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    The Buzz Aldrin South Pole evacuation story is looking rather suspicious.
    Aldrin was part of a tourist group visiting Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station through White Desert. The trip was expected to last through December 12.
    A White Desert doctor and the US Antarctic Program doctor decided an evacuation would the best precautionary measure, according to a release from the company. The tourism operator made a request for a medical evacuation to the National Science Foundation today, and it agreed.

    Aldrin was placed on the first available flight to McMurdo Station, on the Antarctic coast. A US Antarctic Program doctor traveled with him. The science foundation uses cargo planes equipped with landing skis, called LC-130s, and they are operated by the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard.
    From McMurdo, another flight took Aldrin to New Zealand. Aldrin’s family was notified

    This is all we get

    followed by

    All via Instagram “new media”, naturally.

    Nothing in his camera from the white continent, obviously.

    Back to normal now, with “lung congestion” having abated sufficiently…
    December 9 2016
    released from hospital in New Zealand and on the way home to the US.
    according to a tweet from his manager, Christina Korp.

    Oddly, the travel company still has vacancies on one of its past trips to the South Pole, although the two subsequent “tours” including the one which Aldrin was allegedly part of were said to be fully booked.

    Dates & Rates

    March 18 2016

    19-26 November 8 nights – 6 spaces available Emperors & South Pole
    26 Nov – 3 Dec 8 nights – 6 spaces available Emperors & South Pole
    3 Dec – 14 Dec 9 nights – 12 spaces available Mountains & Emperors **

    Sepember 10 2016
    18 Nov- 29 Nov 11 nights – 5 spaces available Emperors & South Pole
    29 Nov – 7 December 8 nights – fully booked Emperors & South Pole
    7 Dec – 14 Dec 7 nights – fully booked Emperors & South Pole

    This tour was USD 44,000, all the others USD 64,000 irrespective of length.

    December 12 2015
    as above but 19-26 November – “5 spaces still available”, the other two trips “fully booked”
    I’m beginning to think these trips didn’t go ahead.

    Even now, reaching the lowest point on earth is a feat that very few people have achieved. During the six-hour flight, we land on the polar plateau to refuel and you will have a chance to walk around this vast, foreboding wilderness getting a real taste for the immense scale of Antarctica. Back on board, we continue to the South Pole, landing at the Amundsen-Scott American science station. At the designated marker, you will be at the lowest point on earth. A place with no more East, South or West – only North and you will be able to walk around the world in just a few paces! We will be given a tour of the American science station, learning about their scientists often ground-breaking research before going to their unique shop to buy souvenirs.

    ** Please bear in mind that the South Pole is situated at an apparent altitude of 4,000m with an approximate ambient temperature of -25 C (-13F). Those who have had issues with altitudes sickness previously should contact a member of White desert staff for further advise. We will also be camping at 83 degrees South for roughly 10hours as the pilots rest.

    2015 tours were all “fully booked” by July 2015

    Mark and Julia McDowell, UK
    “White Desert hosted the wedding of our dreams. They did a fantastic job in making sure our special day turned out to be an amazing experience that we will cherish forever.”

    Team Members

    No physical contact address.
    from linkedin
    the Pavillion [sic] [96] High Street Kensington London, W8 United Kingdom

    which seems to be a set of upmarket serviced virtual offices



    Neither is this “expedition” credible



    A post at Cluesforum
    has highlighted the PolarGAP project
    Prof René Forsberg from the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Space) said gravity data was fundamental knowledge needed to understand height across the planet

    Obviously one of most important things we need to know.

    Back in May, at an ESA jolly in Prague

    stunning results….but this December news event is for the Geophysical Union meeting in SF.

    gravimeter on board…”special investigations for CryoSAT** which sees “some strange signals in Antarctica”

    Prof Forsberg – “…so enormously expensive to operate in Anatactics,we operated from South Pole station thanks to help from the Americans but we also operpated from totally remote field camps where people stayed in tents in minus 30 and parked the aircraft between the tents and warmed it up in the morning and got flying every day”

    Here are the alleged flight routes – seems like a lot of landings and take offs at the south pole and a lot of fuel.

    This pattern is technically feasible, since Thiele to South Pole station is about 300 miles and a range of 1375km [about 850 miles] and the “83 degrees S” return trips would be not much more than that.

