FAC 603 - Beavers on the Moon

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FAC 603
"Beavers on the Moon"
1836 the-great-moon-hoax-new-inhabitants-of-the-moon.png
Live September 4, 2019
Length 6:29:24
Guests Karl, Geris, Gaia, Exoterick, Mansfield
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"Beavers on the Moon"
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FAC 603, Fakeologist Audio Chat, named "Beavers on the Moon" was a podcast aired on September 4, 2019 for 06:29:24. Participants were new member Karl from Estonia, Geris, Gaia, Exoterick and Mansfield talking generally as a follow-up to FAC 602, "The Impossibility of Space Travel. Ever.".[R 1]



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