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    Examining the role of the St John Ambulance. &&

    All we have are two bulletins, no doubt scripted by UK intel…
    St John was notified of a firearms incident in Central Christchurch at 1.53pm Friday afternoon. We have approximately 20 emergency ambulances and operational vehicles at scene providing support and will continue to update you as information comes to hand.–Info/News-Articles/firearms-incident-in-central-christchurch/

    St John has transferred multiple patients to Christchurch Hospital and local medical facilities. Patient injuries ranged from minor through to those with critical gun shot wounds. There have been multiple fatalities.

    A number of helicopter and road ambulances are on standby to provide support, including transporting patients to other ICUs around the country.
    St John has deployed resources from throughout the country to provide cover for the next few days and remains available to provide support and care for the people of Christchurch.

    Pure drill-speak.

    && Less than 80 per cent publicly funded….[so, it seems there is no fully publicly funded ambulance service in Christchurch, pace the Wiki page

    The service did not put out any tweets but provided the money shots for the media.
    This HD image showed a middle aged Asian man in rather fetching cropped jeans, relaxing in immaculate white shirt on a gurney, with a green tag marked [DEL]AYED on this wrist. [not SAYED, lol!]

    Numerous other shots were taken of this mini staged event

    Study this drill participant’s face closely – he’s looking out of the corner of his eye to the camera, not his fake patient

    This one was blurred for some reason – perhaps the name tag of one of these hoaxers was legible?

    Now they’ve all lost interest in our “delayed patient”…

    Oh, here comes another fake patient without any blood stains, with his wonderful SJA paramedics…

    and in he goes to the complicit hospital…

    Other hoax markers – See the use of the phrase “appears to show” involving footage of the “attack” and the hard stop arrest of the “suspect”. The authorities are telling us it’s fake, as in every other HRDPAR which contains the same phrase.

    Don’t expect any of these SJA actors to spill the beans any time soon.

    Oh, and here’s a big clue – St John Ambulance NZ is run by the former CEO of London Ambulance Service, who have kept us amused with their divers London hoax participations over the years.

    and one for Napoleon Wilson…

    Wellington Free Ambulance tweeted this less than 90 minutes before “shooting” commenced in Christchurch….

    IF that’s not enough, then, in the absence of a suitable grieving tricolor, we have the fern project onto Sydney Opera House…

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    Why is this overweight actor emerging from an ambulance with [moulage alert] an open arm wound which doesn’t seem to be dripping. And at 0.30 – what’s up with the guy clutching the top of his head? A touch of the Malalas?

    Disaster drill in full swing….they have drilled for this [drill]

    I’m seeing similarities between the professionally drawn up logo [subtle hints at swasticas…] for our “lone wolf gunman” and that of the intel creation “Survivors against terror”, a kind of old boys’ and girls’ network for anciens and anciennes of UK hoaxes

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