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    Tom Dalpra

    Xileffilex posted this cycling crash on the rollercoaster thread and I’d been meaning to start a general sports thread, so I thought I’d put it here.

    xileffilex asked: Where did the bike go to? The footage has that fishy feel to it. Good publicity for the race, though. Is it CGI? All the videos are lo-res. I can find only a few stills of the crash victim.



    It does look a bit weird and I certainly wouldn’t rule anything out, but I don’t think the missing bike is a mystery, xilef.

    The video at this link is quite clear.
    She’s said to have won the sprint, raised her arms and then crashed into photographers.
    It was the first stage of the Women’s Tour.

    Dramatic promo by design ?
    At the moment I’m believing it could really have happened by accident.



    Switching sports to the ‘Sport of Kings’- Horseracing , I was amused to observe the hidden hand at work last week at Royal Ascot.

    Last Thursday 18th June was the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.
    This is, of course, a very famous battle in British history. It was Napoleon’s final defeat and is presented as something to be held in reverence in the U.k. It’s taught in schools as a great British Military victory that ended 20 years of bloody War. Many here will have also heard the story that it was with the Battle of Waterloo, that ‘the Rothchilds’ pulled-off a great financial coup and consolidated their power.

    Here’s one take on that from a random blog:
    The Rothschild dynasty has bailed out the British Government on more than one occasion. The bank’s founder, Nathan Rothschild, is credited with winning the Battle of Waterloo and making a hefty profit in the process.

    According to legend, Nathan rode alongside Wellington in the battlefield, and at the first sign of victory, dashed for the Channel, made a storming night-crossing to Dover, and sped to the city to buy a huge quantity of British Government stock before anyone else knew of Napoleon’s defeat.

    The story is debunked by the family themselves but it is true that the Rothschilds were the Government’s principal financial agents, raising large sums through the sale of Treasury bonds to keep Wellington’s warchest well topped up with specie. The bank’s profits are now thought to have been nearer ?1 million than the ?135 million of banking myth.


    Anyway, during last Thursday’s lunchtime mainstream news we were shown some Royals at a Church Service for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo. Prince Charles and Camilla were joined by Prime Minister, David Cameron.

    Channel 4 coverage of Royal Ascot duly began at 1:30pm and viewers were shown
    the traditional Royal procession. Liz loves horse racing and goes to Royal Ascot every year. Channel 4 provided the customary fashion expert.
    ”Oh the queen has opted for pistachio, today”.



    The procession finally came to an end and we got down to the racing.
    It was the Group 2 Norfolk Stakes for 2yr olds. £45,000 to the winner.

    When the commentator said ”They’re off!” there was the familiar cheer of excitement for the first race of the day.
    Who should win that first race?

    Number 11 – WATERLOO BRIDGE 12/1 – a ‘shock’ result. No one had mentioned it. All the talk had been about the favourites.

    It looked like a reference to me.

    It’s doable. Especially coming from the all-conquering and highly professional Aiden O’Brien and his Ballydoyle, team. They pulled it off, it would appear. Quite an effort, whatever!

    To have a horse called Waterloo Bridge win the first race after the Queen’s parade on the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo seems a coincidence too far to me. This does appear to be attention to detail. It looks like a subliminal reference to everyone – perhaps even to Liz and the Duke, haha?
    Or perhaps someone whispered in her ear ”Watch for the Waterloo reference in the first ma’am”.

    Talking of Waterloo references, here’s another one. ABBA with the Eurovision smash hit from 1974.



    I don’t know how you’d engineer a bike crash tbh, Tom, especially with spectators. But with all the cameras and videos, all we have is a curiously speeded up video and a cut which leaves out the vital incident.


    After over 30 minutes of treatment on the road, during which 26-year-old Armitstead was placed in a neck brace and apparently sedated, she was taken to Norwich Hospital where her condition was assessed.

    Despite initial reports at the scene, it was found she had not suffered any serious injury. However, she will not start Thursday’s stage two, instead choosing to recover and prepare for the nationals, which take place in Lincoln on June 28.

    She was taken to hospital by air ambulance

    Seems expensive, you’d think there would be triage before calling out an air ambulance?? Essentially she had fallen off her bike, surely? There are bike crashes in many cycle races, it’s par for the course.

    Take home message – the emergency services were wondeful, I guess. And it generated a lot of news.
    Diane Davis @Canaryb1rd
    @L_ArmiTstead Well done, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital! @NNUH
    Attleborough, England
    00:43 – 18 Jun 2015

    changing narrative…

    Sounds & Images @SoundsandImages
    @tankslapper didn’t hear that it was a photographer, just a man in the road. What a tit he is. @L_ArmiTstead @DanieleColli
    13:20 – 17 Jun 2015

    Who, though, is the “tit”? …One more problem with the narrative – if a bike crashes into you at 35 mph, you yourself are likely to be needing airlifting to hospital. I see no reports of anyone injured by a bicycle, photographer or otherwise.

    from the offcial report…

    The crash seems to have occurred when she was blown off course whilst celebrating her win causing her to veer into the finish line photographers.

