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This is a list of psyops identified in the world. The list started with the work of UNreal at Fakeologist: Psyop Histogram[ab 1]

The list is far from complete, please help to expand it, either by working yourself on it, or by posting suggestions in the Discord chat, on the Fakeologist forum or blog.

List of psyops

Year Date Type 1 Type 2 Official Name Perp/Group Description Fakeologist CF HB MM Other
year date [ab 2] [CF 1] [MM 1] [1]
0033 04/03 DCP myth creation Death of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ see: Death of Jesus Christ [MSM 1]
[MSM 2]
1349 01/09 massacre antisemitism Basel massacre Christians 900 jews get blamed for the Black Death and burnt to death on an island in the Rhine River, Basel, Switzerland. [MSM 3]
[MSM 4]
[MSM 5]
1543 01/09 psience vatican astronomy catholicism On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres Nicolaus Copernicus The book, first printed in 1543 in Nuremberg, Holy Roman Empire, was dedicated to Pope Paul III and offered an alternative model of the universe to Ptolemy's geocentric system, which had been widely accepted since ancient times. [MSM 6] [MSM 7]
1605 11/05 failed attempt
coup d'etat
myth creation Guy Fawkes Night See: Guy Fawkes Night Zal rule: V for Vendetta (2006) [MSM 8]
1616 04/23 DCP myth creation Death of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare (project) See: Death of William Shakespeare [MM 2]
1687 07/05 psience myth creation Gravity Isaac Newton Invention of the three universal laws of motion, and defininition of the law of universal gravitation [ab 3] [ab 4]
1692-93 fake sentence social scare Salem Witch trials See: Salem Witch trials [MM 3]
1756 01/27 DCP myth creation Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Wolfgang Mozart See: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [2]
[MSM 9]
1789 07/14 coup d'etat,
geopolitical French Revolution Napoleon Bonaparte French Revolution [MM 4]
1790 12/17 archeology his-story Discovery of the Aztec calendar stone Juan Vicente de Güemes, José Damián Ortiz de Castro See: Discovery of the Aztec calendar stone [MSM 10]
[MSM 11]
[MSM 12]
1824 pscience myth creation, money scam Discovery of fossil bones William Buckland Buckland, president of the Geological Society of London, announced the discovery, at Stonesfield, of fossil bones of a giant reptile which he named Megalosaurus ('great lizard') and wrote the first full account of what would later be called a dinosaur. [ab 5] [ab 6] [CF 2] [MSM 13] [MSM 14]
1830 12/17 DCP geopolitical Death of Simón Bolívar Simón Bolívar See: Death of Simón Bolívar [MSM 15]
1832 secret society
geopolitical Skull & Bones William H. Russell & Alphonso Taft See: Skull & Bones [ab 7] [MSM 16]
1835 08/25-
social scare
space travel
Beavers on the Moon astronomy hoax John Herschel
The New York Sun
5-day series of alleged sightings of bipedal beavers and batmen on the Moon, deliberately spread in media from South Africa. [HB 1]
[HB 2]
1844 10/23 boat incident BBS Lucy Walker steamboat disaster See: Lucy Walker steamboat disaster [ab 8]
1853 01/06 train crash BBS Bennie Piece train disaster Franklin Pierce 11 year old son of Franklin Pierce, later 14th president of the US, killed in suspicious train crash in Massachusetts. [ab 9] [MSM 17]
1859 evolution psience Darwin's On The Origin Of Species Charles Darwin Darwin publishes the book On The Origin Of Species, presenting evolution theory.
1859 12/02 DCP war Death of John Brown John Brown, abolitionist Life and death of John Brown, agent. [MM 5]
[MM 6]
[MM 7]
1865 04/14 assassination
myth creation
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth See: Assassination of Abraham Lincoln [MM 5] [MSM 18]
[MSM 19]
1872 12/05 boat incident mystery Mystery of Mary Celeste Complete crew of the ship Mary Celeste disappears in the Atlantic Ocean, never to be found again. Zal rule: The Mystery of the Mary Celeste/Phantom Ship (1935), The Ship That Died (1938). Wallace rule: In Search of... (1980), The True Story of the Mary Celeste (2007). [ab 10] [MSM 20]
1876 06/25 war genocide Battle of Little Bighorn George Custer Custer's Last Stand [MM 8]
1881 10/26 mass shooting thug scare
social scare
OK Corral shooting Wyatt Earp and more 30 second shooting between "The Cowboys" and lawmen in Tombstone, Arizona, 3 deaths. Zal rule: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957). [MM 9] [MSM 21]
1882 04/03 assassination
myth creation
thug scare
Assassination of Jesse James Robert Ford See: Assassination of Jesse James [MSM 22]
1888 01/13 psience his-story
National Geographic See: National Geographic [MSM 23]
1889 04/20 NaZionism geopolitical Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Birth of Adolf Hitler. [ab 11] [CF 3] [MM 10] [9][10]
1892 08/04 murder social scare
Lizzie Borden axe murders Lizzie Borden Alleged axe murders of Abby & Andrew Borden. [MM 11]
1893 02/11 boat incident mystery Disappearance of SS Ironic See: Disappearance of SS Ironic [ab 7]
[ab 12]
[CF 4]
1894 10/13 antisemitism geopolitical Dreyfus affair Alfred Dreyfus Treason trial - Leaked French military secrets to Germany - France divided into 2 camps: pro-Army & Catholic's "anti-Dreyfusards"and pro-republican Dreyfusards [MM 12]
1898 12/21 psience fraud Radioactivity Marie Curie Pierre and Marie Curie Discover Radium & Radioactivity - fake images produced for schoolbooks
1905 psience
myth creation
hustler Albert Einstein E = mc² Introduces E = mc²,"a rare genius," who changed the field of theoretical physics, could not tie his own shoelaces accused stealing ideas of others [CF 5]
1912 04/14 boat incident
myth creation
money scam Sinking of the Titanic See: Sinking of the Titanic [ab 13] [CF 6]
1912 12/18 forgery psience Piltdown hoax Charles Dawson Bone fragments presented as fossilised remains of a previously unknown early human in the UK. [ab 14] [CF 7] [MSM 24]
1912 forgery mystery Voynich manuscript Wilfred Voynich Discovery of a mysterious manuscript, not decrypted until today in Italy. Probably forged by the finder, old book seller Voynich. [13]
1914 06/28 assassination,
Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Gavilo Princip Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in Sarajevo, Bosnia, start of World War I. [14]
1915 mass murder genocide The Armenian Holocaust Ottoman government Alledged 1,5 million dies, many fake pictures in several unofficial sites used to back up genocide
1915 05/07 boat incident geopolitical Sinking of LMS Lusitania Torpedoed by German U-boat U-20 on Friday 7 May 1915. Pretext of war for the US to enter World War I. [15]
1916 psience
myth creation
hustler Albert Einstein Relativity theory The Special and the General Theory gives an exact insight for those not conversant with the mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics [CF 8]
1917 11/09 NaZionism geopolitical Balfour Declaration Rothschild family See: Balfour Declaration [16]
1920 10/17 DCP Death of John Reed John Reed See: Death of John Reed [MM 13] [MSM 25]
1922 11/04 archeology his-story Discovery of Tutankhamen Howard Carter Discovery of the sarcophagus and golden death mask in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt. [ab 15] [HB 3] [18]
[MSM 26]
1923 social scare geopolitical Coudenhove-Kalergi plan Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi See: Coudenhove-Kalergi plan
[MSM 27]
1923 11/09 failed coup d'etat NaZionism Beer Hall Putsch Adolf Hitler & more Failed and staged coupe d'etat by Adolf Hitler/Schicklgruber and his buddies. [MM 14]
