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    OK now we’re here, let’s check out Dunstan.
    An interesting and genuine looking tribute from Columbus Ohio…
    Remembering Dick Dunstan

    It has been 11 years since the World Trade Centre vanished, and we learned about the tragic loss of Dick Dunstan.
    Dick and I attended St. Aubyns Preparatory School and Felstead School together. By coincidence, we both chose to pursue our careers in America. I managed to contact Dick a couple of times, when I learned that he lived with his family in New Jersey. In retrospect, I only wish I had made more of an effort to visit him.
    I have read a number of testimonials to Dick, and I cannot offer any greater tribute to him, other than to echo the those testimonials, which all share the same warm memories of him. Dick was a truly remarkable individual; he was blessed with a calm and constant demeanour, he was a great scholar and a highly talented sportsman. Dick excelled in Cricket, Field Hockey and Golf; he was a fierce competitor.
    I do not know Dick’s family, but my thoughts and prayers are constantly with them; he must have been a wonderful, loving husband and father.
    My wife Elva and I have just returned from a trip to New York City and it was the first time I had a chance to visit Dick’s Memorial; a fitting tribute to a wonderful man.
    As the Freedom Tower struggles to emerge from the ashes of the World Trade Centre, Dick’s name will be indelibly etched there in stone, and his spirit will linger eternally in the chilling air.

    Posted by Nigel Simpson on 2012-10-03

    Yep, he has a long back story, member of the Mid Ohio Porsche club with his [much younger] wife Elva Maria Lewis-Simpson.
    He’s 71 she’s 48. He was born Ilford 1946, his brother Dudley in 1943. Nigel says he and 9/11 “victim” Richard Dunstan went to Felsted [correct spelling] exclusive, private boarding school in Essex. St Aubyn’s is a fee-paying school in Woodford Green for younger children. And whom do we see in the Felsted old boys’ golf club ? Dudley.
    Believe me. these are well connected people.
    So I think we can assume Richard went to Felsted.
    father –
    Denis Cuthbert Dunstan, b. 1907 died 1966. 31 August of 182 Redbridge Lane East, Ilford. Estate E17117 probate to Grace Agnes Mary Dunstan who died herself in 1987 [b. 1908] July 3 Estate £67953 at Green Elms which was probably a retirement home.

    Brother David may have gone to Canada.

    The family of Richard Dunstan still thinks about him often.
    “My husband wasn’t able to walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding,” New Providence resident Janet Dunstan told the Courier News in May when news broke that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the attacks, had been killed. “That will never change,” she added. “I still don’t really know what the word ‘closure’ means.”
    Richard, a 54-year-old insurance broker, was on the 99th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower when it collapsed.
    Dunstan said her daughter, Linda, married in 2006 and now lives in Scotch Plains. Her son Chris is working his way through college. And all three still desperately miss the family’s patriarch.
    “They’ve carried on, but their lives are not what they would have been,” Dunstan said about her children. “It’s that missing place at the table.”

    The only flies in the ointment seem to be that Janet Arleen Dunstan is, according to US data sites, 77 years old, although she seems to have graduated from the University of Maryland c 1972, her son is 30 and daughter LAURA Diane is 37. [not Linda, a nice piece of misdirection]
    From the 15th annversary, we find a family group

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    Simon Maddison has a lot of back story in Harlow – Passmores School
    Well, everybody’s all still there and very ‘together’ in 2016, 15 years on….

    Let’s see how things have moved on. But wait, I note that Simon Maddison gets cited in the Vicsim Report. Well, Simon’s a real person so we can forget all that nonsense about Maddison Avenue and morphing.

    I omitted to mention the sister Penelope Jane Maddison , the eldest of the brood, born 1949 [Q2] [Simon was the youngest, born 12 years later] Simon’s father died in 2005 aged 79.
    Here she is…[previously Penny Favis]

    Laura Maddison Malcolm looks like a happy camper !!

    Who’s Laura? I have no idea. No such birth registered in England/Wales, close to Penelope on Facebook [vide supra]
    Originally from England , I now reside in Tavernier, Florida Keys
    Owner Operator at The Keys Salt Scrub
    Studied at Kingsbridge Community College
    Went to Bottisham Village College
    Lives in Tavernier, Florida
    From Woking
    Manages The Keys Salt Scrub

    Yes, she does…

    Here’s Emily keeping the 9/11 hoax alive in 2017

    and Simon’s wife Maureen

    liked by Sue Maddison [sister-in-law, wife of Simon’s brother Stephen ….who keeps the hoax going also…

    It’s quite a family affair.
    But the condolences at have dried up.

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    From Cluesforum, Timothy Murphy on Celebrities thread
    [proving the true identity of 7/7 “victim” Miriam Hyman]

    That would appear to be strong evidence against vicSimhood.
    But i contend that that these records are by no means infallible.
    My suspician [sic] is that since at least WW2, the records have been purposely adulterated with fake identities for fraudsters to “harvest” at their convenience.

