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NA1024: war is a hoax pulling nobody died nobody got hurt

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Former ambassador from UK to Syria Peter Ford tells how propaganda staged videos are being used in a potential attack on Syria. Start at 2 hours and 9 minutes.

I’ve always said this is a race between those that don’t understand how the media is being used against us learning the truth and those explaining how the media is used against us are cut off from being able to explain the deception to the first group (ie. A race between those that know losing their media to explain and those who still don’t know they’re being deceived.)

Will we ever know the real Hitler?

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So many contradicting stories about the most reviled man of the 20th century.

Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause
but by the mid-1930’s, he was one of the richest men in Europe. Because the
West is now controlled by Communist Jews (Soros) and Freemasons, there is
a nostalgia for Hitler. But if he were their genuine opponent, would he have enriched
himself? That resembles a payoff received by a false opposition agent.

Hitler was a Billionaire…

Move over Bernays: here comes King Creel

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Ever heard of the CPI? It’s the committee for public information, a government agency that George Creel created to supply all information to the “news” outlets. 

There was also the APL, the American Protective League, armbanded and badged enforcers of those who were out of line with the war effort in WW1 (remind you of brownshirts?) 

Now these agencies are part of the Pentagon. 

The piece begins the latest noagenda show. 

Hiroshima and Curtis “Torch” LeMay

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The whole nuclear science hoax unravels in its capstone event: the Hiroshima Holocaust.

After 9/11, the biggest lie of the last 100 years has to be the atomic/nuclear myth. No nuclear science, no nuclear bombs, no nuclear power.

If you remove this prime stress agent, watch how your life improves. Happy 2017.

War theatre 

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The battles we got to see from WW2 were probably pure Hollywool. What actually happened to the men that never came back isn’t properly documented. 

One could surmise that filming real battles was too dangerous or didn’t suit propaganda purposes. 

This vid could have been easily composed in California. 

Hollywool fights back: Denial: The David Irving story 

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Denial is a potent word or spell craft often foisted upon truthers. 
Most fakeologists are painted as 9/11 deniers. 

The Holocaust is the most contentious event of the 20th century. Really,  the whole WW2 narrative is possibly one of the most successful exercises in propaganda, genocide, rearranged borders, looting, and false stories that has ever occurred.

David Irving is an interesting  character. Knowing what we know about controlled opposition, the fact that he is now the subject of a movie is disturbing. If he’s real, was his original message compromised? I’m not sure, I’d have to study him more. 

Either way,  Hollywool is staying ahead of the narrative by giving you a new dose of ideas (known as propaganda). 

I’m sure this is a holocaust history booster shot.   

There are many alternative history researchers. I advocate reviewing all of them and drawing your own opinion. 

Dresden photo fakery?

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M^2 looks at shadows and other clues to photo fakery on the Dresden firebombing wiki.

If you thought you were all the way down the rabbit hole, you had best adjust your spelunking gear and turn the light up on your helmet: we are about descend into an even darker pit of stalactites and bad air. You might even need oxygen for this one.…

The goal was to destroy Germany

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I have no doubt that WW2 was orchestrated by the Anglo-American empire. Here’s an interesting take that you won’t hear much.

The pre-war British establishment was Illuminati and Communist to the core.They put Hitler into power in Germany and then maneuvered him intoa war that would destroy Germany as an independent country once and for all.

Source: How the Illuminati Trapped Hitler in Two-Front War –…

A real holocaust? Tokyo calling card

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Napalm, and not nuclear, looks like it was the real instrument in the destruction of Japan.

Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the American firebombing of Tokyo, World War II’s deadliest day. More people died that night from napalm bombs than in the atomic strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But few in the United States are aware that the attack even took place.

via The Firebombing of Tokyo | Jacobin.

Tokyo burns during a firebomb attack 26 May 1945.

Tokyo burns during a firebomb attack 26 May 1945. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steamed to Death?

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Another Polish name that I was brought up with to fear — quite calmly exposed as being a fraud. Eric Hunt has a very matter of fact delivery and psychic drives his points quite well, this movie is a great expose of a blatant propaganda piece by the BBC and their “archaeologist” team.

Were 900,000 Jews “gassed” at Treblinka?

Were 3.9 Million “Steamed to Death” in “steam chambers” there too, as according to Nuremberg trial “evidence”?

The official “Holocaust” story is that Treblinka 2 is the largest mass burial site in the entire world, where the Germans gassed 900,000 Jews in 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.”

via The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax | Holocaust Hoax Museum.

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth

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Holocaust revisionism is a topic that never seems to end,  similar to the 9/11 deception and the other smaller psyops. This very calmly narrated, well presented video certainly makes a compelling expose of the propoganda used by our allies the Soviets.

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth:…


What aren’t we to know?

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So far I enjoy listening to Veronica Clark. Whether you believe Hitler was an invention or not, his party must have stood for something that has been smeared by almost 100 years of disinformation. So what exactly are they trying to hide from us?

Was it that the NSDAP was for a socialist redistribution of wealth to the volk? Were they a real, and not controlled, threat to the PRC?

Veronica comes across as even headed and fair when it comes to her view of history. She is neither for or against Hitler.

Veronica K. Clark specializes in World War II and military history. She has two associate degrees, one of which is in Diesel Mechanics Technology and she completed one year of doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology. Veronica founded Vera Icona Publishers in 2011. She is the originator of both the ‘Warwolves of the Iron Cross’ (Wehrwolf) and ‘Powerwolf Publications’ series as well as the author of the popular book “Black Nazis.” Her next book, “Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Black Wolf, Whit…

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Adolph Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

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If youtube banned them, then they must be saying something worth listening to. I found this movie last year:

Reviewing the facts has never been more dangerous.The most outstanding point for me in this video is that it was Soviet/Stalin propaganda against Germany that became historical fact.

via The only event in history enforced by law |….

They’re now at…. I don’t pretend to believe to know what happened. I do think there is an artificiality and puppet aspect to all leaders of today and in the past. I don’t think the jews engineered the wars, but as usual, were put front and center to distract from the real perps (the elite/rich disguised as jesuits/masons/smom/name the group). I do believe this movie is an important counterbalance to the prevailing history out there. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Whatever the result, we DO need to try and understand what was being obscured and hidden and why Hitler and Germany and Germans in general are demonized TO THIS DAY.

Here’s an audio with the creator of the series.

Deannas guest today was Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told. (MP3) Tagged: education, Germany, history…

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