1924 01/21 DCP geopolitical Death of Vladimir Lenin Vladimir Lenin Death and life of agent Ulyanov in Moscow, Russia. [MM 15] [MSM 28]
1927 05/18 school bombing lone gunman Bath School massacre Andrew Philip Kehoe 55 year old ex-schoolteacher bombs school killing 44, after murdering his wife and commits suicide by bombing in Michigan. [MSM 29]
1927 psience space Big Bang theory Georges Lemaitre Invention of the Big Bang theory by Belgian priest. Zal rule: The Big Bang Theory sitcom. [MM 16]
[MM 17]
1929 10/24 social scare money scam Black Thursday Biggest (manufactured) stock market crash in history. [MSM 30]
1934 05/23 mass shooting thug scare Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie & Clyde See: Bonnie & Clyde [20]
1934 07/22 mass shooting thug scare Death of John Dillinger Dillinger Gang Depression-era gangster gets shot to death after robbing banks in Chicago, Illinois. [21]
[MSM 31]
1937 05/06 accident zeppelin crash Hindenburg disaster LZ 129 Hindenburg (airship) caught fire in its attempt to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey. 97 passengers, 35 dead. [MSM 32]
1938 09/11 social scare antisemitism
Kristallnacht NSDAP Pogrom (a series of coordinated attacks) against jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria - false flag. [22]
1939 11/08 failed attempt NaZionism Bombing of Burgerbraukeller Georg Elser, Adolf Hitler and more The alleged (failed) bombing attempt at the life of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis during World War II in the Burgerbräukeller in Munich, Nazi Germany. Zal rule: Elser (2015) [MSM 33]
[MSM 34]
1940 April-
mass shooting geopolitical Katyn massacre NKVD Allegedly, 22,000 Poles were killed by the Soviet NKVD in Poland. [MSM 35]
[MSM 36]
1941 09/11 masonic symbolism
geopolitical The Pentagon FDR Construction started 9/11/1941, the Pentagon was inspired by 32nd US president & 32nd degree mason FDR (building is completed 1/15/1943). [MSM 37]
1941 12/08 war geopolitical The Pearl Harbour Attack Japanese "Surprise" military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii [MSM 38]
1942 01/20 Holocaust
Wannsee Conference Reinhard Heydrich
Adolf Eichmann
Meeting held in Berlin, Nazi Germany. The conference was planned by Reinhard Heydrich and attended by 14 other high-ranking Nazis. According to mainstream his-story, the conference was the onset for the "Final Solution", leading to the Holocaust Story. [23]
[MSM 39]
1943 01/07 DCP psience Death of Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla Influential engineer found dead in his New York hotel Room 3327, 33rd floor. Zal rule: The Prestige (2006) [24]
[MSM 40]
1944 02/13-15 bombing NaZionism
Bombing of Dresden Royal Airforce, NSDAP [MM 18]
1945 01/27 NaZionism geopolitical Auschwitz Liberation Red Army See: Auschwitz Liberation [ab 16] [MSM 41]
1945 04/01 war geopolitical Battle of Okinawa Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. and more Battle during World War II in the Ryukyu Islands, south of Japan. Zal rule: Hacksaw Ridge (2016) [MSM 42]
1945 04/30 DCP
NaZionism Suicide of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler and more See: Suicide of Adolf Hitler [MSM 43]
1945 07/28 plane crash Empire State Building plane crash See: Empire State Building plane crash [CF 9]
1945 08/06 war nuclear scare bombing Bombing of Hiroshima US On August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. [ab 17] [ab 18] [ab 19] [ab 20] [ab 21] [CF 10]
1945 08/09 war nuclear scare bombing Bombing of Nagasaki US On August 9, 1945, Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bockscar, commanded by Major Charles Sweeney, departed from Tinian's North Field carrying a plutonium bomb, code named "Fat Man" which he dropped on Nagasaki [ab 17] [ab 22] [ab 23] [ab 20] [ab 24] [ab 25] [CF 10]
1946 01/22 social engineering geopolitical Foundation of the NIA Harry Truman Foundation of the NIA, precursor to the CIA. [MSM 44]
1946 02/15 technology social engineering ENIAC University of Pennsylvania Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was among the earliest electronic general-purpose computers made at University of Pennsylvania. [MSM 45]
1946 07/22 bombing
NaZionism King David Hotel bombing Irgun July 22 12:37pm Deaths 91, Injured 46 in Jerusalem, Palestine. 65 years predating the Oslo and Utoya massacre. [MSM 46]
1946 07/25 nuclear scare geopolitical Bikini Atoll Test Bikini Atoll Test [MM 19]
1947 February? archeology his-story Discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery of the oldest biblical texts by a shepherd only "identified" two years later in a cave in Israel. [25]
[MSM 47]
1947 06/25 propaganda
NaZionism Diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank, Otto Frank See: Diary of Anne Frank [CF 11]
[CF 12]
1948 01/30 assassination geopolitical
Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi Nathuram Godse Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, first leader of an independent India, shot at point-blank range by Nathuram Godse. [MM 20]
1950 01/12 boat incident Sinking of HMS Truculent Boat sinks at the River Thames, London, UK. [MSM 48]
1950 psience
myth creation
hustler PhD. John Forbes Nash Jr. John Forbes Nash Jr. See: PhD. John Forbes Nash Jr. [MSM 49]
[MSM 50]
1952 11/01 nuclear scare geopolitical Hydrogen Bomb test See: Hydrogen Bomb test [CF 13] [28]
1958 02/06 plane crash team DCP
Manchester United Munich plane crash Busby Babes See: Manchester United Munich plane crash [ab 26]
[ab 27]
[MSM 51]
1959 02/03 plane crash team DCP
The Day The Music Died Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper Famous fatal plane crash of multiple musicians. Zal rule: The Buddy Holly Story (1976) [MM 21] [MSM 52]
1959 02/14 murder BBS Clutter family murders Perry Smith & Dick Hickock The rich Clutter family gets murdered by criminals in Kansas. Zal rule: In Cold Blood, book by Truman Capote, movie from 1967, movie Capote (2005), protagonized by Philip Seymour Hoffman. [29]
[MSM 53]
1960 05/01 arrest Cold War 1960 U-2 incident Francis Gary Powers The arrest of Francis Gary Powers during the Cold War in Berlin, Eastern Germany. Zal rule: Bridge of Spies (2015) [MSM 54]
[MSM 55]
1961 social scare cult Colonia Dignidad Paul Schäfer See: Colonia Dignidad [MSM 56]
1961 07/16 space travel,
Cold War
Apollo program NASA
Apollo ran from 1961 to 1972, with the first manned flight in 1968. See: Psyops in the United States, NASA fakery [ab 28] [CF 14]
1961 08/17 failed attempt geopolitical
Cold War
Bay of Pigs invasion John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Fidel Castro
Che Guevara
Failed "invasion" by 1,500 Cuban exiles easily defeated Cuban army by Apr. 20, most killed or captured in the south of Cuba, Bay of Pigs, part of the Cold War. [MM 22]
1962 08/05 DCP entertainment Death of Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe Iconic actress, model, singer dies aged 36 from apparent suicide but her name is not in SSDI. [MM 23]
1962 10/14 nuclear scare
communist scare
Cold War
Cuban missile crisis John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Fidel Castro
Che Guevara
Regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict. [HB 4] [MM 24]
[MM 22]
1963 11/22 assassination
DCP Assassination of JFK Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dallas. Zal rule: JFK (1991) [ab 29] [ab 30] [ab 31] [ab 32] [ab 33] [ab 34] [ab 35] [ab 36] [CF 15] [CF 16] [CF 17] [HB 5] [HB 6] [MM 24] [30] [31]
1964 11/12 DCP entertainment Death of Sam Cooke Sam Cooke Soul singer dies aged 33 on 11/12/64 (33).
