yet reacts with (manufactured) outrage when Joe Redneck takes the bait and acts out.

Normal people don’t act it out, but most think it.

What if there aren’t enough abnormal people to act out when a camera is recording?

Stage it with an agent provocateur.

Is this Joe Six-pack such an actor?

We report, you decide.

Extreme stunts killed the youtube star – or did they?

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Lesson #1 in media fakery: when the vics/tims are media personalities, the event is even more suspicious.

No official confirmation, just confirmation from a relative. Relatives are not sources. Not naming vics/tims is not protocol by public officials, even if there are “privacy” reasons.

One of the three hikers who died Tuesday in the waters of B.C.’s Shannon Falls has been identified as a social media personality known for often-daring travel videos. Rob Mangelsdorf told CBC News that his cousin, 30-year-old Ryker Gamble, was among those who died in an incident at a provincial park 60 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Source: Social media personality among 3 hikers who died at B.C.’s Shannon Falls, family says | CBC News

If the noble lie is not to do stupid things in public/dangerous natural places, then this is how you reach the target audience – via their media.

Humboldt hockey hoax hex reminder

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Just in case you forgot Canada’s biggest hoax to date, just in time for Canada Day, we have this downer.

What is it about head ons in rural Saskatchewan? We will have to wait for the answer. Roundabouts at every intersection, paid for by federal dollars?

A small Saskatchewan community is mourning the death of a former Humboldt Broncos player and his young family, who were among the six people who died in a car crash in southwestern Saskatchewan on Friday.

Officials identified Troy Gasper, 26, his wife Carissa Gasper, 28, and their three children as five of the victims of the fatal crash near Elrose, Sask.…

Are “these eyes” lyin’? Burton Cummings leaving Facespook

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I’m only posting this because I like The Guess Who’s Music, Burton Cummings, and the only “Canadian” (full of Americans) hockey team playing right now in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Add that to my basic credo that all promoted major media stories are somewhat or totally fabricated, especially those that feature celebutards, and we have an investigation.

His rambling post about a car crash, leaving facespook because of trolls, a trial he was excused from if he sang the American anthem, needing therapy after a crash, a post crash photo that shows nothing – amusing to say the least – and his excuse for not being able to sing the anthem at the hockey game!

These singers, these celebrities are always good for drama, and entertain us on so many levels to keep us distracted.

Currently recovering and healing from a very bad auto accident which happened on Sunday, Mother’s Day, about 5:40 pm. I was summoned to Los Angeles for jury duty beginning the week of May 7th and reported later that week. Due to the Winnipeg Jets’ playoff status right now, the judge was kind enough to dismiss me from a trial for which I had already been OFFICIALLY SELECTED as a juror. It is a medical malpractice trial which will go on probably until basically the end of May. While I was still hoping to make it to Winnipeg to sing the anthems at a later game, I explained my situation to the judge and the very day the trial was beginning, he was kind enough to dismiss me…on one condition…that I sing the Star Spangled Banner right there in the courtroom in front of his honour, the jurors, the lawyers, and both the plaintiff and the defendant. Having had a malpractice nightmare personally some years ago with my throat situation, I didn’t feel proper to be participating in a medical malpractice trial, but that alone did not dismiss me. The judge basically did me a huge favour. Sunday afternoon, I was on my way to Fry’s Electronics on Canoga and I was hit by a guy who ran right through a red light. My car is totalled. I suffered a concussion as my head cracked my front windshield. I have cuts and serious bruising on both arms, and my left leg is very painful. Also, intense back pain. I need some serious healing time and won’t be able to fly right away. Now, unless the jets continue on for a while, I might not be able to make it to Winnipeg to sing the anthems and cheer the Jets onward. I’ve followed their rise to the semi finals with great joy and pride. This accident has come at an extremely bad time for me…for more than just one reason.
With my current pain and aftershock nervousness I’m in no condition to deal with all the venom here on line. It would be crushing at the best of times, but right now, in the condition in which I find myself, it’s just impossible to deal with. I’m through with social media for the most part. After a while it becomes a pissing contest, a race for the inside track, and basically it’s all disgusting. For years I truly enjoyed the “late night ramblings” and communicating with followers all over the world. I enjoyed the 3D photo library, telling the stories of the early days, the “biology classes” concerning some of Earth’s strangest creatures, the poetry postings and all the rest of it…now, in May of 2018, the joy has been painfully extracted from all of that…it only takes a few poison people to ruin things for a lot of nice folks…and that’s precisely what has happened.
Some people have their own idea of what my personal life should be, and in their convoluted agendas, I’m all wrong in the way I’m living.

pole survived fine…

PM Boflex comments on a traffic crash

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1700h Update: move over Humboldt, the Toronto van sidewalk hoax is here. I hope Canadians are happy that the full weight of AngloAmerican psyops are here now. Choose your sides Canadians, you either acknowledge the hoaxes or you accept them.

