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    Hero ferry captain who evacuated hundreds from Manhattan on 9/11 dies aged 45 from cancer ‘related to the terror attack’

    Firefighter Thomas Phelan, who helped people during 9/11, has died of cancer

    Phelan’s illness was believed to be related to his exposure to the toxic fumes

    He played a vital role in what’s been described as the largest evacuation

    What please is a “largest evacuation” ?

    Comes later in the article:
    largest evacuation in city history

    What please is “city history” ?
    Ok, forget it..

    Phelan was working as a Statue of Liberty ferry captain when terrorists crashed the two airplanes into the World Trade Center

    Hero ferry captain evacuated hundreds 9-11 dies aged-45

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    Good thread, Faye. There will be an endless line of people queueing up for ‘early retirement’ following 9/11 reminder pieces like the above.

    Another feature running through major hoaxes is the fraudulent claim [e.g. in the Grenfell Tower psy-op] to bolster up the official narrative.
    There was a spate of these related to 9/11 back in 2014, rumbling on into 2016

    Jan 7 2014
    Charges for 106 in Huge Fraud Over Disability
    They had been coached on how to fail memory tests, feign panic attacks and, if they had worked during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to talk about their fear of airplanes and entering skyscrapers, prosecutors said. And they were told to make it clear they could not leave the house, much less find a job.

    But their Facebook pages told investigators a starkly different story, according to an indictment and other court papers.

    Former police officers who had told government doctors they were too mentally scarred to leave home had posted photographs of themselves fishing, riding motorcycles, driving water scooters, flying helicopters and playing basketball.

    suuuuure, and who’s in the dock? Retirement age men, the scam first noted in 2008…right….
    The “fraudsters” had been upped to 130 in number by June 2016

    Good work to keep the lawyers busy, an essential component in these hoaxes.
    Hoax management at its finest.



    An article written by Gerard Holmgren in 2003

    Source: http://www.serendipity.li/wot/holmgren01.htm

    Gerard Holmgren was a vigorous and somewhat aggressive participant in the online debates about 9/11 conducted via mailing lists during 2001-2005.

    The article below shows him in a more relaxed mode and reveals him as a master of satire. It was previously published on Serendipity in February 2003, where it remained until (for some reason unknown to me) Gerard requested in 2007 the removal of all his 9/11 articles from the web.

    Serendipity can possibly remove all his 9/11 articles form the web?

    From the article by GH
    (same source)

    Astute observers of history are aware that for every notable event there will usually be at least one, often several, wild conspiracy theories which spring up around it.

    Standard essay intro by ghostwriting service

    Normally I don’t even bother debunking this kind of junk

    Why does this phrase sound so familiar..

    The huge difficulties with such a stupid story force them to invent even more preposturous stories to distract from its core silliness, and thus the tale has escalated into a mythic fantasy of truly gargantuan proportions.

    Revelation of the method?

    Quite a handsome musician and intellectual


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    and who suddenly died in 2010….
    Ab posted a video a way back,

    Gerard Holmgren on no planes

    [A comment mentioned Holmgren’s “pictures” – I have no idea what they were.
    which is transcribed by the maker here

    The Late Gerard Holmgren: No Planes

    Cluesforum has archived a conversation with Holmgren

    and the original research article from 2003, with some predictable gatekeeping comments, is archived here



    9/11 Hoax management – Dave McGowan
    Inside job narrative
    No plane at Pentagon

    September 11, 2001
    Dave McGowan can fairly claim the title of The First 9-11 Sceptic, having published a thorough, sceptical analysis of the events of 9-11 less than 24 hours after the collapse of the towers, still a good introductions to 9-11.


    The Center for an Informed America
    by Dave McGowan | Sep 12, 2001

    September 11, 2001 Revisited

    The theory that will be presented here assumes that the plot initially called for the four identified passenger airplanes to be used in the attacks. It also assumes that those four flights were in fact hijacked, likely by human actors. Remote control theories, as we all know, have been circulating since shortly after the attacks took place. I’ve never been a big fan of them, however.