1965 05/14 space pscience Skylab NASA First US space station orbited the Earth from 1973 to 1979, and was initially launched by Saturn IB rocket (169,950 lb, 77,088 kg) [MSM 57]
1965 09/25 BBS entertainment In Cold Blood Truman Capote Truman Capote publishes the first part of In Cold Blood about the Clutter family murders (1959) in The New Yorker. Zal rule: In Cold Blood, movie from 1967, movie Capote (2005), protagonized by Philip Seymour Hoffman. [29]
[MSM 58]
1965 forgery world exploration Vinland map Discovery of a mysterious map, proven fake. [ab 37]
1966 10/21 environmental scare social scare Aberfan disaster Mudslide in Aberfan, Wales, UK. [ab 38]
1967 10/09 execution DCP
Cold War
Execution of Che Guevara Ernesto 'Che' Guevara See: Execution of Che Guevara [MSM 59]
[MSM 60]
[MSM 61]
[MSM 62]
1968 02/01 murder geopolitical
Cold War
Execution of Nguyễn Văn Lém Nguyễn Văn Lém Nguyễn Văn Lém of National Liberation Front executed in Saigon, Vietnam [32]
1968 04/04 assassination DCP
racial scare
Assassination of Martin Luther King James Earl Ray Martin Luther King Jr., American clergyman, prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. [CF 18] [MM 25]
1968 06/06 assassination DCP Assassination of RFK Sirhan Sirhan (sim?) RFK is one of only two sitting United States Senators to be assassinated, on 6/6 in Los Angeles, California. [CF 19] [MM 24]
1969 01/18 plane crash United Airlines Flight 266 Plane crash into Santa Monica Bay, California. [ab 39] [MSM 63]
1969 07/04 serial killer social scare Zodiac Killer Unidentfied killer named as The Zodiac Killer for series of murders in northern California 1969-70. [MM 26] [33]
[MSM 64]
1969 07/20 space travel entertainment Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Michael Collins, NASA Allegedly 2 men walked on the Moon, 360,000 kilometers from the Earth. Zal rule: For All Mankind (1989), and many more... [MSM 65]
1969 08/08 serial killer DCP Tate murders Charles Manson "The Manson Family" murders involving actress Sharon Tate in California. [CF 20] [HB 7] [MM 27] [34]
1970 01/27 psience space Space-time singularity Stephen Hawking Theorem on space-time singularities. Zal rule: The Theory of Everything (2014) [CF 21] [MM 28] [MSM 66]
1970 02/21 plane crash bombing Swissair Flight 330 PFLP (denied) 38 passengers and 9 crew, total 47 die after bombing of Flight 330 in Switzerland. [MSM 67]
1970 05/04 school shooting lone gunman Kent State University shooting Ohio National Guard The shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4 in Ohio. [MM 29]
1970 08/16 plane crash lone survivor LANSA Flight 502 Juan Loo See: LANSA Flight 502 [MSM 68]
1971 07/03 DCP entertainment Death of Jim Morrison Jim Morrison The Doors singer found dead in a Paris apartment bathtub by his beard Pamela Courson in the United States. Zal rule: The Doors. [MM 30] [35]
1971 10/22 cop killing Cold War Murder of Norbert Schmid RAF Attempted rescue of Margrit Schiller, arrested for engaging in a shootout, led to killing of Sergeant Norbert Schmid, 33, becoming the first murder to be attributed to the RAF. See: Psyops in Germany, Cold war psyops
1971 11/24 hijacking BBS
D. B. Cooper D. B. Cooper Unknown man hijacks a plane, steals a lot of money and jumps out mid-flight with a parachute (!), never to be seen again.Zal rule: Prison Break, NewsRadio, Numb3rs, Without a Paddle (2004). Wallace rule: In Search Of... (1979). [MSM 69]
1971 12/22 cop killing Cold War Murder of Herbert Schoner RAF German Police officer Herbert Schoner, 32, was shot by members of the RAF in a bank robbery. See: Psyops in Germany
1971 12/24 plane crash lone survivor LANSA Flight 508 Juliane Koepcke See: [[LANSA Flight 508]] [37]
[MSM 70]
[MSM 71]
1972 01/26 plane crash lone survivor JAT Flight 367 Vesna Vulović See:JAT Flight 367 [MSM 72]
[MSM 73]
1972 02/02 bombing Cold War U.S. headquarters Frankfurt bombing RAF The Baader-Meinhof gang placed three pipe bombs at the United States headquarters in Frankfurt. The bombing resulted in the death of a U.S officer and the injury of 13 other people. The stated reason for the bombing was a political statement in protest of U.S imperialism. See: Psyops in Germany
1972 05/19 bombing Cold War Axel Springer Publishing Hamburg bombing RAF Six bombs were placed in the Axel Springer Publishing house in Hamburg. Only three of the six bombs exploded, but it was enough to injure 17 people. See: Psyops in Germany
1972 05/12 bombing Cold War Augsburg and Munich bombings RAF Bombing of a police station in Augsburg and the Bavarian State Criminal Investigations Agency in Munich. 5 police officers were wounded. Claimed by the Tommy Weissbecker Commando. See: Psyops in Germany
1972 05/16 bombing Cold War Federal Judge Buddenberg car bombing RAF Bombing of the car of the Federal Judge Buddenberg. His wife Gerta was driving the car and was wounded. See: Psyops in Germany
1972 05/24 bombing Cold War Campbell Barracks Heidelberg bombing RAF The group set several car bombs off at the Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg. The bombing resulted in the death of three U.S officers and the injury of five others. See: West-Germany
1972 06/08 propaganda geopolitical Napalm Girl Phan Thị Kim Phúc 9-year old girl running from Napalm bombing, World Press Photo from Vietnam [38]
1972 09/05 mass shooting muslim scare 1972 Munich massacre Black September Palestinian terrorist group Black September attack Olympic Games Israelis in Munich, West-Germany [39]
1972 10/13 plane crash team DCP
Miracle of the Andes Plane with Uruguayan soccer players crashes in Chilean Andes, 16 survive for 72 days eating their dead friends. Zal rule: Alive! (1993) [41]
1974 02/04 kidnapping BBS Kidnapping of Patty Hearst Symbionese Liberation Army See: Kidnapping of Patty Hearst [MM 31]
1974 11/10 assassination
Cold War Assassination of Günter von Denkmann RAF After a string of events that led to the failed kidnapping of Günter von Denkmann, president of Germany's superior court of justice, he was assassinated. See: Psyops in Germany
1975 04/24 bombing Cold War Seizure of West German embassy in Stockholm RAF The group took hostages and set the building to explode. They demanded the release of several imprisoned members of the Baader-Meinhof gang. The government refused the request, which led to the execution of two of the hostages. See: Psyops in Germany
1975 07/30 BBS mystery Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa Trade union leader involved with the mafia disappears. Zal rule: Blood Feud (1983), Robert Kennedy and His Times (1985), Hoffa (1992), Conspiracy (2015), The Irishman (2019). Wallace rule: In Search Of... (1980). [MSM 74]
1975 11/10 boat incident Sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald American Great Lakes freighter that sank in a Lake Superior storm, United States sinks and all 29 crew die. [ab 40]
1975 12/21 hostage crisis money scam OPEC Siege Carlos the Jackal See: OPEC Siege [MSM 75]
[MSM 76]
1976 02/05 medical scare vaccination 1976 swine flu outbreak H1N1 Outbreak of the swine flu, Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 at Fort Dix, New Jersey caused one death, hospitalized 13, and led to a mass immunization program. [MSM 77]
1976 04/01 technology monitoring Start of Apple Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne establish Apple in Cupertino. Zal rule: Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015) [MM 32] [MSM 78]
[MSM 79]
1976 10/18 DCP Cold War Suicide of Ulrike Meinhof RAF Ulrike Meinhof, co-founder of the Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Fraktion or RAF) in 1970 was found hanged by a rope, fashioned from a towel, in her cell in the Stammheim Prison on 9 May 1976. See: Psyops in Germany
1976 09/10 & 09/11 hijacking bombing TWA Flight 355 Julienne Bušić See: TWA Flight 355 [ab 7]
[ab 41]
[MSM 80]
[MSM 81]
1977 04/07 assassination Cold War Assassination of Siegfried Buback RAF Assassination of the federal prosecutor-general Siegfried Buback. The driver and another passenger were also killed. Claimed by the Ulrike Meinhof Commando. This murder case was brought up again after the 30-year commemoration in April 2007 when information from former RAF member Peter-Jürgen Boock surfaced in media reports. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 07/30 assassination Cold War Assassination of Jürgen Ponto RAF Jürgen Ponto, head of Dresdner Bank, was shot and killed in front of his house in Oberursel in a botched kidnapping. Those involved were Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Christian Klar, and Susanne Albrecht, the last being the sister of Ponto's goddaughter. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 08/16 DCP entertainment Death of Elvis Presley Elvis Presley See: Death of Elvis Presley [MM 33] [MSM 82]
1977 09/05 kidnapping
Cold War Assassination of Hanns Martin Schleyer RAF Hanns Martin Schleyer, chairman of the German Employers' Association, is kidnapped and later (1977/10/18) shot. 3 police-officers and the driver are also killed during the kidnapping. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 09/22 cop killing Cold War Murder of Norbert Schmid RAF Arie Kranenburg (46), Dutch policeman, shot and killed by RAF Knut Folkerts outside a bar in Utrecht, Netherlands. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 10/13 hijacking Cold War Lufthansa Flight 181 Landshut hijacking PFLP Flight 181 from Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt was hijacked and flown to Mogadishu, Somalia, demanding the release of prisoners. On 18 October, the plane was stormed in a seven-minute assault by GSG 9, an elite unit of the German federal police. All four hijackers were shot; three of them died on the spot. None of the passengers were seriously hurt. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 10/18 team DCP Cold War Suicide of Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe RAF On the morning of October, 18 1977 it was announced that Gudrun Ensslin and Andreas Baader were dead, having committed suicide in the Stuttgart-Stammheim prison. It was also announced that Jan-Carl Raspe and fellow RAF prisoner Irmgard Möller had “attempted suicide.” Raspe subsequently died of his wounds. See: Psyops in Germany
1977 12/13 plane crash team DCP
Air Indiana Flight 216 See: Air Indiana Flight 216 [MSM 83]
1978 02/13 bombing geopolitical Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing unknown At meeting of political leaders, bombing injures 11 and kills 3; 2 garbage collectors and 1 policeman in Sydney, Australia. [MSM 84]
1978 03/16 kidnapping DCP
Kidnapping of Aldo Moro Brigate Rosse See: Kidnapping of Aldo Moro [CF 22] [MSM 85]
1978 09/24 cop killing Cold War Murder of Wilhelm Hans RAF In a shootout with police in a forest near Dortmund policeman Hans-Wilhelm Hans [69] was shot dead.