This can’t be a normal traffic mishap if the Prime Clown is already commenting.

Police said between eight and 10 [Fakeologist-you mean 9?] people have been injured. The extent of the injuries is unknown.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a brief statement Monday afternoon in response to the incident.

“We’re just learning about…

So kind of the PM to give us a heads up on what could be another #hrdpar #ndngh.

Better get a new vocation

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Another completely empty story featuring “live video” of the back of a plane seat. If this guy makes a career livestreaming he better find another job.

Martinez, 29, is the founder of a digital marketing company called Social Revolt in Dallas, and streaming live on Facebook comes naturally to him. “I thought that was my only avenue to get a message to the outside,” he recalled of those moments. He dialed up a Facebook connection, and only then did he put on his oxygen mask.

Source: Passenger on fatal Southwest Airlines crash live-streamed ‘sheer panic’ on flight | The Star

They could have at least dubbed in a few screams. Do these passengers look panicked? They don’t even look to have their masks on correctly.

One passenger died, U.S. regulators said Tuesday, marking the first accident-related fatality on a U.S.-registered airline in more than nine years.

Is this event real?

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What a can of worms this opened up.

HoaxbusterYesterday at 11:31 PM

@everyone… A real death…..unfortunately someone I know. They got the age wrong and just reported the facts without any fanfare. This is what a real death looks like. Very Sad. Not looking for sympathy just a case study for real death.
Annette A. Carrion, 23, was going too fast to make a curve, the California Highway Patrol said.

GaiaYesterday at 11:36 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear that John. Yes, real deaths happen for sure. Reported in low-profile local newspapers. I have 2 experiences like that too (one traffic accident and a 24 meter fall down a mountain to death)

delcroixYesterday at 11:39 PM

@JRAdams857 sorry to hear man ,

JRAdams857Yesterday at 11:44 PM

Thanks , I appreciate it. But just look at the article. Plain and to the point. There’s no Gofundme’s ( not yet at least and not started two days before) she was sort of known in a sub culture of motorcycle riding. No family on the news no news interest. Etc.




1… I don’t know who this Dude is but I guess he knew her.

GaiaYesterday at 11:50 PM

@JRAdams857 exactly, that’s the thing. All the usual hallmarks of hoaxes are “missing”. I really think that the more we dive into the world of Fakeology, the more important it becomes to know (how unfortunate and sad for you personally) what is REAL.

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Taken from their ice yacht?

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“When we got the picture, we said no. It was terrifying to see,” Bente Andreassen told news agency NRK.

Source: About that trip to the cottage… Norwegian family cancels Easter tradition after neighbour sends this ‘terrifying’ photo | Toronto Star

Sherman circus

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Update 1/24: Making a movie

More confusion/media misdirection stories.

Although strange things happening at the Sherman mansion are expected, this had people doing double takes.

As it has been for the past 40 days, a Toronto Police car on Wednesday was out front of the York Mills mansion of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman, who were found dead inside Dec. 15. Two police forensic vans were also parked inside the yellow tape.

All seemed to be routine until something happened that caught people’s attention.

Up rolled a silver Ford Mustang with a driver that looked like Barry Sherman at the wheel.

The fundamentals of psyOps


Update 12/24 – priming us for not ever knowing – an endless psyOp.…

What happens if police never find out who is responsible for the deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman?

Update 12/23…

Notice how the above article does not quote even one actual official. These are all clues that we are witnessing a staged and manufactured hoax. Words are chosen carefully to avoid real legal complications.

  • a Toronto police source
  • former homicide detective
  • a detective

The bodies of billionaire Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found inside their home at 50 Old Colony Rd. on Dec. 15. Here’s what we know so far: — A Toronto police source told the Star it was the Shermans’ real estate agent, who had been helping sell the home recently listed for $6.9 million, who found the bodies, entering the home after being unable to make contact with the couple. — Hours after the bodies were discovered, a detective confirmed no suspect was being sought and police have not said otherwise in the days since. — A police source confirmed to the Star that an early working theory for investigators was that the deaths were a case of murder-suicide. Barely 24 hours after the Shermans’ bodies were found, their four children released a statement blasting that scenario as a “rumour,” something close friends of the Shermans have also said. — Two days after the bodies were found, the Toronto police homicide squad officially took over as lead investigator; however, neither death has been deemed a homicide. Police are still calling the deaths suspicious. — Toronto police says the cause of death for both Shermans had been “ligature neck compression.” The pathological term describes death from hanging or strangulation with a ligature — an object such as a belt or rope. — A police source told the Star that the couple was found together, by their indoor pool, hanging off a nearby structure in a semi-sitting position. — Former homicide cops told the Star that investigators will be exploring all possibilities in the deaths, including murder-suicide, double suicide or double homicide. — Still yet to come back are toxicology results, which may help provide new information, including whether any drugs had been ingested.

