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    23yo Rochester Hills man named Matthew Lyzen mysteriously disappears.


    I Googled reverse image searched the image of the man from the article, and got the full version.

    Well, that’s certainly an interesting pose…


    There’s also this story about body parts being found along roads in St. Clair TWP. People in the comments seem to be putting two and two together and are implying that the stories may be related. Friends of the mother are also active in comments on these stories.


    Going back to the Matthew Lyzen story, it’s interesting that they mention about him leaving an extra-large tip and that the waitress called the cops because she thought something was wrong (over a $50 tip).

    Tipping is one of those topics that they LOVE on inane banter shows (morning shows, talk radio, hell even the evening news, etc). Any story that has to do with tipping, texting or cellphones, parking, child discipline, etc etc is guaranteed to get picked up heavily.

    “Rochester Hills police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating Matthew Lyzen, 23, who was last seen Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014.

    Matthew’s mother says he went to the Rochester Fire and Ice Festival Friday night and has not been home since. Saturday he is known to have eaten at two restaurants, leaving a large tip at one of them, which his mother believes is out of character for him.

    “That he spent 100 dollars in two restaurants in the same day – it feels like he was going somewhere. It feels like he was saying goodbye,” Becky Lyzen says.”

    Read more: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/24593904/police-seeking-missing-matthew-lyzen-23

    I searched for his mother (Becky Lyzen), her Google+ profile partly public, one of the first times I’ve seen a public profile for a non-famous person.


    See this image from the G+ scrapbook, it was posted Jan 11th, BEFORE her son went missing.


    As an aside, Becky is involved in personal and corporate coaching, Yoga, and Buddhism. This is one of those things that just keeps popping up again and again with the characters from hoaxy looking stories. First noticed that with Sandy Hook. But certainly the strangest thing is the Masonic pose of the missing man. Note feet as well.

    Sorry if this was hard to read, trying to format all of these links and stuff in a readable way is difficult.

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    Nothing like some famous retro-fakery. Now you see me, now you don’t…

    (Also from the Vigilant Citizen link)


    Good post, C. I like it. The picture of the missing man looks somewhat simmy, with the extended neck and goofy features. I too note the pose and odd finger hand configurations of both hands. Perhaps missing people promotion is a recent theme here in the Great Lakes Area.

    Tom Dalpra

    Oh and of course the compulsory ‘Find Matthew Lyzen’ facebook page.


    They’re a bit short of photographs on this one. In fact,
    They’ve only got one, it seems! I have to laugh at this stuff..

    That facebook page just feels completely disingenuous to me.


    Tom Dalpra

    Having looked at another relatively small-time missing person operation in Toronto just recently – see: http://fakeologist.com/2014/01/14/missing-man-media-crime-event/#comments – I’m quite partial to a bit of local-league stuff.
    It keeps it simple.

    Looking at the previously posted ”Find Matthew Lyzen” facebook page, I noticed this ‘thing’ called Klu Krew. They seem to be some sort of group which helps in the search for ‘missing’people. They’ve apparently been granted the confidence by authorities to gather Klues that the public might not want to tell the Police pfffffffffffFFFF! Anyway,


    the first thing that struck me was the incongruous logo. It doesn’t feel right. The dominant black and the bold back-to-back K’s are like some sort of ominous corporate logo. This just doesn’t feel right to me if it’s supposed to be a group dedicated to handling such sensitive human situations.

    Mmmm…I dunno what they are their website is down…the facebook page seems very recent. They have four missing person cases that they’ve covered going back to just last month – Dec ’13 – Taleka Patrick from Indianna, Angie Pipkin from South Carolina, Matt Lunsford and Sarah Adams from Michigan and the masonically posturing, scruffy git ‘Last seen wearing a black leather jacket’. – Oh, thanks for that. That’s really helped – Matthew LIES -EN.

    The creation of this facebook page seems to coincide with this recent spate of ‘missing’ people. It would seem logical that this kind of basic -giving-it-credence- piece of admin would be part of a psy-operatives’ slave-work.


    Tom Dalpra

    And here’s Nelson. From the the most famous Statue in Great Britain. The Victory was his ship.

    ( Just on a tangent, is it not obvious that the great man who conquered and rose to ‘lead’ Africa – Mr Mandella, was infact a complete plant by the old Empire, based on the clue in the name – Nelson?)

    A thought I have with these MISSING stories is that in reality, when someone dies suddenly we can grieve and get on with our lives. When someone disappears, we all know it can have a greater long-term effect on those that have lost people with no answers. These unexplained losses can remain unresolved and keep people hanging. In the case of these MISSING psy-ops the narrative can keep us hanging in the same way.

    Just keeping us a little bit still ‘worried’ where they vanished to…

    ‘Ice and Fire’? ooohh suggestion..it’s a 21st century pulp fiction sold as news.

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    good stuff guys, I tend to agree with your assessments, I’ve seen many aspects of this template in other “stories” I’ve looked into in the past….Only one pic it seems? So how is his last name Lyzen said? I would not be surprised if it is “Lies-in”…..but I’m sure that’s just another coinkidink…..like usual.

    Just throwing in my magical “11” cents worth.


    The Klu Krew page is interesting. Reminds me of websleuths. A bunch of people there working diligently to solve mysteries that can’t seem figure out a hoax after staring it in the eye for a few days straight. Trapped in the extensive rabbit-hole.

    KK 11-11


    A woman arrested in the discarded body parts story, still uncertain if it has anything to do with the Lyzen story, could be two seperate hoaxes but both synced up roughly and it’s only about an hour from Rochester Hills.


    Edit: Missed from the article, the body parts are from a different missing St. Clair Shores man, not related to the Lyzen story.

    A Friday autopsy and evidence obtained from the remains revealed that the body parts were those of a missing 32-year-old St. Clair Shores man. His identity has not been released.