1978 11/01 cop killing Cold War Murders of Dionysius de Jong and Johannes Goemanns RAF Dionysius de Jong (19) was shot to death, and Johannes Goemanns (24) later died of his wounds, when involved in a gunfight with RAF members Adelheid Schulz and Rolf Heissler who were trying to cross the Dutch border illegally at Kerkrade, Netherlands.
1978 11/18 mass suicide DCP
Jonestown massacre Jim Jones Mass suicide of 918 people in Jonestown, Guayana. More info: Jonestown massacre [43]
1979 01/29 school shooting lone gunwoman
Cleveland Elementary School shooting Brenda Spencer See: Cleveland Elementary School shooting [ab 42] [HB 8]
1979 02/14 kidnapping
Kidnapping of Adolph Dubs Settam-e-Melli, CIA Kidnapping and assassination of US Ambassador to Afghanistan in Kabul, Afghanistan. [MSM 86]
1979 06/25 assassination attempt Cold War Assassination attempt on Alexander Haig RAF Alexander Haig, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, escapes an assassination attempt when a land mine blew up under the bridge on which Haig's car was traveling in Mons, Belgium. See: Psyops in Germany
1979 11/04 hostage crisis geopolitical US Embassy Iran hostage crisis Ruhollah Khomeini Longest hostage crisis in history, 444 days, US Embassy in Iran occupied. Zal rule: Argo (2012) [ab 43] [CF 23] [MSM 87]
1980 10/09 murder DCP Murder of John Lennon Mark David Chapman The Beatles singer John Lennon allegedly shot by Mark David Chapman at the entrance of the Dakota Building in New York City. [MM 34]
1981 08/07 assassination attempt Cold War Assassination attempt on John Toffton RAF USAF Security Police Officer Sgt. John Toffton was attacked in Kaiserslautern, Germany, by Christian Klar and Brigitte Mohnhaupt and unknown third party, he survived the attack. See: Psyops in Germany
1981 08/31 bombing Cold War 1981 Ramstein Air Base bombing RAF In Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, a large car-bomb exploded in the HQ USAFE and HQ 4th ATAF parking lot of the Ramstein Air Base. See: Psyops in Germany
1981 09/15 assassination attempt Cold War Assassination attempt on Frederick J. Kroesen RAF US Army's West German Commander Frederick J. Kroesen survives attack by rocket propelled grenade attack in Heidelberg, Germany. Known involved RAF members: Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Christian Klar.
1982 07/02 sniper attack Cold War NATO-23 Sniper attack RAF Sniper attack against US Army Nuclear Storage Site NATO-23 in Nuremberg, Germany. Four civilians were killed the next day in an accidental shooting by American troops who had been placed on high alert after the attack. See: Psyops in Germany
1982 09/29 black marketing social scare Tylenol murders James Lewis In September 1982, seven people in Chicago, Illinois died after taking potassium cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules. Johnson & Johnson’s CCO Larry Foster and advisor Harold Burson counseled CEO James Burke through the crisis. Working with the police, FDA and media, they issued a nationwide recall, delivered warnings and created new tamper-proof packaging. Johnson & Johnson’s handling of the tragedy set a standard and remains a model for effective crisis response and corporate responsibility.
1983 02/04 DCP suicide Death of Karen Carpenter The Carpenters Alleged suicide of Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters. [MM 35]
1983 11/09 kidnapping BBS Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken Freddy Heineken See: Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken [MSM 88]
[MSM 89]
1984 05/04 medical scare social scare AIDS Robert Gallo Filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV-AIDS Virus [CF 24] [44]
1984 10/31 assassination DCP
Assassination of Indira Gandhi Beant, Kehar & Satwant Singh See: Assassination of Indira Gandhi [MSM 90]
1984 12/02 environmental scare Bhopal disaster The Bhopal disaster was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world's worst industrial disaster (3,787 die, 558,125 injured). [ab 44] [CF 25] [MSM 91]
1984 12/18 bombing Cold War NATO school Oberammergau bombing RAF attempt to bomb a school for NATO officers. The car bomb was discovered and defused. A total of ten incidents followed over the next month, against US, British, and French targets. See: Psyops in Germany
1984 12/20 fire train crash Summit Tunnel fire BritishRail See: Summit Tunnel fire [ab 45]
1985 02/01 assassination Cold War Assassination of Ernst Zimmerman RAF Ernst Zimmerman, Chairman of the Board of the Engine and Turbine Union (MTU) and Chairman of the German Aerospace Industry Association (BDLI), is shot in the head in his home. Zimmermann died twelve hours later. See: Psyops in Germany
1985 07/10 bombing, controlled opposition,
boat incident
nuclear scare,
Cold War
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior French foreign intelligence services DGSE Operation by the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure to sink the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet Rainbow Warrior in the port of Auckland, New Zealand on its way to a protest against a planned French nuclear test in Moruroa. Fernando Pereira, a photographer, drowned on the sinking ship. [ab 46] [CF 26]
1985 07/13 entertainment money scam Live Aid Bob Geldof See: Live Aid [ab 47] [CF 27] [HB 9] [MSM 92]
1985 08/08 bombing Cold War Rhein-Main Air Base bombing RAF Two people killed: Airman First Class Frank Scarton and Becky Bristol, a U.S. civilian employee who also was the spouse of a U.S. Air Force enlisted man. A granite monument marks the spot where they died. See: Psyops in Germany
1986 01/28 shuttle crash team DCP
space travel
Space Shuttle Challenger 7 victims inc. Christa McAuliffe, first teacher in space. All found to be alive afterwards. In 2012, Romney unveils Stars and Stripes that miraculously survived Challenger space shuttle disaster. [ab 48] [CF 28] [MSM 93]
1986 02/28 assassination DCP
Assassination of Olof Palme Christer Pettersson Swedish prime minister Olof Palme gets assassinated in Sweden. [MSM 94]
1986 04/05 bombing muslim scare La Belle discotheque bombing Libyan terrorists La Belle discothèque was bombed in West Berlin, West Germany (3 dead 230 injured) by Libyan secret service (trial 2001). See: muslim scare psyops [45]
1986 04/26 nuclear scare accident
Cold War
Chernobyl disaster Catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, Soviet Union. [ab 2] [CF 29]
[CF 30]
[MSM 95]
1986 07/09 assassination Cold War Assassination of Karl Heinz Beckurts RAF In Straßlach, near Munic, Siemens manager Karl Heinz Beckurts and driver Eckhard Groppler were assassinated. See: Psyops in Germany
1986 10/10 assassination Cold War Assassination of Gerold Braunmühl RAF Gerold Braunmühl, senior diplomat of the German Foreign Office, was shot by two people in front of his residence on Buchholzstraße, Bonn. See: Psyops in Germany
1987 03/06 boat incident Sinking of Herald of Free Enterprise Ferry Zeebrugge, Belgium - Dover, United Kingdom sinks and all 193 passengers and crew die. [ab 49]
