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Sherman circus

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Update 1/24: Making a movie

More confusion/media misdirection stories.

Although strange things happening at the Sherman mansion are expected, this had people doing double takes.

As it has been for the past 40 days, a Toronto Police car on Wednesday was out front of the York Mills mansion of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman, who were found dead inside Dec. 15. Two police forensic vans were also parked inside the yellow tape.

All seemed to be routine until something happened that caught people’s attention.

Up rolled a silver Ford Mustang with a driver that looked like Barry Sherman at the wheel.

The fundamentals of psyOps


Update 12/24 – priming us for not ever knowing – an endless psyOp.…

What happens if police never find out who is responsible for the deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman?

Update 12/23…

Notice how the above article does not quote even one actual official. These are all clues that we are witnessing a staged and manufactured hoax. Words are chosen carefully to avoid real legal complications.

  • a Toronto police source
  • former homicide detective
  • a detective

The bodies of billionaire Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found inside their home at 50 Old Colony Rd. on Dec. 15. Here’s what we know so far: — A Toronto police source told the Star it was the Shermans’ real estate agent, who had been helping sell the home recently listed for $6.9 million, who found the bodies, entering the home after being unable to make contact with the couple. — Hours after the bodies were discovered, a detective confirmed no suspect was being sought and police have not said otherwise in the days since. — A police source confirmed to the Star that an early working theory for investigators was that the deaths were a case of murder-suicide. Barely 24 hours after the Shermans’ bodies were found, their four children released a statement blasting that scenario as a “rumour,” something close friends of the Shermans have also said. — Two days after the bodies were found, the Toronto police homicide squad officially took over as lead investigator; however, neither death has been deemed a homicide. Police are still calling the deaths suspicious. — Toronto police says the cause of death for both Shermans had been “ligature neck compression.” The pathological term describes death from hanging or strangulation with a ligature — an object such as a belt or rope. — A police source told the Star that the couple was found together, by their indoor pool, hanging off a nearby structure in a semi-sitting position. — Former homicide cops told the Star that investigators will be exploring all possibilities in the deaths, including murder-suicide, double suicide or double homicide. — Still yet to come back are toxicology results, which may help provide new information, including whether any drugs had been ingested.

Update 12/21

All the top political actors were out in full force today. The family condemns the conspiracy theories propagated by, who else, the intelligence laced media. The usual smiles and jokes and lack of tears from the family.

This story is going from a whodunit to a media circus. Perhaps now is the time to look into media fakery.

Late Monday, the funeral home Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel confirmed that a service was set for Thursday at 11 a.m. at the International Centre, a large convention centre near Pearson International Airport that can accommodate thousands. The chapel would provide no further details.…

The houses are burning – with children

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Like last week’s crashing busses, we have a new epidemic – houses burning to the ground with children as victims.

Since this is not…, we have to wonder if there is fakery.…

Grief counsellors are offering support to children at a Nova Scotia elementary school as investigators try to find out what caused a weekend house fire that claimed the lives of four children.

The RCMP said they’ve determined that the fire that started early Sunday morning in Pubnico Head — a small community some 260 kilometres from Halifax — is not suspicious.


Mother and her 2 children among 4 dead in ‘horrific’ Oshawa house fire – Toronto – CBC News

1 dead, 2 injured in North Amityville house fire, 2 children escape |…

Mother, 2 children saved from metro house fire believed to be started intentionally

2 Children Among 3 Killed in Pre-Dawn House Fire | Time

Father, 3 children found dead in SC home after fire, coroner says

house fire children – Google News

Logan Paul Japan Suicide Forest Vlog hoax

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The biggest thing in the media this week is the top story today… and directly upset my fakeologist child today. A direct emotional hit, not necessarily because of the hanging dead body but because we told her that this was probably a staged event and was meant to manipulate.

Her trust in this promoted youtube influencer was shattered at the thought he may be in on it.

Sadly, the millennial portable telescreen generation may be more vulnerable than those raised on the boob tube in the corner of the living room.

Here’s one semi sceptic.

Epidemic of bus crashes

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I think it’s time to collate the bus crash stories. They seem to be multiplying worldwide. We know they franchise psyOp stories – strange in a world of worldwide internet access – so it’s easy to see patterns. Perhaps the repetitive nature helps reinforce the fear.

This simple google search shows that they’re going into overdrive on bus crash stories.

bus crash – Google News…


Dozens killed after collision sends bus over cliff in Peru – World – CBC News

At least 46 people died when a bus tumbled down a cliff onto a rocky beach Tuesday along a narrow stretch of highway known as the “Devil’s Curve,” Peruvian police and fire officials said.


5 U.S. Citizens killed in fiery crash along Mexico’s Pacific coast

Mexican authorities say five people visiting from the United States were among 10 people killed in a fiery car crash on a coastal highway in southern Mexico.


Investigators seek cause of deadly bus crash in Utah desert

Investigators on Tuesday were combing through a mangled Greyhound bus to determine whether any mechanical problems caused it to careen from a road in the Utah desert on New Year’s Eve, killing a 13-year-old girl and injuring 12 other people.


The DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office said the man killed early Monday in a crash with a MARTA bus was 26-year-old Robert Boyd Jr.

The Decatur man was traveling on Clifton Springs Road near Pine Hill Road shortly after 1 a.m. when his car crossed the center line and crashed into the bus head-on, said MARTA spokeswoman Stephany Fisher.

The driver was pronounced dead at 1:33 a.m., Fisher said.


[The president of Kenya’s last name is Kenyetta – odd – Ab]

At least 30 people were confirmed killed and several others injured when a bus collided with a truck on a road in central Kenya, the country’s President said.


36 seriously injured in Maanzoni bus accident [PHOTOS]…


Bus crash driver ‘high on meth’ | Bangkok Post: news…

Passed out bus drivers + hero stories:

1/1/18 Basketball coach averts potential tragedy after bus driver passes out at the wheel – National |
Basketball coach averts potential tragedy after bus driver passes out at the wheel

12/28/17 Passenger saves Ontario Northland bus after driver passes out at the wheel on Highway 401 – Toronto – CBC News…

From what I know, bus drivers aren’t even half as regulated as truck drivers, yet they carry people, and often lots of them. Perhaps a worldwide campaign to make people at least aware of this issue, including the fact buses are generally the cheapest form of transportation due to their low wages and low maintenance/regulation?


Closing a highway to make a point

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This isn’t coincidologist, but I have to comment on this one since it’s going to make me very late for work and force me to pay a toll to get there:

Fatal collision involving a transport truck and car – wb at Martin Grove Rd-Toronto

Today, the main highway in Toronto is closed, directly in front of the Ontario Trucking Association‘s office (controlled op?).

Fatal collision: wb at Martin Grove. WB lanes to be closed at Martin Grove, truck and car involved.

lots of hoses, no water/ice on the road? The damage to the truck is a bent tank step?

Not even a day ago, Sarge announced a big press conference on this very topic, with a graphic just like the “crash” today.

OPP LAUNCHES OPERATION SAFE TRUCKING WITH INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO TARGETING DISTRACTED DRIVERS Media Conference: Toronto OPP Detachment- 2682 Keele Street Toronto. Monday December 11, 2017 8:30 am.


This is the fourth big “crash” in the last month or two. What a grand coincidence that a big announcement, no doubt costing the industry much money, will come today.