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Flying people

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This story skirts my fako radar since it’s so big – big in the sense that would they really close a major artery – both ways – in the middle of the day to stage a crash? Hundreds of thousands are delayed and inconvenienced by this. Would they really?

The main point of the story is that people flew out of the minivan, into opposing traffic – and didn’t die. This indicates they were not wearing their seatbelts.

This is get people into seatbelts week here in Ontario.


Eight people are lucky to be alive after a minivan smashed into a guardrail and rolled over, sending bodies flying out of the vehicle onto the QEW in Burlington.…

“Fortunately nobody was hit after being ejected,” he said, explaining motorists somehow managed to avoid striking the people who were thrown into the westbound lanes.

The eight occupants suffered various injuries. Two, believed to be co-workers, were rushed to hospital in critical condition and remained in serious condition on Wednesday, Schmidt said. A third victim was taken to hospital in serious condition.

With bumper to bumper traffic, often traveling at 120km/h – and no one hit a windshield, no one was run over? I travel this road, and that defies possibility.

Here comes the judge? 

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For such a famous judge, there isn’t a lot of photographic evidence. The fact that he’s involved in so many suspicious media stories led me to speculate earlier in the year that his persona is like a sim’s. 

Justice Ian Nordheimer named to Ontario’s top court…

NoSomething’s fishy: Sons and daughters 

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I use this headline in tribute to Simon’s latest album.  

I’ve noticed a pattern of sons and daughters of police veterans being killed. 

Clearly it”s a dangerous position to hold. 

The most famous Toronto case was the Todd Bayliss murder. 

He was allegedly killed by a Jamaican bad boy, coincidentally in the building right across the street from his police station. 

The street his police station is on was renamed in his honor. 

This story shows that the police families settled for some large sum, but of course, since the story is likely fabricated, we can’t know the amount. It even appears that lawyer Tim Danson is the go to lawyer for all these fishy events in Ontario. 

Could this be a similar story?

As usual, the emotional tugs are over represented in this story. 

Const. Tristan Kettles was the kind of guy who was always there for his community.

Peel Regional Police have been “rocked” by the car crash death of a “popular” and “much loved” copper.

“Just an awesome young man and a terrific police officer,” said Paul Black, president of the Peel Regional Police Association. “He would come to help at a drop of a hat.”

And not just during working hours.…

Hurricane Harvey humor

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I am suspicious that this flood vicsim may be a LARPer or paid, but the language is amusing. 

Notice the black woman’s eyes looking to the right and up, a sign of lying or at least struggling to remember a script. 


Played in Peterborough

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Update 7/29/17:
A recommended video:… and a good reply to mine:

Fakeologist — Totally staged. 024 – no blood – cyclist holding something in left hand – looking at cameraperson for direction – given thumbup sign to activate blood pack. 025 – getting ready to activate. 026 – first sign of ‘blood’ – pans away – pans back to cyclist – copious amounts of blood appear at 054. Screenshotting proves the hoax. Can’t find gofundme campaign, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. Police could be in on the hoax. No sign of HAZMAT or whatever they have like that in Canada. HAZMAT don’t play that game

I think I looked too quick. Thanks to Xileffelix’s comment, we may be looking at paint ball smacked on baldy’s head. What may have fooled me off hand was the fact that this story seems to silly or minor to fake. The blood isn’t there at the beginning, but after some bad panning appears later in copious amounts.

The last fake story coming out of Peterborough I posted on was the silly plane “crash” down the main street.

Original Post:

To compare and constrast with crisis acting /LARPers, we have what looks like a real event. Notice how real people behave.

Pickup truck driver attacks  with club in Peterborough…

Occult #11 is the number of the story.

PETERBOROUGH—A driver has been charged after a dramatic video showed a 74-year-old cyclist viciously attacked on the side of the road with a club.

Peterborough police said that just after 11 a.m. Tuesday, the cyclist was riding in the area of Erskine Ave. when an argument broke out between him and a truck driver.

David Fox, 65, has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. He was released from custody and scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 24.

Dead Sim 

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I don’t know if this guy is real or not, but I had to post this because of his name. 

I’m quite sure that the first cyclist to “die” in Toronto likely a sim. 

Gary Sim was a tireless defender of cyclists in Toronto.

The 70-year-old had deftly mastered Twitter, tweeting about everything from snow in bike lanes to street safety.…