1987 08/19 mass shooting lone gunman Hungerford massacre Michael Robert Ryan Guy kills 16 and wound 15 in Berkshire, UK [ab 50]
1988 03/11 coup d'etat geopolitical End of rule of Pinochet Augusto Pinochet Scrimmages after the end of rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was placed in power by Henry Kissinger on 09/11, 1973, in Chile. Zal rule: No (2012) [MSM 96]
1988 07/06 fire environmental scare Piper Alpha collapse North Sea oil platform, north of Aberdeen, UK, collapses, possible psyop? [ab 51]
1988 12/21 plane crash
muslim scare
Lockerbie Bombing Libyan terrorists See: Lockerbie Bombing [ab 52] [46]
1989 01/24 execution DCP
serial killer
Execution of Ted Bundy Ted Bundy Execution of serial killer Ted Bundy. [MM 36]
1989 02/14 fatwa controlled opposition
muslim scare
Fatwa against Salman Rushdie Ayatollah Khomeini Fatwa issued against writer Salman Rushdie for his book The Satanic Verses (1988) by Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. Del rule: appeared in The Ground Beneath Our Feet of U2. [MSM 97]
1989 03/01 rape social scare Glen Ridge rape Christopher Archer, Kevin Scherzer Mentally handicapped Glen Ridge "gang" raped by Christopher Archer and Kevin Scherzer ("Joke-er" in German). [MM 37]
1989 04/15 accident sports Hillsborough disaster Liverpool 96 people crushed to death because of too full pens at Liverpool-Sheffield Wednesday semi-final of FA cup in UK. [ab 53]
[ab 54]
[ab 55]
[ab 56]
[MSM 98]
1989 06/04 mass shooting geopolitical
Cold War
Tiananmen Square massacre See: Tiananmen Square massacre [47]
1989 08/20 boat incident Marchioness disaster Two boats collide on the River Thames in London, UK, 51 people drown. [ab 57]
1989 09/22 accident money scam Mackinac Yugo accident Leslie Ann Pluhar See: Mackinac Yugo accident [48]
1989 11/30 assassination Cold War Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen RAF In Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany, a car bomb kills the chairman of Deutsche Bank Alfred Herrhausen. See: Psyops in Germany
1989 12/17 entertainment preprogramming The Simpsons Matt Groening First episode of The Simpsons, major pre-programming cartoon series. [MSM 99]
1989 12/25 execution Cold War Execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu Military Tribunal After a short trial held on 25 December 1989 by an Exceptional Military Tribunal, a drumhead court-martial created at the request of the Council of the National Salvation Front, former Romanian President and General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena Ceaușescu were executed. [MSM 100]
1990 02/14 space travel Pale Blue Dot Voyager 1 Photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometers (3.7 billion miles, 40.5 AU), as part of the Family Portrait series of images of the Solar System. [MSM 101]
1990 02/14 plane crash pilot error Indian Airlines Flight 605 92 people die, 54 injured (of which 22 seriously) with crash of Flight 605 in India. [MSM 102]
1990 11/13-14 mass shooting cop killing Aramoana massacre David Malcolm Gray Guy shoots and kills 13, including a policeman in New Zealand. [CF 31] [MSM 103]
1991 02/13 sniper attack Cold War U.S. embassy Bonn attack RAF Three Red Army Faction members fired automatic rifles from across the Rhine River at the U.S. Embassy Chancery in Bonn, Germany. No one was hurt. See: Psyops in Germany
1991 03/03 beating racial scare Rodney King beating Black guy Rodney King beaten up in 33 blows by police in Los Angeles, California. [MSM 104]
1991 04/01 assassination Cold War Assassination of Detlev Karsten Rohwedder RAF Detlev Karsten Rohwedder, chief of the Treuhandanstalt, the agency that privatized the former East German enterprises after the German reunification is assassinated at his house in Düsseldorf, Germany. See: Psyops in Germany
1992 02/07 geopolitical Maastricht Treaty European Union Establishment of the Maastricht Treaty for the European Union, Maastricht, the Netherlands. [MSM 105]
1992 04/29-
riots racial scare Rodney King riots More than a year after Rodney King beating, riots in Los Angeles, California. 63 deaths, 2,383 injured, 12,111 arrests. [MSM 106]
1993 02/26 bombing muslim scare 1993 WTC Bombing See: 1993 WTC Bombing, muslim scare [CF 32]
1993 03/27 bombing Cold War Weiterstadt prison sabotage RAF Explosives at the construction site of a new prison in Weiterstadt, Germany causes a damage of 123 million Deutschmarks (over 50 million euros). The attack caused a four-year delay in the completion of the site that was planned to open in 1993. See: Psyops in Germany
1993 04/19
hostage crisis
mass shooting
Waco Siege David Koresh Siege at the Waco, Texas ranch where David Koresh and his alleged cult were killed and the complex burned. The Waco Massacre was the closing act of a 51-day siege took place from February 28th to April 19th, 1993. [ab 11] [CF 33] [MM 38] [49]
1993 10/31 DCP entertainment Death of River Phoenix River Phoenix Alleged overdose death of actor River Phoenix. [MM 39]
1993 12/02 DCP war for drugs Death of Pablo Escobar Pablo Escobar See: Death of Pablo Escobar [52]
[MSM 107]
[MSM 108]
[MSM 109]
[MSM 110]
[MSM 111]
[MSM 112]
[MSM 113]
1994 02/26 DCP entertainment Death Bill Hicks, Birth Alex Jones
Bill Hicks/Alex Jones At age 32 from a very rare young-age pancreatic cancer Bill Hicks allegedly dies and makes room for Alex Jones to enter the stage 2 years later... [HB 10] [MM 40] [53]
1994 07/02 murder DCP Murder of Andrés Escobar Andrés Escobar After scoring an own goal at the FIFA World Cup in the United States, defense Andrés Escobar gets murdered in Medellín, Colombia. Zal rule: The Two Escobars (2010) [MSM 109]
1994 09/28 boat incident Sinking of MS Estonia MS Estonia ferry sinks after a collision within 50 minutes, taking down 852 people in the Baltic Sea [55]
1994 12/24 hijacking muslim scare Air France Flight 8969 Algerian terrorists 4 Algerian Islamic terrorists hijacks plane in Alger, lands in Marseille, France, where special forces raid the plane, 7 dead, 229 survivors. See: muslim scare psyops [MSM 114]
1995 01/14 DCP LGBT
Death of Mark Finch Mark Finch Mark Finch, gay with AIDS, commits suicide at age 33 in the UK. [MSM 115]
1995 02/05 mass shooting geopolitical Markale Market attack Army of the Republika Srpska Massacre on market in Sarajevo, Bosnia during Yugoslavian War. 68 people were killed and 144 more were wounded. [57]
[MSM 116]
1995 04/19 bombing HRDPR Oklahoma City bombing Timothy McVeigh Domestic terrorist bomb attack; Alfred P. Murrah Building, 9:02 AM CDT, deaths 168, injured 680+ in Oklahoma. [ab 11] [CF 33]
1995 11/04 assassination DCP Murder of Yithzak Rabin Yithzak Rabin Zionist terrorist kills Yithzak Rabin [MM 41] [58]
1996 01/16 hostage crisis boat incident Black Sea hostage crisis Chechen separatists Kidnapping of a ship on the Black Sea, Turkey. [59]
1996 04/03 bombing fake sentence Unabomber Ted Kaczynski FBI officers arrested Ted Kaczynski on April 3, is found guilty January 22, 1998. [MM 40]
1996 06/26 assassination DCP Murder of Veronica Guerin Veronica Guerin, Irish crime reporter was murdered by drug lords at a red traffic light with six shots.
