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Hoax management is a fakeological term meaning the organizational structure required for the realization and maintenance of psyops. As military operations, psyops are instruments of action, employed to achieve political, financial or cultural objectives. They rely on multiple resources of Intelligence, Media and Communications, Science, Research, Academia, Universities and Think-tanks.


Speaking of hoax management the focus lies upon the productions that are following a major psyop in order to repeat and reinforce the truthfullness and importance of its narrative. Hoax mangement applies therefore primarily to psyops which constitute or manipulate a discourse of knowledge, science or technology over years or centuries. Because in this context it is nessecary to produce series of psyops through time, in order to keep alive the belief in the first act of the psyop.


  • The paradigm of nuclear science and its productions. The first major psyops of that paradigm were Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The follwing nuclear race, nuclear rockets and other productions of that type, are part of the hoax management of the nuclear discourse.
  • For those who do not believe that Jesus was a genuine religion founder and son of god, all productions of the catholic church, the protestant church and other derrivatives of that paradigm can be viewed as part of the hoax management of the Jesus psyOp.


The hoax management includes multiple narratives. The narrative management of psyops is part of the hoax management but its objectives are limited to the design of the narrative elements prior or after a psyop.

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