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If it is true, it’s sad. If it’s not, it’s sick. Either way, Ford is written out of the script – another “man for the people” taken away in a too early, nasty fashion. It’s a message to all future pols who want to challenge the system that it’s dangerous, and a message to the people that you can’t have a leader who is intent on changing the status quo.

I posted my thoughts here, but let me add that the meme that he died, posted in the social media, circulated a few days ago. It was soon described as a hoax by his family.

Who would have put this meme out? The hoaxsters of this possibly psyOp themselves? Of course – it simply acts as a google search sponge to absorb all those that search for “Rob Ford death hoax”.

Rob Ford, the Toronto city councillor who became the world’s most famous mayor during a wild, scandal-filled term, is dead at age 46.The married father of two young children died after 18 months of treatment for a rare and aggressive cancer first diagnosed in the midst of his 2014 bid to be re-elected mayor. Ford would have turned 47 on May 28.

Source: Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dead after battle with cancer | Toronto Star

ford hoax twitter Ford top twitter “trend”, even beating Brussels (hoax) in Toronto trends. ford trend

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Stern on Ford

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Listening (still) to the King of Radio who got me into 9/11. Howard Stern is a leading instrument (although he likes to play stupid, but he’s clearly highly intelligent) in psychic driving all the psyOps. His 9/11 show on 9/11/2001 was THE radio coverage of the day, and he did his best to reinforce the official story. I’ll put more examples up later of his constant reinforcing of the psyOps of the day.

On his 11/19/13 show, he played a Matt Lauer interview with Rob Ford, asking if Rob Ford would be fit to lead the city while binging on crack, if, get this, a terrorist attack occurred.