1996 07/17 plane crash TWA Flight 800 Passengers 212, crew 18, fatalities 230 (all). [ab 58] [CF 34]
1996 12/25 murder DCP Murder of JonBenét Ramsey JonBenét Ramsey 6 year old child beauty peagant murdered. [60]
1997 02/28 mass shooting thug scare North Hollywood shootout 2 (!!) bankrobbers rob bank in North Hollywood, police responds en masse, but is out of ammunition, goes into a gun store and buys more. Programming for heavier police weapons. Game rule: Grand Theft Auto V. [ab 12] [MSM 117]
1997 10/12 DCP plane crash Death of John Denver John Denver Denver was killed (53) when his experimental Rutan Long-EZ aircraft (reg. n° N555JD) crashed into the Pacific Ocean. [61]
1997 11/22 DCP suicide Michael Hutchence suicide Michael Hutchence Found dead by autoerotic asphyxiation (hanging), born the 22nd, dead the 22nd possessing £22,000, memorial established in Sydney named "Here it is" [ab 59]
1998 01/17 propaganda social scare Monica Lewinsky scandal Bill Clinton Political Sex Scandal Leading To The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton, news of the scandal first broke on the Drudge Report. [MM 42]
1998 10/06 murder social scare Matthew Shephard case Aaron McKinney, Russell Henderson Beating to almost death of gay. Eventually dies. [62]
1999 01/31 entertainment preprogramming Family Guy Seth McFarlane First episode of Family Guy, major pre-programming cartoon series. [MSM 118]
1999 04/20 school shooting HRDPR Columbine High School shooting Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris See: Columbine High School shooting [ab 11] [CF 35]
[CF 36]
1999 04/26 assassination DCP
Murder of Jill Dando TV host Jill Dando gets killed "live on TV". [ab 60]
2000-01 September murder social scare Lucia de Berk murders Lucia de Berk Allegedly a nurse killed 9 patients against their will, convicted and sentenced to life in fake trial, later acquitted. Zal rule: Lucia de B. (2014) [MSM 119]
[MSM 120]
2001 01/19 fake sentence thug scare
War For Drugs
Escape of El Chapo El Chapo Escape by El Chapo from prison in Mexico. [MSM 121]
2001 09/11 hijacking
plane crashes
muslim scare
9/11 Osama bin Laden/Al Qaeda See: 9/11 [ab 61] [CF 37] [HB 10]
[HB 11]
[HB 12]
2001 12/22 bombing failed attempt
muslim scare
Shoe Bomber Richard Reid Failed bomb attempt on American Airlines Flight 63 by Richard Reid with explosives contained in his shoes. [MSM 122]
2002 04/11 coup d'etat failed attempt 2002 Venezuelan coup d'etat Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez "retakes" control of Venezuela after staged coup. [64]
2003 02/14 psience social engineering Death of Dolly Dolly (sheep) Allegedly first cloned sheep Dolly dies, age 7. [MSM 123]
2004 02/04 technology monitoring Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Online social networking service founded by Mark Zuckerberg (possibly Jacob Michael Greenberg). Zal rule: The Social Network (2010) [MSM 124]
2004 03/11 bombing muslim scare
2004 Madrid bombing Al Qaeda Train at main station Atocha, Madrid, Spain gets bombed, 911 days after 9/11, 191 people die, 2050 injured. Next Spain pulls back troops from war in Iraq after elections. [CF 38]
2004 12/26 nature scare money scam
environmental scare
2004 Indian Ocean tsunami Most devastating tsunami in Earth's history, killing 230,000 people. Money scam follows and Zal rule: Lo imposible (2012) [ab 62] [MSM 125]
2005 02/14 monitoring entertainment YouTube Launch of YouTube in California by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & Jawed Karim. [MSM 126]
2005 02/14 assassination DCP
Assassination of Rafic Hariri Hezbollah Lebanese business tycoon and Prime Minister of Lebanon from 1992-98 & 2000-04 assassinated when explosives equivalent to around 1800 kg of TNT were detonated as his motorcade drove past the St. George Hotel in Lebanon. [MSM 127]
2005 07/07 bombing muslim scare 7-7 London bombings Al Qaeda Bombings in tube and bus in London, UK, muslim scare psyops. [CF 39] [HB 10]
2006 10/02 school shooting
hostage crisis
lone gunman West Nickel Mines shooting Charles Carl Roberts IV Hostages and shooting in a one room Amish school, Pennsylvania, school demolished a week later (Sandy Hoax anyone?). [65]
2006 10/04 propaganda, controlled opposition geopolitical, legend WikiLeaks Julian Assange (sim) See: WikiLeaks [ab 63] [CF 40] [MM 43]
[MM 44]
[MSM 128]
[MSM 129]
2007 07/17 DCP suicide Death of Jeremy Blake & Theresa Duncan Jeremy Blake & Theresa Duncan Alleged drowning of couple. [MM 45]
2008 01/22 DCP entertainment Death of Heath Ledger Heath Ledger Dies aged 28 a few months before the release of The Dark Knight with his portrayal of The Joker. Wins posthumous Oscar. [MSM 130]
2008 02/14 school shooting lone gunman Northern Illinois University shooting Steven Kazmierczak 6 (including perp) die, 21 injured at mass shooting at Northern Illinois University from 3:05 to 3:11 PM in DeKalb, Illinois. [MSM 131]
2008 11/26 bombing
mass shooting
muslim scare 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks Members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic terrorist organisation based in Pakistan, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. See: geopolitical psyops, muslim scare psyops
2009 01/15 plane crash miracle Hudson Hoax "Hero" pilot lands in Hudson River, 2016 movie with Tommie Hanks (Zal rule). [CF 41]
2009 03/11 school shooting lone gunman Winnenden school shooting Tim Kretschmer 17 year old kills 17 people (including himself) at a school in Winnenden, Germany. [MSM 132]
2009 12/25 failed attempt bombing
muslim scare
Underwear Bomber U.A. Mutallab Convicted of attempting to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253. [CF 42] [66]
2010 04/10 plane crash team DCP
Polish Air Force Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft crash Victims were: President of Poland Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria, former President Ryszard Kaczorowski, chief of Polish General Staff, other senior Polish military officers, president of National Bank of Poland, Polish Government officials, 18 members of Polish Parliament, senior members of Polish clergy and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. geopolitical psyops [ab 64] [CF 43]
2010 04/20 environmental scare money scam Deepwater Horizon oil spill BP See: Deepwater Horizon oil spill [CF 44]
2010 05/06 plane crash geopolitical Nigel Farage plane crash Nigel Farage, UKIP leader crashes his plane in the UK. [67]
[MSM 133]
2010 05/30 military attack muslim scare Mavi Marmara raid IDF Raid of ship off the coast of Gaza Strip by IDF. muslim scare psyops [68]
2010 08/05 accident Mining accident Chile 33 Chilean miners rescued after 69 days trapped in the 121-year-old San José copper–gold mine, 3 miles from the entrance, Chile. Zal rule: The 33 (2015) [MSM 134]
2011 01/01 bombing muslim scare Alexandria church bombing Army of Islam 23 killed and 97 injured by bomb at 00:20 when Christian Copts were leaving the New Year mass in Alexandria,. See: Egypt, muslim scare psyops. [CF 45]
2011 03/11 nuclear scare earthquake Fukushima disaster tsunami 9.0 (Mw) undersea earthquake at 14:46:23, 15,883 dead, 6146 injured, 2654 missing. Prescriptive programming: "mutated" tomato+tobacco (tomacco) plants in The Simpsons (1999). [CF 46]
2011 04/11 bombing muslim scare Minsk Metro bombings Bombing in the metro at 5:56 pm, killing 15, injuring 204 people in Minsk, Belarus, muslim scare psyops. [CF 47]
2011 05/02 execution DCP
muslim scare
Execution of Osama bin Laden Tim Osman Alleged ambush and execution of Osama Sim Laden by Navy Seals in his house in Pakistan. Body dumped in ocean, because, what else... Zal rule: Zero Dark Thirty (2012). See: muslim scare psyops [MSM 135]
2011 07/22 mass shooting
lone gunman Oslo and Utoya massacre Anders Breivik (sim?) 65 years to the day after King David Hotel bombing, Anders Breivik kills 77 children at Utoya island and blasts bombs in center of Oslo, Norway. Publishes manifesto of 1500 pages. [CF 48]
2011 10/28 school shooting lone gunman Cape Fear high school shooting Patrick Dean Lowrance School shooting in South Carolina. Prescriptive programming as Zal rule: Cape Fear (1991) [CF 49]
2011 12/24 mass shooting muslim scare December 2011 Boko Haram terror Boko Haram At least 50 dead at terrorist attack in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 50]
2012 01/01 mass shooting muslim scare January 2012 Boko Haram terror Boko Haram At least 50 dead at terrorist attack in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 50]