    The St. Clair Shores story made mention of the proximity to Canada so maybe they are connecting the Michigan stories with yours

    “The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office got a call on Thursday afternoon about a “suspicious incident” on a highway and adjoining road in rural Michigan, near the Canadian border, according to St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon.”


    To look for updates I just Googled “Matthew Lyzen”, along with a Google News search, there are no new news articles but a few new pics on some missing persons profiles.

    I thought this one was funny, compare Matthew with his glasses and hat to the artwork on the right.


    Tom Dalpra

    Ah, yes. The continuing story of Matt Lies-on. Thank you, colum, highly silly,
    and interesting…

    That picture( /poster?/ flyer? ) with the logo, is ludicrous. If we go to the link you posted
    we see another picture of ( a depressed? ) Matt giving that very same double thumbs-up sign – without a hat. Haha. Why would you post a thumbs-up logo on a missing-person-leaflet or whatever it is? Although the thumbs point to the glasses and suggest a detective or ‘looking’ – as in – ‘Look for Matt Lyzen’ but thumbs pointing is too contrived.

    Both pictures – the only further things we can find on Lyzen – contained the thumbs-up sign. The hand-across chest Nelson pose – followed by -the thumbs up;
    I dunno?…

    Weird. It’s rather like that kind of celebratory atmosphere we had from some Sandy Hook parents…you know…’my eight year old died but she had such a special day on her funeral we felt great joy – from the darkness. Thankyou everyone, especially the dead children’.

    ‘Thumbs-up – he’s gone missing – in the flames of ‘Ice and Fire’ festival’
    That positive sign attached to tragedy.

    ‘He was a pizza kind of guy’.

    Oh thanks, that’ll help.; We should ask in Dominos.
    ” Have you seen this man? He’s a pizza sort of guy. You deal with pizzas on a daily basis. Talk to me”

    Back to a ‘flyer’ -‘Could be anywhere in the United States of America’

    If no-one has a clue where he is, he could be anywhere in the world to be fair.
    Thumbs-up for looking anyway – for something that doesn’t exist.

    I look forward to seeing how the lies go on about Matt Lies-on.

    Thumbs-up guys!

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    In a way, the story isn’t really continuing. Google News not turning up anything newer than Jan 30th and those articles have basically the same info as the original articles.

    I noticed the “Pizza kind of guy” as well. What a joke 🙄


    Was just looking at one of the articles from Jan 30 and the picture caught my eye.


    It’s the same picture as in my original post, cropped and lowered in quality. It’s been lowered so much in quality that it looks like it was taken on a cheap flip phone or maybe a video still capture.

    It says “photo provided by Cortney Labbe”. This is what I love to find, another name to look into, and a unique name.

    Here she is, she has a fundraising page after a house fire


    Found one reference of her name with Matthew, from before this case. Relating to a multi-year meditiation retreat in Arizona from 2010, mom mentioned as well, along with some more. Not enough there to really figure out the context of their mention, but I’l play around with search engines and see if I can tease some more text out. The blog page is broken now and all of the cache/archive options online are broken/purged as well. But here’s a screen of the small snippet from DuckDuckGo search

    Apparently the participants are still meditating there until April 2014 (ooh, so close!). Note that the site also has a DONATE button, what a surprise!


    Very strange stuff! Although maybe not that strange, a lot of other stories lately with similar characters (Newtown, CT was full of them)

    This would seem to imply that Matthew (and the others) have been at this retreat for several years, but there’s not really enough info to draw a conclusion for sure. It could be rabbit holes on a completely fake story.


    Pondering tipping/donation


    Funny how nobody has the blog cached. I use a firefox plugin that lets you quickly check all (or most, more than I knew about before, although most never work) of the caches and archives available.

    Searches through five big page cache/mirrors:
    o CoralCDN
    o Google Cache
    o Yahoo! Cache
    o The Internet Archive
    o MSN Cache
    o Gigablast
    o WebCite


    Exalead search has a good cache as well, and this time when I checked that cache it said that it couldn’t display it because the blog was set to not allow search engine indexing. So how does it end up in the results then? If it’s in the results, it’s cached dammit! If you can search for the words on the page then the search engine company has all of the words and likely the ordering of the words stored, so they have the damn cache!

    Did the webmaster of the blog go back later and pull the blog pages and put up a new robots.txt saying don’t index? Do search engines then remove viewable cache but keep search engine results if the webmaster changed robots.txt after the fact to restrict search engine access? I don’t really know. But in these cases it’s clear that the search engines DO have the text of the page. You can often tease out a slightly different but overlapping search excerpt if the original excerpt had unique combo of words towards the end, search those in quotes and it will sometimes pull up an excerpt skewed a sentence or two later in the page.

    Knowing those tricks can be nice because Internet Archive and Google Cache have been gimped to all hell lately and generally don’t provide working cached results when you really want them.


    And in the end, you can’t trust the cache. They dissapear stuff out of it all of the time, and one can only imagine what could be done by going back and adding pages retroactively. It’s a good tool when you have the hankering to follow rabbits.


    Apparently he was very active with video games, and a gaming community that he was active in has been writing about him on reddit.


    The story goes that his mother is a narcissist (that seems probable), and he ran away from her because of that (and he’s an adult, so it’s his right).

    I’m not so sure, what’s with all of the other strange stuff here?

    Here’s his mom’s Reddit, but she deleted her comments and postings. http://www.reddit.com/user/MomJackalope


    From the Find Matt Lyzen Facebook page, his mother on how this case could help fix privacy and mental health laws.

    I also saw that she mentioned that Matthew’s father was a Sherriff’s deputy. Oh, also they are trying to raise $2000 to post those flyers from above


    “Maybe it was a social experiment”


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