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[[Category:Agenda 2020| ]]
[[Category:Agenda 2020| ]]
[[Category:Future psyops]]
[[Category:Future psyops]]
[[Category:2020 psyops]]
[[Category:2020 psyops]]
[[Category:Psyops in Colombia]]
[[Category:Psyops in Colombia]]
[[Category:World War W]]
[[Category:World War W]]

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World War W Series
Pwanchir Pitu, Shaman et chef spirituel du peuple Achuar.jpg
History Psyops Years Dates Numerology
Nazionism 1840s+
Plan Patagonia 1860s+
Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan 1923+
Beer Hall Putsch 1923 November 9 911
Nuremberg Rally 1933 September 11 911
World War II 1938-1948
Kristallnacht 1938 November 9 911
Elser Attack 1939 November 8 88
World Bank 1944 July 22 11
United Nations 1945 June 24 66
International Monetary Fund 1945 December 27
Marshall Plan 1948 April 3
World Health Organization 1948 April 7 11
Foundation of Israel 1948 May 14 55
Foundation of South Korea 1948 August 15
Bart To The Future 2000 March 19 22
9/11 2001 September 11 911
Present &
World War W 2020-30?
Corona Craze 2020 March 11 33
Anthropogenic Global Warming 1989+
Agenda 21 1992+
Smart Cities 2000+
Monsanto Madness 2000+
Agenda 2030 2015+
5G 2019+
99942 Apophis 2029 April 13 44
What to do? Agenda 2020 2019+
Agenda 2020

because if we are not on our toes in 2020, we will be on our knees by 2030...

Agenda 2020 Main Version at Fakeopedia 2.0

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Why Agenda 2020?

  • an obvious pun on "their" Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21
  • to show we are 10 years ahead if we want to
  • "they" have "their" agendas; we should do exactly that; have ours

What does Agenda 2020 involve?

  1. You; this is YOUR Future. OUR Future. We need to be prepared
  2. we cannot know The Future, but we can damn well extend the trends we studied of today and the past
  3. this means work. Work on yourself!
Lessons from the past
  1. applying all the lessons we have learned as a community over the years
  2. everybody is an SME; a Subject Matter Expert, or at least Enthusiast
  3. that means everybody knows enough about "them"
  4. now it is time to apply those learnings to ourselves; start with yourself; your own genealogy; who you are and where you come from
  5. not knowing that and knowing a lot about "the Rothschilds" or "the Kardashians" [no conspies, the higher ground you may imagine is only in your head] makes you a self-evident moron

Task set I


  • STOP consuming any "news", from whatever "angle", Fakeology-related or not
  • reduce your footprint in the Clownworld; you know best the areas where that is best possible
  • don't put your own children or other's in the mental programming asylum, commonly called "schools"


  • STOP using "their" products where you can
  • do not namedrop any brand names that are considered "the enemy"
  • get all the Clownworld poisons out of your system; they become apparent once you have DETACHED from it completely


  • STOP using "their" language; Newspeak is an extremely powerful tool
  • there are no boogeymen, no "chosenites", no "bad words"; that is all programmed into your head
  • BE YOURSELF; don't hide your "conspiracy views", be proud of them, share them and be confident about the themes you know about and sharpen those

Task set II

  • Share
  • Create
  • Don't be afraid

Task set III

  • Join the Colombia Conference for Agenda 2020 in January!
  • shamanism means sharing, sharpening and showing you learn
  • tribalism means sharing a common feature and forming a community based on those principles
  • more points will follow from more brainstorming...

What can I do?

  • send an email to agenda2020 [monkey tail] protonmail [point] com
  • think about yourself, everything your learned and realize your own power and the very limited power of the Voodoo People

Background material

Download everything you come across and archive these materials before the next purge!


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