2012 01/13 boat incident Sinking of Costa Concordia Francesco Schettino Costa Concordia capsizes and partially sank when it ran aground with the loss of 32 lives near Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, Italy. [CF 51]
2012 01/27 fire social scare KISS discotheque fire 242 die and 630 wounded in discotheque fire in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [CF 52]
2012 02/11 DCP entertainment Death of Whitney Houston Whitney Houston Born August 9th, Whitney Elizabeth Houston (48) allegedly dies the 11th from drugs, in a bathtub - fake images of dead Whitney. [MSM 136]
2012 02/22 DCP war Death of Marie Colvin Marie Colvin War correspondent, ex-Yale, first to have interviewed Moammar Khaddafi after operation El Dorado Canyon, dies in Syria. [CF 53]
2012 03/11
mass shooting muslim scare Toulouse and Montauban attacks Mohammed Merah Alleged shootings between March 11 (33) and March 22 (66) in southern France against jewish vicsims. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 54]
2012 06/18 bombing muslim scare June 2012 Boko Haram bombing Boko Haram At least 50 dead at a church bombing in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 50]
2012 07/20 mass shooting lone gunman Aurora cinema shooting James Eagan Holmes Mass shooting occurred during premiere Batman movie in theater 9 at the Century 16 multiplex, 12 dead, 70 injured [ab 65] [CF 55] [HB 10]
2012 09/11 war assassination
muslim scare
Benghazi attack Christopher Stevens The attack on Benghazi, Libya. Zal rule: 13 Hours (2016). See: muslim scare psyops [MSM 137]
[MSM 138]
2012 12/11 mass shooting lone gunman
no motive
Clackamas Mall shooting Jacob Tyler Roberts 22 year old kills 2 people in a shopping mall outside of Portland, Oregon. [ab 66] [MSM 139]
2012 12/14 school shooting lone gunman Sandy Hoax Adam Lanza The most ridiculous hoax around, with horrible crisis actors, stupid stories, woke up a lot of people. [ab 67]
[ab 68]
[ab 69]
[CF 56] [HB 13]
[HB 10]
[MM 46]
[MM 47]
[MM 48]
2013 01/11 DCP controlled opposition Death of Aaron Swartz Aaron Swartz Internet "activist" Aaron Swartz (Harvard, Stanford) allegedly commits suicide after being chased by CIA in New York City. Zal rule: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014) [MSM 140]
[MSM 141]
2013 02/02 murder DCP Murder of Chris Kyle Eddie Ray Routh Iraq war sniper gets killed by his friend at shooting range in Texas. Zal rule: American Sniper (2015). Company Kyle worked for involved in Boston Bombings two months later. [HB 10] [MSM 142]
2013 03/30 school shooting muslim scare March 2013 Boko Haram shooting Boko Haram At least 50 dead at a shooting in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 50]
2013 04/15 bombing muslim scare Boston Bombings Joker Tsarnaev Pressure-cooker bombs go off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Few days later chase, brother sim Tsarnaev killed and Joker arrested when hiding in a boat. Zal rule: Patriots Day (2017). See: muslim scare psyops [ab 11]
[ab 70]
[CF 57] [HB 10]
[HB 14]
[MM 49]
[MM 50]
2013 05/08 school shooting muslim scare May 2013 Boko Haram shooting Boko Haram At least 50 dead at a shooting in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 50]
2013 05/22 knife attack muslim scare Lee Rigby machete attack Michael Adebolajo In Woolwich, London, United Kingdom a Nigerian cuts the head of soldier Lee Rigby. [ab 71] [CF 58]
2013 06/06 propaganda technology monitoring controlled opposition Edward Snowden Edward Snowden (sim) Snowden reveals sensitive information as NSA employee about the abuses of the American government as controlled opposition. Zal rule: Citizenfour (2014) [CF 40]
[CF 59]
[MM 43] [71]
[MSM 143]
2013 06/21 murder
social scare
war for drugs Watson Case James 'Terry' Watson Kidnapping and murder of DEA agent James 'Terry' Watson in the uptown district of Bogotá, Colombia. Zal rule: El caso Watson (2017) [MSM 144]
2013 08/21 transgender agenda technology monitoring controlled opposition Bradley Manning Bradley Edward/Chelsea Manning Procecuted for 22 charges in March 2011, including "aiding the enemy", sentenced August 2013 to 35 years imprisonment, changed gender & became Chelsea. [CF 40] [MM 43] [72]
2013 08/21 chemical scare muslim scare Syria Sarin gas attack Bashir al-Assad 1429 dead (men and children, no women) at a sarin nerve gas attack, even the mainstream denied this happened in Syria. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 72]
2013 09/25 mass shooting muslim scare Kenya Westgate Mall shooting Mass shooting in Kenya. [ab 73] [CF 60]
2013 09/29 school shooting muslim scare Nigeria school shooting Boko Haram At least 50 dead at a school shooting in Nigeria. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 74] [CF 50]
2014 02/02 DCP entertainment Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (46) allegedly dies because of heroine overdose, won Oscar for movie Capote (2005), about Truman Capote who published In Cold Blood (1965-66) about the Clutter family murders. [29]
[MSM 145]
2014 03/08 plane crash mystery MH370 Boeing 777 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board, disappears from radar over the Gulf of Thailand. [ab 58] [CF 61]
[CF 34]
2014 04/16 boat incident BBS Sinking of MV Sewol Yoo Byung-Un Ferry that allegedly sank between mainland South Korea and Jeju Island, owner fled the scene to disappear mysteriously, his name... You Buying On... [ab 75] [MSM 146]
2014 05/24 mass shooting muslim scare Jewish museum Brussels attack Mehdi Nemmouche 4 people killed in an attack on a Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 62]
2014 07/17 plane take down geopolitical Flight MH17 Ukrainian separatists Ukrainian separatists shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over eastern Ukraine. [ab 76] [CF 63]
2014 12/15 hostage crisis muslim scare Sydney Siege Man Haron Monis 3rd Psyop for Australia (MH17, MH370 and the Siege), anything to distract the people of Australia from Tony Abbot PM low ratings. [CF 64] [73]
2014 12/16 school shooting muslim scare Peshawar school shooting Noah Pozner Mass shooting at school in Peshawar, Pakistan, Noah Pozner vicsim photo of Sandy Hoax reused. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 65]
2015 01/07 mass shooting muslim scare Charlie Hebdo attacks Saïd & Chérif Kouachi The board of Charlie Hebdo, comic, gets killed as terrorists struck office. Also attack on jewish supermarket in and near Paris, France. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 77] [CF 66]
2015 01/29 failed attack social scare Attempt in NOS studio Tarik Z. 19-year old student with fake gun enters NOS studio and blacks out news, publishes letter blackwashing "conspiracy theorists" on the Mediapark in Hilversum, the Netherlands. [ab 78]
2015 02/04 plane crash TransAsia Flight 235 TransAsia plane cuts through a bridge, 9/11 style and crashes into Taipei River, Taiwan. [ab 58]
[ab 79]
[CF 34]
[CF 67]
[MSM 147]
2015 02/14-15 mass shooting
muslim scare Copenhagen cartoonist shooting Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein 3 die, 5 injured at mass shooting directed to islam-critical cartoonists in Copenhagen, Denmark. [MSM 148]
2015 03/18 mass shooting
muslim scare Tunisia museum attack ISIS Attack on museum, Tunisia. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 68]
2015 03/24 plane crash pilot suicide Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Andreas Günter Lubitz Copilot deliberately crashes plane from Barcelona to Germany in Alps, France. [CF 69]
2015 06/17 mass shooting
gun regulation
lone gunman Charleston mass shooting Dylann Storm Roof Mass shooting in Charleston. 9 blacks killed while praying in church. [MM 51]
2015 06/26 mass shooting
muslim scare Tunisia beach attacks On a beach in Tunisia, two gunmen kill several people. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 80] [CF 70]
2015 08/26 mass shooting
gun regulation
lone gunman Roanoke mass shooting Vester Lee Flanagan Mass shooting in Roanoke. Alison Parker and Adam Ward killed. [MM 51]
2015 09/04 knife attack
social scare
social scare São Paulo knife attack Attack of a guy with a knife in the center of São Paulo, Brazil (biggest city in South America). [CF 71]
2015 10/31 plane crash Metrojet Flight 7K9268 Plane from Sharm-al-Sheikh to St. Petersburg crashes in Sinai Desert, Egypt at Halloween. [ab 81]
2015 11/13 mass shooting
muslim scare Paris Bataclan & Stadium attacks Bataclan theater, football stadium, Friday the 13th in Paris, France. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 82]
[ab 83]
[CF 72] [HB 6]
2015 12/02 mass shooting
gun regulation
lone gunman San Bernardino attack Mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. [CF 73] [74]