    ** The CryoSat-1 spacecraft was lost in a launch failure in 2005, however the programme was resumed with the successful launch of a replacement, CryoSat-2, launched on 8 April 2010

    This “enormously expensive” project will continue until June 2017 because…the Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite mission of ESA doesn’t cover the area near the poles [North pole having been studied, apparently]


    There is no GOCE satellite gravity coverage over South Pole due to the inclination of its orbit.
    So what photographic evidence do we have of this project?
    Elephant Seals, Penguins and an empty Twin Otter aircraft. Right.
    oh, and some “Science equipment”.

    [Post from Tom Jordan of BAS who would be working at FD83 with “Hugh” and several others]
    The “project” is a Danish – Norwegian – UK collaboration

    an earlier map from 2014

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    More funny business in the Southern Continent =
    January 17 2017
    Drone footage shows an Antarctic ice crack which opened late last year.
    The British Antarctic Survey is to pull all staff out of its space-age Halley base in March because of the crack.

    Drone footage, er, of something, somewhere.
    I’m not convinced. Normally there are 16 over-winter staff, so we’re told.
    January 16 2017
    The highly unusual move is necessary because the Brunt Ice Shelf on which the research station sits has developed a big new crack.
    BAS officials say neither staff nor the base are in any immediate danger but believe it would be prudent to withdraw while the situation is assessed.
    The plan would be to go back once the Antarctic winter is over, in November.

    leaving this all alone…

    Hope it doesn’t get vandalised.

    BAS is in the process of conducting such a move right now. The relocation is all but complete, with the last pod currently in the final stage of being shifted 23km to the new site.
    The move was necessitated by a chasm that had opened up in the shelf and which threatened to cut off Halley. But this huge fissure to the west of the station is not the cause of the temporary closure.
    Rather, it is another break in the ice some 17km to the north and east of the new base position. It has been dubbed the “Halloween Crack” because it was discovered on 31 October.

    How can be so sure it will still be there next Antarctic summer?

    So is “chasm 2” the Halloween crack? Where is “North” on this map?
    This could be anywhere.

    I smell ISS quality BS.

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    Don’t forget to rush out and buy the Children’s “Ladybird” book on Climate Change, co-authored by Tony Juniper, HRH The Prince of Wales [yes] and extremely brilliant and extremely photogenic Antarctic Oceanographer Dr Emily Shuckburgh OBE, #3 in a series for kids, the other two being Quantum Mechanics and Evolution….in the Ladybird Expert series. I think we need a volume on the moon and mars, or perhaps life at the ISS [BSS] or the Hubble telescope.
    Here’s Emily



    I can’t seem to add this addendum to the Flat Earth blog post on the mysterious expedition of Lt Col Henry Worsley

    Antarctic mythmaking

    so I’ll add it here…

    This story’s still got legs two years [yep, the anniversary] after the start of this upper class military adventure, with its ridiculous, staged “goodbye” message, “Greetings, everybody…with some sadness.. I too have shot my bolt..my journey is at an end….my summit is just out of reach”

    Family to bury ashes of explorer Henry Worsley near Shackleton grave

    26 November 2017 7:45PM
    The family of an explorer who died just 30 miles from completing a solo crossing of the Antarctic has set off to bury his ashes near his hero Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grave.

    His widow, Joanna, told The Sunday Times she, along with their children, Max and Alicia, who are both in their 20s, have set off to bury his ashes close to the grave of Shackleton, who is buried in Grytviken, on the island of South Georgia.
    “Henry was a really old-fashioned romantic,” Mrs Worsley told the paper.
    “He would just think it was the right thing, the romantic finale to his story.”
    Their son, Max, added: “It would mean just everything to him.
    “It’s the perfect resting place for dad.
    “A full circle. He would be very happy there.

    Sounds expensive.

    …as predicted they would exactly ONE year [they do love these anniversary announcements] after his death
    January 18 2017

    His widow, Joanna, laughs a little as she picks up one of her cushions, embroidered with the image of an intrepid party of adventurers inching through the snow. “I can’t get away from him, can I?” she asks.

    I can imagine why.

    I don’t see too much grieving, and Joanna’s tweets have become infrequent



    No sign of any grieving there, it’s fun all the way. Or silence….


    But here receiving the Polar Medal “posthumously” from the Duke of Cambridge

    and here’s Henry discussing his trip in 2015 with the same chap

    Strangely there’s no mention of Henry in the list of Polar Medal recipients

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    How many of these trips are fake? Are even the tours fake? This organisation seems to organised genuine climbing expeditions from Union Glacier etc.
    tours upto 75K exclusive for 9 days seeing penguins at the “South Pole”?

    This flickr set from the 2015-6 season seems to confirm some activity.