    This is, of course, untested, and in fact it would require hundreds and hundreds of inserted fake identities peppering the contemporary records of births and each one having an army of gatekeepers to attest to their school/college/work companionship.

    So back to the Maddisons….
    The Guestbook for Simon Maddison is mainly supported by family, with a few former Harlow friends,
    First among them is Peter Terry
    Peter is actually a facebook friend of Simon’s wife and Kyle, a much closer friend than someone like John Clarke [tribute] who remembers him from Passmores.

    Peter is another former Passmores School, Harlow pupil, the same year as Simon Maddison. So once again it’s reasonable to dump the Timothy Murphy conjecture.

    Kyle has recently taken to uploading family shots of him with his father, always as day or two later for 9/11, strangely…[his sisters Caileigh and Sydney ignore 9/11]

    Quite where Laura Claire Maddison fits in is still unclear..
    Laura Claire Maddison also known as Laura Claire Ward also previously of Costa Mesa Ca
    DOB 10/24/64
    Laura M Ward

    City: Centennial, Colorado

    Relatives: Kim M Ward, Laura C Maddison, Jennifer L Fife
    Addresses: 6471 S Birch Cir, Centennial, CO

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    Just found this excellent post at LRF, 2006 from Phil Jayhan
    …I have scoured & studied the passenger lists, and there are far too many coinkidinks on these flight manifests. I have long suspected that, because flight 77 (Pentagon strike) had so many Pentagon people, and Defense Contractors aboard, that it was basically a list of some of the perpetrators or helpers on the 911 conspiracy. The idea is simple enough. Many of the helpers/planners of this conspiracy simply put themselves on the flight lists of the four doomed jets, and then start out a new life afterwards under different assumed names…[.That was eleven and a half years ago. But it had been going on for years beforehand with all the other staged disasters and continues to do so to this day and the same successful format will continue into the future. [the above thread went no further]

    Continuing from earier post

    Fishy Firms in the Twin Towers

    I have found a list of Fred Alger “victims” online [archived]
    This company supplied 35 “victims” from the 93rd floor [allegedly] essentially a planeload of them.
    Ted Adderley
    David Alger
    Janice Ashley
    Helen Belilovsky
    Michael Boccardi
    Dotti Chiarchiaro
    Chris Ciafardini
    Dolores Costa
    Jerry DeVito
    Barbara Etzold
    Sean Fegan
    Peter Frank
    Lisa Gregg
    Brad Hoorn
    Michael Howell
    Seilai Khoo
    Andrew Kim
    Catherine MacRae
    Sara Manley
    Avnish Patel
    Tu-Anh Pham
    Ed Pykon
    Ginger Risco
    John Schroeder
    Johanna Sigmund
    Dianne Signer
    Artie Simon
    Bonnie Smithwick
    Mike Tamuccio
    Ron Tartaro
    Jennifer Tzemis
    Tyler Ugolyn
    Greg Wachtler
    Meredith Whalen
    Myrna Yaskulka

    “Sara Manley” was the wife of Bill Harvey who just happened to be a friend of Beverly Eckert who “perished” in a staged plane crash in 2013. Manley only married Harvey on month before 9/11….
    Sara’s legacy has gone cold for the past 4 years.
    The NYDN article has been updated in 2013, but the alleged death of Eckert was on Feb 12 2009.
    Another salient quote from LRF
    I’m thinkin “somebody” wanted to retire in Tahiti with “dead” hubby.
    To be continued…

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    Mr Harvey is still roaming around in the commercial property world
    is active within his community. He chairs the $1 million Sara Manley Harvey/John Carroll Scholarship endowment campaign at Georgetown University

    Bill Harvey

    From John Manley, Sara’s brother in 2011

    A sister lost; a legacy endures

    Sara is remembered by the Fabretto Children’s Foundation, a charity that seeks to enable impoverished Nicaraguan children and their families to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential through programs promoting education, nutrition, health and community development. Sara’s involvement with Fabretto led to her meeting her husband. Here, too, she so excelled at fundraising that the organization has constructed and dedicated a multi-purpose building in her honor in Somoto, Nicaragua. The president of Nicaragua and the American ambassador spoke at the dedication, which was attended by several other dignitaries, as well. A photograph of Sara is permanently displayed in the building.

    On the other hand, Sara will never be any older than she was on that fateful morning 10 years ago. Her husband has since remarried and been blessed with two children.

    John Manley is a long-time Irish Echo sports columnist, reporting on boxing and golf.
    At least the photo is a different one from that at Legacy, or, for that matter, the one at CNN

    Also remembered at the annual Carolina Inn Easter Egg hunt where the Harveys had their wedding reception in 8/11 in 2001.

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