Disappearance of SS Naronic

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Disappearance of SS Naronic
Official name The Disappearance of the SS Naronic
Year 1893
Date 02/11
Place Liverpool
Place United Kingdom
Place Atlantic Ocean
Perpetrator/s Unknown

Official summary

On February 11, 1893 under the command of Captain William Roberts the steamship built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast for the White Star Line SS Naronic sarted her voyage to New York. Naronic had a crew of 50, plus 24 cattlemen to attend to the ship's primary cargo, livestock. After leaving Liverpool, she stopped briefly at Point Lynas, Anglesey, North Wales, to put her pilot ashore before heading west into heavy seas, never to be seen again.

Naronic had no wireless telegraph with which to send a distress call (it would be another five years before the Marconi Company opened their factory that produced the system the RMS Titanic used to send her distress signals), so whatever problem she encountered, her crew was on their own. The only knowledge we have of the incident comes from two sources.

The British steamer SS Coventry reported seeing two of Naronic's empty lifeboats; the first lifeboat, found at 2:00 am on 4 March, was capsized and the second, found at 2:00 pm, was swamped. The first of these was found 19 miles (some sources put this at 90 miles) from the site where the White Star Line's Titanic would later meet a similar fate.

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Allegedly the crew of 50, plus 24 cattlemen died, when the ship sunk. The names of these victims are not registered anywhere.

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