Update 12/21

All the top political actors were out in full force today. The family condemns the conspiracy theories propagated by, who else, the intelligence laced media. The usual smiles and jokes and lack of tears from the family.

This story is going from a whodunit to a media circus. Perhaps now is the time to look into media fakery.

Late Monday, the funeral home Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel confirmed that a service was set for Thursday at 11 a.m. at the International Centre, a large convention centre near Pearson International Airport that can accommodate thousands. The chapel would provide no further details.…

The houses are burning – with children

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Like last week’s crashing busses, we have a new epidemic – houses burning to the ground with children as victims.

Since this is not…, we have to wonder if there is fakery.…

Grief counsellors are offering support to children at a Nova Scotia elementary school as investigators try to find out what caused a weekend house fire that claimed the lives of four children.

The RCMP said they’ve determined that the fire that started early Sunday morning in Pubnico Head — a small community some 260 kilometres from Halifax — is not suspicious.


Mother and her 2 children among 4 dead in ‘horrific’ Oshawa house fire – Toronto – CBC News

1 dead, 2 injured in North Amityville house fire, 2 children escape |…

Mother, 2 children saved from metro house fire believed to be started intentionally

2 Children Among 3 Killed in Pre-Dawn House Fire | Time

Father, 3 children found dead in SC home after fire, coroner says

house fire children – Google News

Logan Paul Japan Suicide Forest Vlog hoax

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The biggest thing in the media this week is the top story today… and directly upset my fakeologist child today. A direct emotional hit, not necessarily because of the hanging dead body but because we told her that this was probably a staged event and was meant to manipulate.

Her trust in this promoted youtube influencer was shattered at the thought he may be in on it.

Sadly, the millennial portable telescreen generation may be more vulnerable than those raised on the boob tube in the corner of the living room.

Here’s one semi sceptic.

Epidemic of bus crashes

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I think it’s time to collate the bus crash stories. They seem to be multiplying worldwide. We know they franchise psyOp stories – strange in a world of worldwide internet access – so it’s easy to see patterns. Perhaps the repetitive nature helps reinforce the fear.

This simple google search shows that they’re going into overdrive on bus crash stories.

bus crash – Google News…


Dozens killed after collision sends bus over cliff in Peru – World – CBC News

At least 46 people died when a bus tumbled down a cliff onto a rocky beach Tuesday along a narrow stretch of highway known as the “Devil’s Curve,” Peruvian police and fire officials said.


5 U.S. Citizens killed in fiery crash along Mexico’s Pacific coast

Mexican authorities say five people visiting from the United States were among 10 people killed in a fiery car crash on a coastal highway in southern Mexico.


Investigators seek cause of deadly bus crash in Utah desert

Investigators on Tuesday were combing through a mangled Greyhound bus to determine whether any mechanical problems caused it to careen from a road in the Utah desert on New Year’s Eve, killing a 13-year-old girl and injuring 12 other people.


The DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office said the man killed early Monday in a crash with a MARTA bus was 26-year-old Robert Boyd Jr.

The Decatur man was traveling on Clifton Springs Road near Pine Hill Road shortly after 1 a.m. when his car crossed the center line and crashed into the bus head-on, said MARTA spokeswoman Stephany Fisher.

The driver was pronounced dead at 1:33 a.m., Fisher said.


[The president of Kenya’s last name is Kenyetta – odd – Ab]

At least 30 people were confirmed killed and several others injured when a bus collided with a truck on a road in central Kenya, the country’s President said.


36 seriously injured in Maanzoni bus accident [PHOTOS]…


Bus crash driver ‘high on meth’ | Bangkok Post: news…

Passed out bus drivers + hero stories:

1/1/18 Basketball coach averts potential tragedy after bus driver passes out at the wheel – National |
Basketball coach averts potential tragedy after bus driver passes out at the wheel

12/28/17 Passenger saves Ontario Northland bus after driver passes out at the wheel on Highway 401 – Toronto – CBC News…

From what I know, bus drivers aren’t even half as regulated as truck drivers, yet they carry people, and often lots of them. Perhaps a worldwide campaign to make people at least aware of this issue, including the fact buses are generally the cheapest form of transportation due to their low wages and low maintenance/regulation?