    So what do they say…
    For $30K [excluding getting to Puntas Arenas] one needs to do this…[squatting or otherwise]

    Union Glacier Camp

    All human waste is removed from Union Glacier Camp which requires us to keep urine separate from feces for ease of transport. For men, a stand-up urinal is provided in addition to a sit down toilet for feces and toilet paper. For women, two sit-down toilets are provided, one for urine and one for feces and toilet paper. During the night, most guests prefer to use a “pee bottle” in their tent. Our staff will show you the container where you empty your pee bottles behind the toilet facility. Keep in mind there are no toilets accessible during excursions outside of camp and you may want to bring your pee bottle with you in case you need it!

    So, what does one do on Skiing expeditions? Especially these “transantarctica” treks?

    Or even on this suspicious looking Ski Trek [yours for £63K….] from 89S to the South Pole [allegedly] via Union Glacier.

    Ski Last Degree

    Ski the last 60 nautical miles (69 mi/111 km) to reach the most southerly point on Earth and experience firsthand the challenges faced by early explorers. Ski Last Degree captures the essence of polar exploration in an incredible twelve day expedition.

    That’s a lot of poop [and separated pee?] to cart around on one’s sledge, along with edible rations, because…
    The Antarctic Treaty… [aka the Madrid Protocol] …drives all of our activities from what types of food we can take on an emperor penguin visit to how we deal with waste.

    Antarctic Treaty



    December 11 2017
    New highest mountain for UK as Antarctic peak taller than first thought
    It was thought until this point that Mount Jackson was the tallest mountain in the British Antarctic Territory at 3,184m (10,444ft) above sea level.
    However, new satellite data by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) shows Mount Hope is the tallest mountain, at 3,239m (10,654ft).
    The new data reveals Mount Hope as being 55m taller than Mount Jackson and 377m higher than previously thought.

    See if you can spot the formerly missing missing 377m = 1,237 feet. That would be a hazard to flying over Antarctica…


    The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said the discovery was made during surveys to update maps.

    Adrian Fox, head of mapping and geographic information at BAS, said: “This is an exciting discovery within the British Antarctic Territory.
    “Modern satellite data highlights how inaccurate previous surveys and maps were for some parts of the region.

    “As well as discovering Mount Hope is the highest mountain in the territory, we have identified several other interesting discoveries.
    “These include new mountain heights, ranges in new locations by up to five kilometres and even some new peaks which hadn’t been surveyed before.
    “Maps with reliable measurements of the highest peaks are an essential safety requirement for flight planning.
    “Accurate elevation data from satellite imagery now allows us to produce these resources for Antarctica, where flying is difficult at the best of times.”
    The tallest mountain in the Antarctic is Mount Vinson – which is not part of the British Antarctic Territory – at 4,892 m (16,050 ft).
    Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for the Polar Regions, Sir Alan Duncan, said: “The discovery of Mount Hope as the UK’s tallest peak is a great example of British science making big steps forward in mapping techniques to help us get a better understanding of this fascinating region.”

    So these clowns are sure about the height of Mount Jackson from “satellite data”?

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    Mt. Erebus is back in the news again down here. Air New Zealand want to use footage of Antarctica for their new safety video.
    Prompting complaints from relatives of the victims, resulting from the Air NZ flight crashing into Mt. Erebus in 1979.

    Some airlines are again offering sight seeing flights.

    Commercial Flights over Antarctica

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    Mt. Erebus is back in the news again down here. Air New Zealand want to use footage of Antarctica for their new safety video.
    Prompting complaints from relatives of the victims, resulting from the Air NZ flight crashing into Mt. Erebus in 1979.

    Some airlines are again offering sight seeing flights.

    Commercial Flights over Antarctica

    How absolutely awful….imagine going to a zoo and seeing penguins and back it all comes again.. even ice cubes from the onboard bar would remind me of Mount Erebus and the plane crashing… it’s too too awful to contemplate…

    Let’s name the gatekeepers…
    [from the radio broadcast]
    David Ling, whose mother Alison Ling allegedly died, Bill Stewart whose aunt [we so often get aunts and uncles in these psy-ops being more agitated than closer relatives] Dawn Matthews [Barbara Dawn Matthews, actually] allegedly died [“Antarctica is a sacred place..if not forever”] Ann Peichel, mother Nola Paykel allegedly died and David Allen whose parents and sister * allegedly died, although he’s more relaxed about it [there’s balance for you against three who are angry…] *[Alan Malyon Lawrence Allen, Marjorie Townley Allen and Jane Phillipa Allen]
    List of “Victims” – http://www.erebus.co.nz/memorialandawards/rollofremembrance.aspx
    It’s an ideal story to give the official narrative another airing. Here come some more irate family members
    Jayne Holtham lost her father [Bryan Ernest Holtham] in the crash, and says it doesn’t make sense.
    “The very nature of a safety video where there was such an incredible disaster that affected the entire country is just weird.
    “This sort of feels like it’s regressing a little bit, taking away some of the respect of the area.”
    Ms Holtham says it’s odd the airline didn’t consult families before making the safety video.
    Nicholas Bennett, who lost his father [David John Bennett, asst purser] in the tragedy, told Stuff he found it “offensive and very disrespectful”.

