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The FRAC Podcast
Chapinero, Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia - panoramio - aalozadag (9).jpg
Day Friday
Time ~11 pm CEST
Host Geris
Guests Guests

FRAC (FRiday Audio Chat) is an initiative started by member Geris in April 2019. The audio chats are done every Friday in the Livestream Chat channel of the Fakeologist Discord.

Every week, Geris attempts to break down (fracturer) a specific subject, shown in bold below with covering some other topics of the week.

The 15MoH (15 Minutes of "Hate") segment at the beginning consists of a rant on someone or something related to website (blog or forum) or Discord.

List of FRACs

# Date Guests Name Topics Link
09 2019-06-14 Anounceofsaltperday, Fakeologist, Gaia Game of Tones Music industry, economy stupid, Lesbians in London,
how effective is the control system really?
[ FRAC09 - FAC580]
08 2019-06-07 Cody, John le Bon, Gaia,
Originalsimulant, The Phoenician
Cut off Circumcision, 15MoH - Unreal, YouTube purge, Transgenda FRAC08 - FAC579
07 2019-05-31 Gaia Is War a Hoax? War, 15MoH - QOR, more FRAC07 - FAC576
06 2019-05-24 The Phoenician, Originalsimulant 9/11 characters, more FRAC06 - FAC573
05 2019-05-17 Napoleonwilson, Fakeologist, Lauramars,
The Phoenician, Originalsimulant
Hoaxes & 9/11 as template, more FRAC05 - FAC569
04 2019-05-10 The Phoenician Health, more FRAC04 - FAC568
03 2019-05-03 Fakeologist, Tom Dalpra, Alto, Lauramars,
Napoleonwilson, The Phoenician, Anounceofsaltperday
Conspiracy Mindset, more FRAC03 - FAC566
02 2019-04-26 Napoleonwilson, An Inquirer Flat Earth, more FRAC02 - FAC564
01 2019-04-19 Gaia, Lauramars,
Napoleonwilson, Originalsimulant
Conditioning, more FRAC01 - FAC558


Guest Appearances
The Phoenician 5
Gaia 4
Napoleonwilson 4
Originalsimulant 4
Lauramars 3
Anounceofsaltperday 2
Fakeologist 2
Alto 1
An Inquirer 1
Cody 1
John le Bon 1
Tom Dalpra 1

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