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“Sully” is cement for the Crash of US 1549 flight in Hudson river fiction

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Update 9/23

Amusing article on the “falsification” of a fiction. Lies upon lies!

Should we be troubled by the Clint Eastwood’s mild falsification of what actually happened after “the Miracle on the Hudson”?

Sully is in the media lately – to highlight 9/11.

Any time Hanks is in a movie – it’s usually to cement and seal over a fake event with professional Hollywool special effects. It fills all the gaps a psyOp intentionally leaves in a story.

It replaces your mind’s ideas that filled in the blanks with the “official story”, even though it always proclaims it’s “based on true story”.

Let’s this post serve as a link to a most excellent discussion on cluesforum on this topic. The conclusion there: most certainly a fake event, or HRDPAR.

On January, 15, 2009, US 1549 flight allegedly ditched in the Hudson river. Throughout original discussions, several 911movement members, including our prestigious Reality_Shack (and now Cluesforum) board members, have always been doubtful about the event :

Source: View topic – Crash of US 1549 flight in Hudson river – Fake or Real ? • Cluesforum.info