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The terms psyOp, psyop or psy-op are abbreviations for the military term psychological operation. Psychological operation describes an event or a series of fraudulent, deceptive events used by the military apparatus to manage, regulate, influence and control the perception of reality on a local, regional or worldwide level.

A psyOp is designed by professional military personel and/or contractors of the military, and the psyops are planned and conducted with the help of multiple specialized parties, especially from the media and communications sector. The group designated to carry the blame for the psyop is called target culprit. The major psyop and matrix of all psyops in the 21. century is 9/11. Target culprit of 9/11 was the muslim population of the world and the minds of the whole world population, which were deceived by the psyop 9/11 (In the typology of the Military Apparatus white represents overt action. Black is for operations attributed to others. Gray is for activities that are conducted anonymously.)



The fundamentals of psyops have been described at the Fakeologist blog:[ab 2]


A psychological operation[ab 3] is a military term describing a large scale operation to shape the hearts and minds of the people. Its central, main operation is a carefully orchestrated hoax propagated by the media. The military or other regimented organization does not announce hoaxes. Instead, they often (but not always) create drills. This allows them to stage all the necessary players to simulate a real event.

Other characteristics of a hoax:

  • massive media propagation. All aspects of social media and old style MSM media are used to promote emotional stories designed to evoke emotion to override reason and logic.
  • a hero. Someone goes above and beyond acting as a saviour to…
  • a victim. There’s often a fantastic dramatic story of a dead or injured individual, who if survived, results in…
  • a fundraising campaign . A grassroots (or astroturfed) campaign to raise money for victims (vicsims) or a greater cause.
  • a movie. Since the psyOp is already a carefully written script to appear real, the movie is already written. Simply substitute better known actors to gain more attention, and you have a blockbuster movie or any other well polished ready made piece of culture creation.


  • media is extremely confusing for average person
  • group of people attempting to perpetrate a second "October revolution" worldwide
  • Lenin's idea to replace nation states with collective regional governments as building blocks to New World Social Order
  • direct opposition to nationalism, national sovereignty, individual rights, self determination
  • state power ceding to federal powers
  • all control being done through monetary system
  • domination of human consciousness paramount as political objective
  • communism old method of forced terror replaced with deception (information warfare)


  • information warfare targets knowledge and belief system of target
  • control thoughts at source by shaping words and phrases using NLP methods
  • most of the compliant masses are unaware they're being tricked
  • get a critical mass to at least question what's going... it's going to lead to an avalanche
  • well designed psyOps exploit the limits of human cognition
  • use CIA methodology to analyze
  • right down key patterns of fact pattern, and analyze which ones are actually facts
  • CIA is banking that you're not going to use hypothesis comparing software
  • the software tools exist to prove psyOps are fake events
  • 90% is manipulating perception of the enemy to avoid kinetic operations when possible since they're costly and could go wrong
  • attack target's will to resist by attacking their knowledge and belief systems (family, religion)
  • psyOps are a science
  • they don't want the general public aware of the methods to deconstruct deceptions. The smarter people will be able to explain to the unaware the methods to prove deception and the whole voting game will be rendered null and void: "There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again."Joseph Goebbels

Distraction, Overload, Paralysis, Exhaustion, Deception Divisive technique, Pacification, Deterrence, Provocation, Suggestion, Pressure


PsyOps are designed to fulfill multiple objectives. Below is a list of types, which are used in the List of psyops of the Fakeopedia. The list is in progress. Depending on the psyOp concept multiple types can be applied to that psyOp from a fakological point of view.



See also Assassination psyops
The assassination psyop is used for famous, mostly political figures, in his-story as DCP and/or to instigate wars, geopolitical changes or social scare blaming target culprits.


See also Bombing psyops
The bombing psyop is used in his-story as a way of fear-based mind control, to create geopolitical changes and blame target culprits.


sniper attack


cop killing

coup d'etat


failed attempt



hostage crisis


knife attack


  • mass shooting
  • church shooting
  • school shooting
  • theater shooting
  • mall shooting

Tension, conflict creation

Transgender agenda



controlled opposition


racial scare

Oslo and Utoya massacre

social scare

separatism scare

MH17, TWA Flight 355

libertarianism scare

Oklahoma City bombing - Timothy McVeigh

serial killer

thug scare

lone gunman

lone gun(wo)man - Cleveland Elementary School shooting, Sandy Hoax, Las Vegas shooting, Aurora cinema shooting, others

muslim scare

muslim scare psyops - The muslim scare psyop was used earlier in the 20th century, but really kicked off with and after 9/11.

Knowledge / Engineering / Technology



chemical scare

medical scare

nuclear scare



  • space
  • space psience
  • space travel

Accidents / Natural phenomena

plane crash

train crash

Bus crash

bus crashes

Car attack

car attacks

Car attack

van attacks

Truck attack

truck attacks

boat incident


environmental scare

nature scare

Culture / entertainment




myth creation




final destination

lone survivor

Bizarre Billionaire Story - BBS

Death of Celebrity Person - DCP

Big narrative

Anthropogenic Global Warming

Elite Gender Inversion - EGI


Cold War

War for Drugs

War for Terror

Space travel


money scam

fake sentence


black marketing

no motive

Target culprits

The target culprit is the collection of people targeted with a certain psyop, if they belong to a certain group, people are targeted in social engineering to make people look suspicious to people with the same characteristics as the target culprit.


Internet researcher Lenon Honor described the fear-based mind control psyops as a process with as steps Trauma - Fear - Externalization of Power - Control.[1]

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