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Closing a highway to make a point

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This isn’t coincidologist, but I have to comment on this one since it’s going to make me very late for work and force me to pay a toll to get there:

Fatal collision involving a transport truck and car – wb at Martin Grove Rd-Toronto

Today, the main highway in Toronto is closed, directly in front of the Ontario Trucking Association‘s office (controlled op?).

Fatal collision: wb at Martin Grove. WB lanes to be closed at Martin Grove, truck and car involved.

lots of hoses, no water/ice on the road? The damage to the truck is a bent tank step?

Not even a day ago, Sarge announced a big press conference on this very topic, with a graphic just like the “crash” today.

OPP LAUNCHES OPERATION SAFE TRUCKING WITH INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO TARGETING DISTRACTED DRIVERS Media Conference: Toronto OPP Detachment- 2682 Keele Street Toronto. Monday December 11, 2017 8:30 am.


This is the fourth big “crash” in the last month or two. What a grand coincidence that a big announcement, no doubt costing the industry much money, will come today.

Would they stage a police funeral?

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We haven’t had a big police funeral anywhere in Canada that I can remember in a long time. I believe crime is down everywhere, mainly because the population is aging, youth are more passive and sedated by telescreens and soda, and new immigrants are screened vigorously (for $) and are very family oriented (being mainly Asian and Muslim). Therefore, it makes sense that police murders would be proportionally down as well.

Inversely, police budgets are rising everywhere. Why is this? How can one justify this in the wake of persistently decreasing stats on all crime?

I decided to take in some of this media that came into my inbox today.

I particularly wanted to watch the “family” of this fallen officer.

Starting around 1:26:00 of this “celebration of life”, I decided to focus on the immediately family. Knowing what we know of LARPers and staged #HRDPAR, should we look for clues in this massive TV production?

Sadly, no tears. Lots of sniffles and hugs, and few genuine sounding stories. Watch for yourselves…do you see real emotion?

We are told this officer was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 6. Budget hearings for the police were held two days later. Would they stage an event just to promote their 4.32% budget increase (more than double the annual BC inflation rate)?…

Since we know they staged 9/11, complete with 2977 simulated vicsims, it is easy to interpolate that they could do this on a smaller scale – successfully.

If this is a real case, then I’m sad for all involved. The media has lost our trust – permanently. Since they are instrumental in manipulating our minds, we must take each case and judge it harshly. If real people are involved, then they must blame the media’s past transgressions and transgressors – not the innocent researchers who are doing logical questioning.

Is a funeral of this size too big a lie to conceive? We report, you decide.

Beware the overpass

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I always preferred underpasses.

I noted how many Detroit overpasses had complete cages over them to prevent rock throwing.

Here’s a story highlighting a 6 lb rock. Who would think to weigh such a thing?

Is this story coded for fakery?

The group of teens, aged 15-17, were arraigned in Genesee County district courtroom. They are accused of throwing a 6-pound rock off an overpass near Flint, Michigan, on October 18, fatally injuring 32-year-old Kenneth White.…

More overpass stories via John Adams… @Fakeologist Fake story?I like the irony she had a passion for working with children with behavioral problems and she is killed by a 12 year old trying to commit suicide. There are other b.s. details in there that sound dubious…

Flying people

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This story skirts my fako radar since it’s so big – big in the sense that would they really close a major artery – both ways – in the middle of the day to stage a crash? Hundreds of thousands are delayed and inconvenienced by this. Would they really?

The main point of the story is that people flew out of the minivan, into opposing traffic – and didn’t die. This indicates they were not wearing their seatbelts.

This is get people into seatbelts week here in Ontario.


Eight people are lucky to be alive after a minivan smashed into a guardrail and rolled over, sending bodies flying out of the vehicle onto the QEW in Burlington.…

“Fortunately nobody was hit after being ejected,” he said, explaining motorists somehow managed to avoid striking the people who were thrown into the westbound lanes.

The eight occupants suffered various injuries. Two, believed to be co-workers, were rushed to hospital in critical condition and remained in serious condition on Wednesday, Schmidt said. A third victim was taken to hospital in serious condition.

With bumper to bumper traffic, often traveling at 120km/h – and no one hit a windshield, no one was run over? I travel this road, and that defies possibility.