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Shouldn't it be "Grand"? "Grande" exists in French/Spanish/Italian/Portigese but not yet in English

other important themes that are potentially grand narratives:

-immigration -Terrorism (there is an overlap with immigration) -privacy -gender (including feminism) -Statism -Environment (including global warming) -Myths about nutrition (cholesterol, saturated fat, salt...) -Medical scares (including vaccination, cancer screening) -Narcotics


Hi Seneca and thanks for the input. The topics you bring up are interesting but we should discuss about their use. The way for the moment the term "grande narratives" is used, is an overall category that includes sublines of narration.

E.g. the term "gender" which you propose is already in use as the category "gender agenda" which is a subline of the Transhumanism grande narrative. "Terrorism" is attributed by the PTB and not a fakeological term. Other terms in your list are actually no narratives but techniques, e.g. statism etc.

In short:

I do not feel that we can do this discussion in written form because it needs common thinking and agreeing about the semantics and terminology. If you are interested in that process, please let us find a date when you have enough time to discuss on discord. Faye, 2.7.18