    I call BS on that sentence.

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    Re Lizzie Armitstead, think I agree with Tom, xilef. Could be wrong but I thought it looked staged, rather than fake. If you pause it as the accident happens you can follow Lizzie’s runaway bike as it crashes into the bikes in front, causes the big spill then ends up in a heap with all the others.

    But I definitely wouldn’t rule out CGI either. I think the idea is to mix in crappy looking real “accidents” with bona fide CGI-jobs (eg, the Alton Towers’ accident) making it hard to determine what’s real and what’s not.


    The Waterloo Bridge win, so blatant.

    Tom wrote: “It’s doable. Especially coming from the all-conquering and highly professional Aiden O’Brien and his Ballydoyle, team. They pulled it off, it would appear. Quite an effort, whatever!”

    Oh god, yes. Eminently doable. Don’t know about the UK, but over here all sport is corrupt, and racing especially corrupt.

    The term “colourful racing identity” used to be a euphemism for “criminal” in Sydney in years gone by. In the 1970s prominent colourful identity, George Freeman, would pass on the weekend’s racing tips to the Sydney Chief Magistrate, one Murray Farquar, every Friday afternoon. Always gold.

    Can’t imagine it’s any different now. I bet the Poms are better at it! 🙂

    I used to think that this kind of thing was indicative of the general corruption of the system but I’m now beginning to think it’s much more than just that. Chief Magistrates & criminal bosses are all needed to play their part in the all-pervasive hoaxery.

    The idea itself that sport/racing operates on a level playing field is a hoax. And race-fixing & insider tips are a perk and pay-off for playing along with the gag.


    They could have followed the ABBA victory lap with this encore at sunset & Ray could have sung it himself personally:

    And whoever dresses the Queen in those hats hates her.


    Thanks, Tom, for the Guardian video – that does confirm to me how the cycling accident happened and how the bike disappeared, and brought down other riders, which the other videos I saw did not prove. I guess the other riders who crashed weren’t too happy with the winner – look mum no hands and all that. Always nice to have a suspicious looking story proved to be genuine. the equivalent of a 12/1 outsider romping home
    As for the gee-gees, thoughts of 9 or 11 bob notes come to mind.

    Tom Dalpra

    Worth looking at these things, xilef. Absolutely.

    Hey, we found out Jules Bianchi’s crash was fake. I’d have never have seen that if it wasn’t for the number 17 being paraded in Russia.

    Now for some classy dapple foreshadowing.



    Here we go….the latest Tunisian caper

    Tragic Joel Richards was also a talented referee “with the world at his feet”.
    In a statement, Birmingham County FA said: “Joel was an active member of the Birmingham County FA youth council.
    “A young talented referee with the world at his feet, he was highly thought of and will be sadly missed.
    “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.”
    Mr Richards and his uncle Adrian Evans, who has also died, were also keen supporters of Walsall Football Club.
    The teenager’s Facebook profile picture shows the pair standing on Wembley Way with his brother Joel and grandfather Patrick when the League One side played there earlier this year.
    A post was also uploaded on fans’ forum site Vital Walsall paying tribute to the tragic victims.

    Connollys GFC @Connollys_Gaa
    1/3 James Connollys GFC is devastated to learn of the death of one of our players, Joel Richards, during the horrific attack in Tunisia.
    9:04 am – 27 Jun 2015 [5:04 PM BST]

    Connollys GFC @Connollys_Gaa
    2/3 Joel was an exceptionally talented footballer, who represented both club and county with conviction on numerous occasions.
    9:05 am – 27 Jun 2015 [5:05 PM]

    Connollys GFC @Connollys_Gaa
    3/3 Details of his funeral arrangements will follow; our thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time. ????????????????????
    9:06 am – 27 Jun 2015 [5:06 PM]

    [getting the message out – via another football club]


    And of course, we have the vacuous hashtag #JeSuisSousse to prove this “really happened”, 6 months after the Paris staged event…

    ??? ????

    kian? @213jlawrence
    bientot ça va commencer les hashtags Je Suis Sousse, Je Suis Tunisie, Je Suis Isère Xptdrr
    5:03 am – 26 Jun 2015 [1:03 PM BST]

    Ariane @ArianeNicolas [a journalist]
    Quelqu’un parlant arabe pourrait-il me confirmer qu’il y a bien écrit “Je suis Sousse” ? #merci
    Embedded image permalink
    5:53 am – 26 Jun 2015 [1:53 PM BST]

    except, it’s not how you write ” I am ” in Arabic…

    BBC News (World) Verified account @BBCWorld
    People in #Sousse sharing “I am Sousse” on Instagram to protest against Tunisia terror attack http://bbc.in/1dlBJi8
    Embedded image permalink
    9:29 am – 26 Jun 2015 [5:29 PM BST]

    er, which people? Looks like a BBC campaign to me.
    All times stated are UK

    Breaking News
    Posted at 12:41
    A tourist hotel has been attacked in the Tunisian resort of Sousse, news agencies report.

