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FRAC Podcast 20
"Post tenebras lux"
Stanley Kubrick in EYE (7527338298).jpg
Live Friday September 20, 2019
Length 3:45:00~
Host Geris
Production Geris
Guests Fakeologist, Gaia, Fliegenfuerst
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Series FRAC
FRAC 91119 FRAC 21

FRAC Podcast 20 (FRiday Audio Chat), named "Post tenebras lux" was the 20th episode in the FRAC podcast series, hosted by Fakeologist.com member Geris, with guests Fakeologist, Gaia and Fliegenfuerst. The podcast aired live on Friday September 20, 2019 for about 3:45:00 recorded after and with FAC 613.[R 1]


Geris solo
Geris, Gaia, Fliegenfuerst

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