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Lady DIed hoax

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I don’t have much doubt that the Lady Di death was just another media hoax. After listening to some of the details of the whole ridiculous story and its follow-up “trials” in this audio, I have even less doubt.


After seeing fakeologist PShea ad-hominim-ed over at the Fetzerblog, I even more convinced that PShea and I are on the same fakery page. Not sure why Peter bothers posting over there – it’s akin to putting your head in a meat grinder. No gain and all pain.


Lady Di

Lady Di (Photo credit: reingestalter)


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: John Morgan.

Other random thoughts on the case:

Lady Di was very much a Kennedy type character in this psyOp scenario “the humanitarian princess”. She was busy doing good for human kind, going up against the establishment, mixing it up with a Muslim: all anti-Anglo American empire type activities. It is for this reason that she had to be “removed”.

Were dopplegangers used to play Lady Di? Much like Michael Jackson, her appearance changes are more likely due to switching of look-alikes. Why are people more likely to accept or discuss radical surgery, as opposed to famous people having doubles for security and convenience reasons, as well as logistical reasons? Would the exposure of the widespread use of dopplegangers help expose other psyOps more easily?




Lady DIANA SPENCER, the White House, Isis

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This may be conspiracy candy, but I do like it. I agree this numerology and fascination with numbers goes way back.

So K-9 is a secret code. It means Canine=Dogstar=Sirius=Isis, and it also means 11-9.

This is a timecode, and as we saw in the previous post, a subtle signal can be sent by simply setting the hands of a clock or a watch to the 11 and 9 positions.

Another way to express the K-9 code as a timecode is as a date.

Depending on whether you use the American or European convention, 11-9 can read either as November 9 or September 11.

I’m going so far as to suggest that the very reason for the choice of September 11 as the date for the “9/11|”(!) event, is because of this simple secret Sirius timecode.

Again, with this crazy thought in mind, some insane things suddenly make excellent sense.

The entire story is contained in these photographs. The chequerboard floor represents the ritual alignments in the city layouts. Princess Diana, at her flawless dazzling best, represents Isis. John Travolta represents New York. The two pillars are present in the background. These photos are a perfect symbolic representation of the twin rituals, which are really one single ritual, the Diana event and 9/11.

via Let’s Roll Forums – View Single Post – Lady DIANA SPENCER, A Limo And An Underpass: What Happened?.

h/t Peter Shea chat.fakeologist.com

Turning up the Lady Di Hoax volume

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As another occultic celebrated death day approaches, in this case Lady Di’s, new rabbit trails emerge to obscure or divert from the idea that her removal from the public scene was modeled after the JFK and other famous people’s death hoaxes.

The disclosure comes in spite of the inquest into the death of the Princess and Mr Fayed dismissing any claims of murder made by Mohammed Fayed, Dodi’s father, and conspiracy theorists.

via Scotland Yard examines new information on death of Diana, Princess of Wales – Telegraph.

The message is that if Dodi’s father has given up trying to know what happened, then everyone else should too. Stop worrying, the story goes, you’ll never get to know what actually happened that day (which is of course nothing except the staging of a car crash – ack! – a Mercedes no less).