    “I am Sousse”
    Posted at 17:13
    People in Sousse are condemning the suicide attack by sharing this picture on Instagram:
    It translates as “I am Sousse”.
    Earlier we mentioned people are also posting an image saying “Je Suis Kantaoui”, reminiscent of the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag used by tweeters after an attack at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris in January.

    Tom Dalpra

    I’ve started a Sousse thread xilef.

    The ‘Howard Webb link” is fine here, by me, mind.
    Interesting stuff.

    Football again, referenced in a major op.

    This young referee guy is intriguing.
    Trained by, and pictured with, Howard Webb.
    + could well be a coincidence but the exit sign framed top left above
    the victim could be attention to detail?

    Referee training…get ’em young.
    I wonder how it works.

    Howard Webb must be in the pocket of power, if you will.
    He was a top referee in English Football.

    I wonder exactly how he’s being used here to skew this outcome?

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    Tom Dalpra


    England were knocked-out at the semi-final stage, last night, in Canada.
    Japan won 2-1 with a last minute own-goal from England defender Laura Bassett.
    So flukey did the own-goal appear to be, that it seems a stretch to claim it was deliberate.

    However, with what I’ve come to understand about football, it would seem highly unlikely that the result, at least, would not have been controlled.

    video on here:

    – The first two goals were debatable penalties. One definitely the wrong decision, the other was questionable.
    – The winner was a last minute own goal .

    That set-up alone looks dodgy. I see highly dramatic last minute goals a lot in matches that look dodgy. A last minute goal, of course, has maximum effect.
    It’s the cliffhanger. The exciting finish. This is a form of showbiz, after all.
    I’m sure the science of marketing understands the gains to be had from a last minute result as their commercials follow in the next break.

    English football has some recentish history of gallant failure.
    Before the game, we were reminded over and over again that an England football team hadn’t reached the semi- finals of a World Cup since 1990 when the men reached the semis of Italia’90 and were knocked-out.

    That game is remembered for one image more than any other.
    The picture of Paul Gascoigne crying.

    The parallel to that didn’t go unnoticed with these images in our newspapers today.


    I must say, if that was all planned, it’s spectacular.
    It tests my credulity.

    the first World Cup, semi-final ever of the English women and the first for either gender, since 1990, written into history with the image of an England player crying into their shirt ?

    That’s quite a remarkable parallel whether it’s contrived or not!

    Laura Bassett looks on as her back pass finds the net.



    Matchfixing scandal even bigger than thought


    De KNVB zegt in een reactie dat de waarheid boven tafel moet komen. „De voetbalsupporters moeten erop kunnen vertrouwen dat wat ze zien echt is. Als dat niet het geval is geweest, moet ze dat ook eerlijk worden verteld”, aldus de voetbalbond.

    The KNVB (Dutch Football Association) said in a response that the truth must be revealed. “The fans must be confident that what they see is real. If that was not the case, they should also be told honestly.”


    Tom Dalpra

    This is the top league in Holland. The fix is in. It’s admitted.
    This, of course, is only an illusion of accountability. A tip of an iceberg glimpsed above the waves, the only evidence of the whole, huge, mysterious thing, hidden from view.

    We get exactly the same narrative we get whenever fixing here is identified.
    The Far East connection… $100,000 dollars. Normally perhaps one player is convicted and one or two excused without enough evidence.

    And everyone gets on with the game, happy in the knowledge these rare bad eggs have been weeded-out, when in actual fact the whole show is controlled.
    In that way, Football is a good micro example of how most institutions really run in society.

    Again we see a captain involved. These often high profile, influencial figures – understandably on reflection – seem key players in the fix. Think Hanse Cronje and South African cricket or Emlyn Hughes and English football.

    I really don’t know how it all works regarding specific things happening in games. The England ladies last minute own goal seemed for all the world, like a slice and how could you legislate for a real last minute fluke like that within the fix scenario, anyway ?

    If it was faked it was a brilliant fake.
    I’ve said about Steven Gerrard before. If he’s the agent of fixing that he looks, then he’s been a spectacular one.

    Still things to admire in sport ? ”Oh great con!!”

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    Still things to admire in sport ?

    I haven’t seen much of the ladies championships recently but on the basis of the few glimpses that I had, I got to admit that they’ve become quite good at the game. Much better than say 10 or 20 years back.

    Either that or I’m getting older.


    Still things to admire in sport ?

    State of the art bike dope, maybe?

    Greetings from Utrecht.




    Don’t touch your nose Pinocchio.


    3000 euros and Fabian’s your uncle.

    Tom Dalpra

    ”It is what it is ” says Hesjedal in his unconvincing interview.

    Yes, it is, and it’s called ‘cheating’, clearly!

    Cycling is not what it was.



    I must say, if that was all planned, it’s spectacular.
    It tests my credulity.

    Our number cruncher definitely thinks the ladies are players.

    Blue Moon

    This guy Brian Tuohy has been on Ab’s show- http://thefixisin.net/newsfeed.html


    Hope Solo? What?! And we are still wondering if the game is rigged and the ladies are players?

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