Corona 2

This is an artist’s rendering, not a reproduction

Corona Virus #HRDPAR is quickly crescendoing into a worldwide drill on a 9/11 scale.

This landing page will serve as a starting point for you to sample research I find consistent with my views on 9/11, the biggest #hrdpar of my generation.

Fakeologist daily posts tagged Corona/Covid19. Click here

Cluesforum thread

IPS is doing amazing streams on youtube on the Corona Hoax 2020.

John le Bon, the self proclaimed world’s greatest sceptic, is cracking Corona.

Piece of Mindful – Mark has  thoughtful material and links here

Jeff C, doing good commentary on the effects of the #hrdpar.

Jon Rappaport’s

Crow777 (recommended mostly by other fakeologists)

Peekay is reviewing the phony Corona Aussie News.

Come talk with fakeologists voice or text here about corona.

My not-so-fakeologist mainstream blog has a category on vaccinations, with many posts on why you should be sceptical of them – and the virus/germ theory in general.

What if your body has 320,000 microenzymes, or what some call viri, and they actually are there to clean and repair – and can’t be transmitted or passed to someone else – at all?

This inventor of email is telling the unprofitable truth

Tom Hanks – top shill/actor/agenda pusher, is not your friend

201=Event 201 Corona typewriter flatten the curve=referencing the fake plandemic infection rate

More links to come.

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