Where did the pandemic army come from?

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Who are the generals running the show and where did they come from?

During this era of COVID-19 and the ‘Great Reset,’ administrative officials’ clout has rapidly out-paced that of the judicial and legislative branches of government. And yet there are just three steps to reaching the highest of these unelected and largely unaccountable positions. I outline the steps below, focusing on one such official, Dr. Dirk Huyer, Chief Coroner for Ontario, Canada. I’ve written about Huyer before, in this article and in this one.

Source: Three Steps to Attaining High Administrative Positions During the Pandemic — Puppet Masters — Sott.net

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Can you own the media?

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Maybe not, but Gates does try.

I recently examined nearly twenty thousand charitable grants the Gates Foundation had made through the end of June and found more than $250 million going toward journalism.


Done by a good Schwab, I hope.

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Chris Sky shreds Humble and Fred

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Chris didn’t give an inch for the boys to mock him. It was probably a wise move considering how completely clueless both are in seeing the plandemic for the #GCR Great Coronavirushoax Reset that it is.

Start at 1:24:00.

[Humble and Fred Radio] October 21, 2020: Chris Sky @humblefredradio
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Fantastic example of “science” propaganda

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How do you turn around hearts and minds on an evil toxin?

Tell everyone it may help treat cancer (that the toxin initially triggered.)

Toxic propaganda may kill more people than what it’s promoting.

While biotech giant Bayer attempts to settle thousands of lawsuits alleging its weed killer Roundup causes cancer, several studies published over the last six years have suggested that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the the much-maligned herbicide, may actually prohibit cancer cell growth.

Pretty sure glyphosate inhibits ALL cell growth.


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