    At 8:21 AM, a stewardess reportedly calls to report that Flight 11 has definitely been hijacked. There is now no question that this is not just a relatively routine case of an errant aircraft. Seven minutes later, at 8:28 AM, Flight 11 changes course yet again. It is now headed for New York City. Two minutes later, Flight 175 veers off course as well. Both flights are now off their approved routes and headed for New York City. One of them has been confirmed as a hijacked flight. Military interceptors are noticeably missing-in-action.

    At 8:46 AM, thirty-two minutes after the first signs of trouble, Flight 11 plows into the side of the north World Trade Center tower.



    So, a “planer” to the “death”.

    Dave McGowan battling aggressive cancer: wrote 9/11 was a lie on 9/12



    Not sure about the whole story, my hypothesis is, that he started being a public figure somewhere between 2010-2011 and the material prior was produced afterwards. See e.g. two books written in 2000 and 2001 allegedly

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    Made quite a name in the scene and introduced many new researchers and fields of conspiratorial interest like the Canyon, serial killers, etc.

    After his disappearance many of his topics and clues were evolved by other new researchers which by the way had the status of trustworthy researchers.

    All of course speculations, need more research.

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    Faye – he must have written something, if not the 12/9 piece, by early April 2002, because there’s a link to his 9/11 pensees at the disabled davesweb site – here

    Incidentally, I found this amusing site, listing ‘no planers’ [at only the Pentagon] all 114 of them!
    By 2004 Dave was still thinking Shanksville was a real plane….

    As an aside, I really enjoyed listening to Dave. Here he is with Tim Kelly.

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    Dave McGowan’s publications:

    Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion
    Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See
    Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder
    Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

    From the website “Center for an informed America”

    News, Commentary, Analysis, and Wild Speculation

    In which your intrepid host attempts to pierce the myriad levels of lies being sold by the media by fearlessly wading into the muck in search of a few nuggets of truth, or at least a good story to tell.

    The Convict and the Guard: A Tale of Two Trials
    March 3, 2000
    Why the Other Elian Photo is a Fraud
    April 2, 2000
    CNN – The CIA’s News Network?
    May 1, 2000
    Anatomy of a School Shooting
    May 2, 2000
    Sony’s Magic Cameras
    June 2, 2000
    The LAPD Rages Against Democracy
    August 2, 2000
    The Terrorists are Coming! The Terrorists are Coming!
    August 3, 2000
    Death, Taxes, and Education
    November 4, 2000
    The Unelectable Son – Part I
    November 10, 2000
    The Unelectable Son – Part II
    November 15, 2000
    The Unelectable Son – Part III
    November 28, 2000
    A Supreme Injustice – Part I
    December 4, 2000
    A Supreme Injustice – Part II
    December 12, 2000
    A Supreme Injustice – Part III
    December 13, 2000
    The Bush Coup in Perspective
    December 18, 2000
    America Under a Bush
    December 20, 2000
    Would You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?
    February 24, 2001
    It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Waco
    September 4, 2001
    Welcome to the New and Improved Police State
    September 12, 2001
    Continuing Commentary on the WTC Attacks
    September 16, 2001
    WTC News Briefs
    September 18, 2001
    Welcome to the Fourth Reich
    September 21, 2001
    Biowarfare: Made in America?
    October 6, 2001
    Cats, Dogs, and ‘Collateral Damage’
    October 16, 2001
    What Really Happened to Flight 93?
    November 7, 2001
    Deconstructing a Bush-League Speech
    November 12, 2001
    On Courage and Patriotism
    December 27, 2001
    Celluloid Heroes: Part I
    January 20, 2002
    Celluloid Heroes: Part II
    February 10, 2002
    American Heroes?
    March 4, 2002
    America Through the Looking Glass
    April 8, 2002
    Lee Harvey Oswald Goes to Nanterre
    April 18, 2002
    Sleazefest in Seattle
    January 29, 2010
    Random Thoughts at the Dawn of the Year 2012
    February 13, 2012

    All essays in pdf format at http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/
    The website has undergone revision though, it is not verfiable which texts were published when.

    Thanks for the isgp link, quite a collection of the no-plane-at-pentagon really.



    dave mcgowans canyon work opened the door for dyer , kendal & hbco to go “punk”




    Yes, and I think it contains also some pictures that were used for the analysis of the “tate murders”, no?
    I must read that book and see what I can find there.