    All this merely make me more certain that it was a standard 1970s/80s mass casualty disaster drill HRDPAR.

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    MArch 2 2018
    More fun in antarctica – a BBC news item leads on the discovery of 1.5m penguins on the northernmost tip [i.e. the most accessible?] part of Antarctica by……SATELLITE . Landsat to be precise. Suuuuure
    Numbering more than 1.5 million birds, they were first noticed when great patches of their poo, or guano, showed up in pictures taken from space.
    The animals are crammed on to a rocky archipelago called the Danger Islands

    paper – https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-22313-w

    Seems like everybody always knew about them, comparing the 2017 and March 2018 Wiki pages
    hence the term “[re]discovery”
    Perhaps it’s just another way of backing up the satellite hoax.
    The strange thing is that there is a large data lacuna between 1957 and 1990….
    er, 1957? Not Sputnik 1, surely? Nope.

    The islands were photographed in black and white on Jan. 31, 1957 at an altitude of 4115?m to a scale of 1:27000, and digitally scanned by the U.S. Geological Survey

    So, you could fly over the islands at 13,000 feet in 1957 and it was never done again until Landsat 4 in 1990 and the “satellite’s” successors in 2015? Hmmmm



    I am grateful to this flat earther for uncovering this piece of ephemera relating to the building of a massive system of tunnels at the South Pole, which nobody seems to mention – eg all those “trans antarctic” joggers, runners, skiers, and associated hoaxers.

    There is a lot of documentary evidence for them, although there’s no proof they’re at the South Pole.
    Created by the CRREL – Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratores
    e.g in 1999….
    In 1991, the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory initiated a project to design, develop, fabricate, test, build, and deploy a system for the machining of unlined tunnels at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. The tunneling system as configured during the January 1996 deployment was capable of operating at a maximum sustained production rate (>4 hr) of 1.5 m/hr for a 2-, 3-´, 116-m tunnel. The maximum operating depth was approximately 16 m from surface to the tunnel floor. The maximum length tunneled during one shift was 13 m, and the maximum one-day progress was 21.3 m. The system is described in this report, along with suggestions to improve the current technology.
    full document here

    and here
    and more here

    as with the ISS , there’s preciouso little showing the construction of these tunnels or the installation of all the equipment inside them.

    One of the names in the piece of ephemra is that of Eivind Jensen who is Raytheon’s South Pole science co-ordinator.

    Another was John H Wright, more about him, as a mining engineer here

    “My son was conceived there,” Wright said.


    Wright spent five years on the explosives team for the U.S. Antarctic Project, then another four years driving a tunnel under the South Pole on a separate assignment.

    but a few years later…
    was asked to lead a team planning to build a pioneer a road from McMurdo, on the Ross Sea coast, to the South Pole research station. The project started in 2001 and was completed in 2006, with a road crossing the Ross Ice Shelf, over the Transantarctic Mountains, and on to the South Pole — 1,028 miles.

    Wright said it takes about 25 days to travel from McMurdo to the South Pole station, which is located at an elevation of 10,000 feet. The return journey, with less fuel and supplies to carry, takes about 10 days. Fleets travel about 12 hours a day, and they carry living quarters for crews.

    and wrote a book about it in 2012
    Blazing Ice: Pioneering the Twenty-First Century’s Road to the South Pol

    However, when we are taken down into the tunnels allegedly beneath the South Pole, late 2017 – the guides treat it as a joke, not least when they pass the “gravity station” at 5:57

    It looks like a big leg pull. And where does all the poop go eventually?



    Allan C Weisbecker is also interested in the funny comings and goings on in Antarctica.
    He alerts us to a new book,
    Michael Salla: Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs (Secret Space Programs Series)

    which may be a limited hangout….UFOs, the JFK Assassination, Extraterrestrials seem to be his staple diet.


    the lecture tour….
    Antarctica’s Hidden History can be directly connected to Martian refugees who fled a planet wide catastrophe to establish colonies around the Earth approximately 50,000 years ago….


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