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    Tom Dalpra

    Gaia said – ”I am not into EGI at all, but this “woman” looks very suspicious”

    And then he posts a photograph of Emily Davison and says, ” Look at the hands! And the very long neck, is this for real? ”

    Oh dear, oh dear. Please Gaia/Selene. This is indeed exactly what so-called ”EGI” always seemed to be. Spurious speculation based on scant evidence.
    From someone who gives credence to the ideas that Mark Staycer is John Lennon and Alex Jones Bill Hicks, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

    And ” note the one seeing-eye hat’ she is wearing”.
    Oooh, yeh, the old ”one seeing eye hat ” Illoomminarty Confoimed !

    Come on…


    I found the Emily Davison incident at the 1913 Derby fascinating to look back on xileffilex.
    When first reviewed the footage does look weird. The figure of Davison moving through the horses as she enters the track looks strange, but I have to think that it actually happened.
    Something sent the King’s Horse sprawling, at least, didn’t it ?

    The different angles of film footage and various photographs look consistent (and not strange) to me and generally the whole feel I get is that it’s believable.
    Much as we’ve come to see so many spectacular newsworthy incidents as tricks and illusions, can we not put this one in the category of a real, televised event ?

    The whole thing was very dramatic and powerful- Davison’s death being exploited as ”The First Martyr of the Suffragettes ” and the fact it was the King’s horse all makes it seem like it could have been ‘done on purpose’.

    I think the truth though, perhaps, is that it was done on purpose, by Emily Davison.
    Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing the ‘restored’ footage on a good screen.



    Thanks, Tom. The Balding video was very helpful in some ways. Yes, the King’s horse in the clips [we must believe that] or certainly a horse and jockey came down. Were the horses which flashed past the same ones which finished? Just thinking aloud…

    I got the feeling that the animation was trying to square the circle and cement the official narrative, but to me it made the official narrative even less credible..by making the horses run wider and straightening out the sharp bend at Tattenham Corner in the simulation, and making it look like a slow horse race. That anyone would spot the King’s colours in that 35mph charge beggars belief.

    Tom Dalpra

    Were the horses which flashed past the same ones which finished? Just thinking aloud…

    I think they must have been with all those intent eyes on them; savvy tic tac men everywhere on look-out.

    Whilst it’s totally credible to me that the BBC could be used to cement a (false) official narrative, my experience with the Balding piece was to take it seriously in this instance and actually revise what I thought had happened.
    I didn’t really know much about the incident before I looked at your post. I had a vague notion that a Suffragette had deliberately killed herself there by throwing herself under the King’s horse.
    This film from the BBC was fascinating to me in that it appeared to- perhaps genuinely- look at the incident forensically and actually make it more credible to me by showing that she wasn’t trying to kill herself.
    It seemed to make some sense of it to me. She was trying to attach the scarf and it went horribly wrong.

    Whilst you could of course widen the angles and skew the impression if needed, I’m not sure it was here. We might be quite surprised as to how a race might actually look from ground level.
    I think a highly motivated and intelligent woman – as Emily Davison seems to have been – could have done it. It was lucky that the horse was trailing but those bright colours may have been visible that sunny day and she went for it. Those Kings colours firmly in her mind.

    Here’s an example of someone walking into a race with horses galloping in a finish.

    Looking at old footage from 1910 and ’11 the Derby was a ‘Big Thing’ and it was filmed with multiple cameras. There may always have been multiple angles of Tattenham Corner but they only used one in those earlier films. It does, potentially look a little suspicious that in 1913 we have the three camera angles – it was well covered. That line of thinking led me to a thought – and this is merely idle conjecture –

    Could certain people have known what Emily Davison intended doing ?
    Could the kings horse have been in-on-it even ? Holding the horse third last deliberately? Then the terrible accident happened ? I doubt it, but hey, regardless of conjecture. Whatever it was, it was certainly dramatic.

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    A useful reference page
    List of accidents involving sports teams


    Time to tee-off on this thread again… it’s golf time, Ryder Cup to be precise. The European newspapers were full of it before it started and now we have a minor disaster to fill the newspapers.
    Corine Remande to sue Ryder Cup: Spectator hit in face by Brooks Koepke golf drive plans legal action after eyeball ‘exploded’

    drink for the legal profession – check
    used to work in the hospital where she was treated – chceck. Quelle coincidence!

    Let’s look at the imagery to see if anyone was blinded, or anyone got hurt.

    the amateur golfer/speectator, before the incident.

    The 49 year old,[Corine Remande] who had travelled to France from Egypt with her husband Raphael..
    She said: “It happened so fast, I didn’t feel any pain when I was hit.
    “I didn’t feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour. The scan confirmed a fracture of the right eye-socket and an explosion of the eyeball.
    She said surgeons managed to sew her eyeball back together but she will not regain her sight.
    She is now recuperating at her parents’ home in Lyon.

    “I don’t know how to live with only one eye. I like walking, sport, going to the gym and playing golf,” she said.

    source BBC

    More from the photoshoot

    and the most ridiculous one of the lot…

    Nothing to see.

    And now we have a copycat ball in the eye drill in Kingsbarns, Scotland

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