    Why do so many participants in hoaxes subsequentyly end up on the naughty step?
    Here’s one from 9/11 – the son of Roko Camaj the WTC window cleaner who was filmed, allegedly in 1/2001, as seen in this docu – go to 8.45

    [thanks to rgos for the link]

    There was some heated debate at CF whether he existed.
    Allegedly died on the 105th floor of WTC2 after one of the many “phone calls” to his wife Katrina.
    He was a father of three grown children. When he wasn’t at work, Camaj was home with his wife in Manhasset, Long Island.
    So, here’s son Vincent / Vinny in hot water, allegedly, in 2014, unless it’s just more acting to keep the courts busy – charged with 4th degree stalking!

    and here’s the other one, Gjerji Juncaj
    which is the name of Roko’s daughter Angelina [Camaj-Junkaj] who left the touching tribute for her “deceased” father on the Legacy site.

    Two men from Yonkers and Long Island were arrested when they showed up at a Southeast home while stalking a nearby resident, state police said.
    A resident arrived home Wednesday night to see the two men, Gjergi Juncaj, 56, of Yonkers and Vincent Camaj, 35, of Manhasset, parked on his property, police said.

    Other family members and associates include Kristina Camaj, Angelina Camaj, Roko Camaj, Tereza Camaj and Anthony Camaj.

    August 17 2016 – “would have been his 75th birthday,i.e 60 in 2001

    Vinny at 0.40 here

    his dad says he’s 69 years old in that clip!

    Recent [2015] check in at Legacy
    March 18, 2015
    I worked at the World Trade Center on the 110th floor in Tower One for a Televsion station for 21 years before 9-11. I knew Rocko as a friend. He would always be helpful to me if I needed to have the window washing machine moved for a live news feed which was on a track on the roof. He was always willing to help out as a friend. I was saddened when I found out that he was working in tower two that morning. I was also up on 110th floor in 1993 and walked down the stairs. All of the TV broadcast engineers working on the 110th floor were friends with Rocko and he always had a cheerful smile for us and very friendly and professional in his work. I am saying a prayer for his family as I remember Rocko this day some 14 years after 9-11. Thank you Rocko for being a good friend!
    Harold Borth, Long Island City, NY

    In Television Broadcasting for 43 years for Channel-5 in NYC (1966 to 2009) – WNEW and WNYW (Fox5) as Senior Broadcast Engineer and Chief Operator- Now retired.
    A retirement to the Balkans would be no problem at all.

    Mike Pecoraro I was lucky enough to know and work with Roko for several years. He was the window washing rig operator and I was its maintenance mechanic. I was also lucky enough to go home that day but I think about him constantly.
    Happy Birthday in Heaven Roko. We’ll meet again.
    …as a victim, survivor and a R&R worker. I just happened to be there again today
    [August 18 2017]

    Quite a lot of hoax management going on there around a key 9/11 story.
    Mike Pecoraro, an engineer at the World Trade Center, sent in a photo of himself covered in dust and bent over in exhaustion with three New York City firefighters clustered around him.

    The photo, he wrote, was taken a block north of the World Trade Center shortly after the collapse.


    This guy, still active in 2017, was one who said this back in 2001 in the contorted stories of the engineers
    In a state of shock, Mike and the firemen watched as bodies struck the ground in front of them. “They were just bouncing off the ground right in
    front of us,
    ” he said, emotion filling his voice. “I saw people jumping before I came back in to the building,” he said. “They were jumping, about one every minute, maybe every two minutes. Now you’re talking one every five seconds hitting the ground”.

    “I said this is bullshit. Whatever the hell that was, I lived through that, and now I’m going to get killed by some guy jumping out of the building? You could hear them. You could hear them hitting the ground. It was like nothing you ever heard before. It was a very hollow, soft sound. And you knew exactly what it was. They must have seen the other building come down and just mass exited the building”.
    Yes, it’s total bullshit.

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    9/11, Hoax management, Dave McGowan

    The books of Dave McGowan

    In the interviews and other material with DMG that I found these books are not once mentioned prior to 2012:

    Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion (2001)
    Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See (2002)

    The book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder is mentioned in fora as a reading tip around 2008.


    Continuing the search with the working hypothesis that this is a possible case of in medias res controlled opposition with a backstory and backproduction that is continuing even after his alleged death.

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