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    Welcome Balgofar,

    My name is Balgofar and I am looking for some info on events that I suspect are staged. I have lost all faith in media, including most alternative sources



    Welcome robbieparkerlaughsatdeadkids

    I have first hand knowledge of the martial law response to the Boston Hoaxathon as I ended up getting trapped in the designated media “pit” when the Djoker Tsarnaev and his brother a.k.a. Speed bump went on the run in Watertown ( where I lived ).

    I was brought here 2 fold: First and foremost praise be The Most High who brought me here via my following of the great Paul Sandhu ( I won’t push my beliefs in Christ on anybody, just saying…) 2nd, you’re the only source I have been able to find so far that has exposed the fake Humboldt bus crash psyop. Speaking of psyops, I believe I am the only person who understands the American serial killer from the 60’s-80’s was an elaborate psyop with many different chapters. Just as fake as the Kent State shootings during the Vietnam war protests in which 3 of the 4 student’s “killed” were Khazars.



    Welcome Maggienow

    Hi I have followed your fakeologist site for six months. I love listening to all the audio chats. I first came across you when you did youtube videos about the Bosma nonsense, you were the only one who seemed to notice how ridiculous it all was. I am English and live in /Canada, my family and I have been in the same area since 1983. I have been a fakeologist since since 911. iI used to try to shame our local news police and fire dept. when they faked stories. I am intrigued as to why there are mostly Australian and English voices on your chats, what do you think is the reason for it? My thought was that the Australians and British have been bombarded with fake media for a very long time as testers.



    Welcome Alicemoore

    Hmmmph. You want to know what size my aluminum hat is, huh?

    To be honest, I do not tend to follow “alt news” and conspiracy sites on any kind of frequent basis. When I do, it is because I am checking up on a subject of specific personal concern. Among these: the CDC doctor who supposedly committed suicide recently. Mass shootings. Info about Aafiya Saddiqui.

    I like to think of myself as a student of history and an intellectual defender of liberty, but not in any organized way. I have a life that doesn’t allow much time for extracurricular activities.

    I am not much of an active commenter, because it tends to be pointless and merely feeds trolls. I do like to engage when I see something I know first-hand is wrong, or when I think I can educate the curious and open-minded.



    Welcome Karakid

    Aloha to you Fakeologist.com. I’m Kelly, an independent critical thinker who fell down the rabbit hole in 2011. I am a sovereign being living life on my terms. I don’t “work” anymore, I LIVE. I’ve immersed myself in nature, living off grid in the forest with no cell phone towers, have my own garden, use well water, wood fired stove, no cable, use fluoride free toothpaste (my pineal gland is overactive), read books and books and more books, play guitar, listen to music on vinyl, watch movies for research purposes, write handwritten letters over emails and spend alot of my time water coloring, making crafts, making kombucha and studying what the fuck is going on in this crazy world. Basically I’ve devoted my life to rebelling against the powers that be and refuse to be part of the walking dead. I’ve pretty much lost my circle of loved ones (the usual, they think I’m a conspiracy theorist gone off the deep end) and it can get lonely at times but I wouldn’t trade my awakening for anything. I believe with knowledge comes power and with discernment comes immunity to manipulation. As a ferocious Scorpio, I refuse to be manipulated but am very empathetic to the masses who are. If there was a fire in my house and I only had 5 minutes to gather some belongings, it would be my books. I have a dangerous library (I like to call it) and to me, books are a precious commodity these days as it won’t be long before those are illegal too. Anyway, I hope I meet the qualifications to participate on your site =) I get a little lonely since I can’t relate to most anymore. I’m interested in deep shit, not the weather. Well, don’t get me started on “the weather.” ha.



    Welcome ZapFlapSlap:


    Here’s a douchebag follower from Gitmo Nation Lowlands (NWO Logistics
    Listened to all your shows in the archives (and Fetzer’s).
    Informed academic on the rocks.
    Musician (of course), linguist (hail Chomsky), and I might have studied
    the Trivium.
    Been scraping down each and every rabbit hole since the beginning of
    this monumental charade.
    Clues and OBF brought me here.

    Thanks for the extra opening of eyes.

    Now, as they say over here: “Veel succes met uw show!”

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