2016 01/10 DCP entertainment Death of David Bowie David Robert Jones David Bowie, famous glamrock music idol dies @ 69, 2 days after his birthday & the release of his 25th album 'Black Star' in New York City. [ab 84]
[ab 85]
[ab 86]
[CF 74]
2016 01/23 medical scare money scam Zika Rockefeller Foundation
Bill Gates
Zika medical scare starts in Brazil, then Colombia and then United States. [ab 87]
[ab 88]
[ab 89]
[ab 90]
[CF 75] [75]
2016 03/22 bombing
muslim scare Brussels Airport bombing ISIS Bombing at Zaventem airport of Brussels, Belgium. Easter (Ostara) attacks, 22nd (2x11), initial reports 11 dead, 81 injured, 2nd blast happened at 9:11 am, Zaventem airport is 11 km (7 mi) NE of Brussels, 322 Skull and Bones reference. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 76] [82]
2016 03/29 hijacking
muslim scare Egypt Air Flight 181 Seif Eldin Mustafa Plane with 56 passengers, total 63 on board all survived this hijacking in Egypt, Seif El Din means "Sword of the Faith", Mamluk sultans and Arab-Israeli politician named so too. [CF 77]
2016 06/01 school shooting lone gunman
gun regulation
UCLA mass shooting Mainak Sarkar Maniac (sorry Mainak) Sarkar allegedly kills 2 others and himself at UCLA, California. [CF 78]
2016 06/12 mass shooting
social scare
racial scare
gender agenda
Pulse Nightclub shooting Omar Mateen Mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. [ab 91] [CF 79] [MM 52] [83]
2016 06/16 murder DCP
Murder of Jo Cox Thomas Mair English MP Jo Cox gets murdered, just a week before the Brexit referendum. [ab 92] [CF 80]
2016 06/28 mass shooting muslim scare Atatürk Airport attack Attack on Atatürk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. Bombs and shootings. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 81] [85]
2016 07/07 cop killing racial scare Cop killing Dallas 11 cops killed by 2 snipers at 7-7-16 (7) in Dallas, Texas. [86]
2016 07/12 train crash Andria-Corato train collision [CF 82]
2016 07/14 truck attack
muslim scare Bastille Day Nice truck attack Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel Truck in Nice, southern France kills people on Bastille Day. Apart from Bono, whorenalist Richard Gutjahr was present, just as at the Olympia Shopping Mall attacks one week later in Munich. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 93]
[ab 12]
[CF 83] [87]
2016 07/18 knife attack
racial scare
muslim scare Würzburg train attack Riaz Khan Ahmadzai aka Muhammad Riyad 17 year old asylum seeker wounds 20 people with knife and axe on train in Würzburg, Germany. See: muslim scare psyops [90]
2016 07/22 mass shooting
mall shooting
muslim scare Olympia Mall shooting In the Olympia Mall, München, Germany, an 18 year old kills several people. Whorenalist Richard Gutjahr was present, just as at the Bastille Day Nice truck attack a week earlier. See: muslim scare psyops [ab 12] [CF 84] [91]
2016 08/30 cop killing social scare Christiania mass shooting Mesa Hodzic Bosnian-Danish muslim kills two cops and one civilian in hippie community Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark. [92]
2016 11/28 plane crash team DCP
LaMia Flight 2933 Chapecoense soccer team Almost the full soccer team of Chapecoense, scheduled to play the final of the Copa Libertadores (South American Champions League) against Nacional in Medellín, Colombia. Just a few miles before landing, it was out of kerosine and crashed in a remote mountain. [CF 85]
2016 12/19 truck attack muslim scare Berlin Christmas market truck attack Anis Amri See: Berlin Christmas market truck attack, See: muslim scare psyops [CF 86] [93]
2016 12/19 assassination
muslim scare Assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was fatally shot by an off-duty Turkish police officer, Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, on the evening of 19 December 2016 at an art exhibition in Ankara, Turkey. [CF 87] [94]
2016 12/25 DCP entertainment Death of George Michael Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Last Christmas singer George Michael (53) dies conveniently on Christmas day. [ab 94]
2017 01/01 mass shooting
muslim scare Istanbul gay nightclub shooting People shot at gay nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey with New Year. See: muslim scare psyops
2017 01/08 truck attack
muslim scare Truck attack Jerusalem Fadi al-Qanbar A truck driven by an Arab citizen of Israel plowed into a group of uniformed IDF soldiers disembarking from a bus killing four and injuring 15 in Jerusalem, Israel. See: muslim scare psyops [95]
2017 03/22 truck attack
muslim scare Westminster car attack Truck plowed into a group of people in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. Vicsim under the bus called A. Frade. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 88] [96]
2017 04/03 bombing
muslim scare St. Petersburg metro bombings Bombs go off in St. Petersburg metro, Russia, 16 people died, 64 injured. See: muslim scare psyops [97]
2017 04/07 truck attack
vehicle regulation
muslim scare
social scare
Stockholm beer truck attack Rakhmat Akilov A muslim terrorist in a beer truck (!?) hits people in Stockholm, Sweden. Kills 5 and injures 16. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 89] [98]
2017 05/16 fake sentence
controlled opposition
social scare
Horst Mahler arrest Horst Mahler Former RAF founder and bank robber, now pro-Nazi "Alt-Right" sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in Germany. [100]
2017 05/18 car attack
vehicle regulation
Times Square car attack Car mows down people at Times Square, New York. [CF 90]
2017 05/22 bombing
black marketing
muslim scare Manchester Arena bombing Ariana Grande At Ariana Grande concert, Manchester, United Kingdom, people killed by bombs. See: muslim scare psyops [CF 91]
2017 06/14 fire social scare Grenfell Tower inferno Fire kills 71, 74 injured, people throwing babies from 11th floor in London, UK [ab 95] [CF 92] [HB 15]
2017 08/12 car attack social scare
controlled opposition
Charlottesville protest car attack James Alex Fields Car with 11-11 license plate crashes killing a woman and 2 more through crowd at Antifa-Alt Right protests in Charlottesville, Virginia [MM 53]
2017 08/17 truck attack
vehicle regulation
muslim scare Ramming at the Ramblas ISIS On 17-8-17 (8-8-8) a truck driver kills people at the Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain, and terrorists in the La Boquería market (deserted!!). See: muslim scare psyops [101]
2017 10/01 mass shooting
lone gunman
social scare
gun regulation
Las Vegas shooting Stephen Paddock Terror attacks on country festival, Las Vegas, deadliest attack on US American ground since 9/11 [ab 96] [CF 93] [HB 16]
[HB 6]
[MM 54] [102]
2017 October social scare BBS Harvey Weinstein case Harvey Weinstein See: Harvey Weinstein case [MM 55] [MSM 149]
2017 10/31 car attack
vehicle regulation
muslim scare Manhattan car attack Car mows down people at Halloween in Manhattan, New York. See: muslim scare psyops [104]
2017 11/01 mass shooting
mall shooting
lone gunman
gun regulation
2017 Thornton shooting Scott Ostrem Shooting, 3 dead, in WalMart, near Denver, USA. [105]
2017 11/05 mass shooting
church shooting
lone gunman
gun regulation
Sutherland Springs church shooting Devin Patrick Kelley Man enters church in Texas and kills 27 people, including himself. [ab 97] [HB 17] [106]
[MSM 150]
2017 11/15 boat incident mystery Disappearance of San Juan submarine Submarine with 44 crew on board of the Argentinian Navy gets lost and allegedly implodes within 40 milliseconds in the Atlantic Ocean. [ab 98]
2017 12/11 bombing
failed terror attack
muslim scare 2017 Pipe bombing NYC Akayed Ullah Pipe bomb in underground tunnel, detonated prematurely, 3 wounded in New York City. See: muslim scare psyops
2017 12/21 car attack
vehicle regulation
social scare 2017 Melbourne car attack 2 arrested Car rans into pedestrians, 14 injured, no terrorism suspected, in Melbourne, Australia.
2017 12/31 plane crash BBS Beaver seaplane crash Sydney Cousins family See: Beaver seaplane crash Sydney [ab 99]
2018 01/13 plane crash Trabzon plane dangling Plane skids off runway in Trabzon, Turkey. [ab 100]
[ab 101]
[MSM 151]
2018 02/11 plane crash Saratov Airlines Flight 703 Plane with 71 people on board allegedly drops burning from the sky, crashing in a snowy field, 80 km SE of Moscow, 5 minutes into the flight in Russia. [ab 102] [MSM 152]
2018 02/14 school shooting lone gunman Parkland school shooting Nic(h)/kola(us) Cruz 19 year old kills 17 and wounds 14 at school shooting in Florida. [ab 12] [108]
[MSM 153]

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