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The camera planet 9/11 archives

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Markus mentioned this on a call with Chris I’m about to post.

We were told that paid liewitnesses of the 9/11 attacks for their “amateur” footage.

This way it could all be in one place to examine for evidence.

We were also told they have over 500 hours of video.

While the main site is dead, there is still a YouTube channel (it came after 2001.)

I don’t have time to add up all the inconsequential tiny clips, but it seems unlikely the total is anywhere near 500 hours.

Some of the videos are so trivial and inane are like the one below, that they have no views.

All these years later and no one has reviewed the archives to solve the biggest crime before covaids? Doesn’t anyone care?

Like most psyop “facts”, the total hours claim was most likely not checked. Even if they are disputed, no one follows the disputes. Even if they did, it’s whoever repeats the most and loudest that carries the day. That’s why lying works.

Here’s a silly video. What’s your favorite?

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Why we need old people

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Protect your seniors as the controllers want them flushed.

We need their experience and wisdom to save us from the nutwork.

Listen to the Lesley explain fear.

Psychological eugenics

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A major theme in the coronavirus hoax is of course eugenics and depopulation – you don’t need guns or poison to make it happen.

You just need one generation to stop reproducing and the results will be catastrophic.

Here’s a beautiful face and lips – an argument against masks.

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Epstein Temple is Fake – James True

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What if Jeffrey Epstein isn’t even a real person? He’s part of the elites’ simulation, which probably includes Ghislaine Maxwell.

You’re watching a modern soap opera, an #hrdpar.

It’s possible that Bezos and Zuckerberg are created in the same vein.…

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

The above is a conspiracy phrase made by the creators of this simulation to promote the counter narrative.

Echo it and you promote the narrative.

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Media theater to discredit truthers

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Here’s an old media bully Bill O’Reilly using a 9/11 LARPing victim’s son to discredit critical thinkers.


Here’s another staged media event LARPer in today’s Coronavirushoax theater being dressed down by another media bully actor.


Both are meant to dissuade anyone from questioning the official story by humiliation and ridicule.

If you understand the 9/11 psyOp, Coronavirushoax is much easier to understand. Both use military psyOp standard techniques to influence you.

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Barry Smith on the NWO from 2000

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I love going back and checking predictions.

Barry breaks down that the Y2K hoax was a cover for the heisting of public funds (as usual) to upgrade the world banking control grid.

He also talks about freemasonry and its founding of the USA.

Two more of his videos.

H/t Antipodean @

I still think Revelations from the Bible are man written blueprints from a very recent history.

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What is Vietnam doing? Do they not have media there?

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Does the Johns Hopkins Bill Gates Corona simulation center not have Vietnamese translators – or does the magic virus simply stop at their border?

Vietnam, we are told, has 97 million people. It’s the size of the US East coast, and just as dense. It has a 1444km border with CHINA, the so called epicenter of this hoax.

So where are the vicsims?

Did the Event201 budget run out when it came to certain countries? Is it already a technocracy?

What gives?


Source: Vietnam Coronavirus: 417 Cases and 0 Deaths – Worldometer

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Mike’s not so excellent mask adventure

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Mike is brave, but he’s fighting against a tidal wave of ignorance.

This will not end well.

The biggest take away from this video is that you can’t understand what anyone’s saying while masked.

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