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    By link, I meant ” the enclosed article “ which didn’t seem to be enclosed.

    Thanks however, for putting me onto that absurd Ernest Till psy-op, which I’d never come across before.



    In a call with Brian S Staveley, Marcus Allen, in a rather confused [to the listener] exchange says he has a comment/call from a cousin of 9/11 “victim” Michael Berkeley.
    Yes, Berkeley [no relation to the other UK fictim, Graham Berkeley]

    Steve Warran was also curious about Mr Berkeley and his copying of the various tributes brought out several cousins, e.g. John O Utendahl [a successful New York investment banker] with whom Berkeley worked before allegedly setting up his own company on the 79th floor of WTC1….
    Other cousins were Ronald Culberson and Ellen Turner. All three names crop up in present day facebook friendships in the extended family.

    Michael Berkeley’s legacy page titled EVERYTHING WAS IN PLACE ** has several extra photos added and some very convincing looking tributes from old friends and colleagues who may or may not be in the loop, but whose existence checks out in real life.

    e.g. Karen diane johnson who allegedly worked with him at Utendahl 1996-8 period
    and now is MD of the debt exchange in Boston, Brian Staveley’s neck of the woods…
    Other out of the loop supporters on of Berkeley’s former life include
    David Steele

    who also attended Iona Prep School New Rochelle Westchester co, NY
    and the [now 83 year old] parents of Ronald Greco – who is found online as a donor to Providence College, attended by Berkeley prior to Columbia Business School.

    Five alumni remembered

    Michael Berkeley ’85 An athlete his first two years at Providence College, Michael Berkeley saw limited playing time as a guard for the Friars basketball team. In the ‘1982 and 1983 season, the 6’0, 185 lb. Berkeley from Iona Prep High School in New Rochelle, N.Y., had court time in eleven games for the Friars. However, after his graduation in 1985, Berkeley used his finance major to pursue business endeavors. He was well-regarded as a successful businessman, becoming the Senior Vice-President/ Partner of Utendahl Capital. He still managed to stay involved with PC, including attending an African American Society reunion sponsored by the Balfour Center several years ago, demonstrating his awareness of diversity issues at the College.

    Business 1987 Columbia 43 alumni “died” on 9/11, including M.B.

    His wife and elder son have lively Facebook pages, the younger son not, although appears in various family photos

    June 17

    Lourdes Perez-Berkeley Hope you know and feel how much your Dad loved you and continues to love you and watch over you!!! He will always have you in his arms!!! Happy Father’s Day in heaven, Mike B!! Always remembered and loved fondly. You are an awesome Dad!!! ???

    Cheryl Butler-Berkeley Simply beautiful…

    Cheryl is married to Michael’s brother Mark who is a retired US Naval commander, both residing for a number of years in Nova Scotia Canada.

    Here’s cousin Ellen Turner

    Woven among these facebook accounts are occasional 9/11 memorial tributes to Michael Berkeley,as well as a number of photos showing MB

    this would be Mark and brother Michael

    Mum Loures and the two sons, Eric left,

    Michael Berkeley and his two sons

    This tribute also seems to be from someone not in the loop
    Craig Osten Mark – was in NYC on Monday (and on 9/11/01) and could not help but think about, you, Michael, and you both taking care of me that first year I landed at Mt Tom. It was like having two big brothers looking out for me. Thanks and thinking about you.

    mountain view ny


    September 11, 2004
    I went to grade school with Michael (1970 – 76) I knew back then he was a special person. His classmates adored him. He was a excellent student. I found out only recently that he died…….[continues]
    ~ Denise Wilson, New Rochelle, New York

    September 11, 2011
    I remember your mother-in-law as my camp nurse at Mt. Tom and her family…I am so sorry for the loss and we will always keep that memory alive in our hearts and mind. I live in CT now but will never forget that I too am a New Yorker!
    God Bless!
    ~ Stacy Semack, Hamden, Connecticut

    September 11, 2011
    Wow….I always remember Mike as one of my Uncle Neil’s best friends. My mom and I have pictures of he and Neil visiting us in California, but I remember him being around a lot when I lived in New Rochelle. What a great person. May blessings continue to flow to his family.
    ~ Shekira Reynolds-Hite, Dinwiddie, Virginia
    Neil Reynolds doesn’t have a FB page, but Florence Reynolds in the same family fb grouping> is from New Rochelle NY, so this seems like a genuine post by someone out of the loop.

    and finally a bizarre adjustment of the “official 9/11 biography” on may 20 2002 [re october 2001] some 7 months after the event….


    A biographical sketch on Oct. 5 about Michael Berkeley, a brokerage company founder who died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, included erroneous references from family members to the occupation of his wife, Lourdes Perez-Berkeley, and to her background. She is an investment banker, not a top portfolio analyst. She is not a former Miss Puerto Rico.

    The family members also misstated the occupations of Mr. Berkeley’s parents and his ownership of a home. His late father was a retired police detective, not a homicide detective. His mother is a former director of nursing at a hospital, not a head nurse. He no longer owned a home in the Hamptons. His wife notified The Times about the errors on Friday.

    Quite, quite bizarre! Especially since the erroneous biography still stands at to this day!
    So, who’s in the loop here? Plenty of names to choose from.

    ** I bet it was!

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    These 9/11 anniversaries often throw up the odd reminiscence, some planted at the Legacy website, or on social media.
    One such “victim” was Suria Clarke whose mother [q.v] Alex was the Scotland born head of the September 11th United Kingdom Families Support Group
    and of the hastily built British Garden in New York
    said in 2006 “The garden will be an absolute godsend that we can all call ours, says Clarke, an avid gardener

    “Scotland is very much a part of the garden,” says Camilla Hellman **, president of the British Memorial Garden Trust…a Brit who lives in New York City and who lost a friend in the tragedy

    ** b 1954 She has never publicly named the “friend” she lost. The trust exists but seems to have no activity even though it is supposed to maintain the garden and support the families of UK and Commonwealth families affected by “terrorism and war”. Very strange. We are told in 2007 that the garden was Camilla’s brainchild

    qFar left -Camilla G. Hellman MBE, Director of Development,
    The American-Scottish Foundation, Inc,

    Source – Black Tie Magazine, 2012

    So who’s come out of the woodwork for Suria, even though her legacy page is moribund? This cowboy and former state senator for North Dakota

    Ryan Taylor @mycowboylogic
    My friend, Suria. A new friend made around a North Dakota campfire just weeks before 9/11, one who could leave an impression that you knew would last. The world dimmed with her loss. #neverforget Remembering September 11, 2001: Suria R.E. Clarke
    7:59 am – 11 Sep 2018 [PT]

    really? or this Mexican photographer and owner of a child education business from Brooklyn

    Raul Gutierrez @themexican
    On September 11, 2001 my friend Suria Clarke was a few months into a new job at Cantor Fitzgerald. Even though she lived in a terrible apartment next to the D train, she loved NY dearly reveling in its glory and imperfections.
    I miss her.
    4:27 am – 11 Sep 2018 [PT, 1.27 AM Eastern time]
    A mexican night worker? Or someone in Europe?
    He wrote about her in 2006 but again didn’t say how he knew her

    but it attracted this comment…
    alex mayor said…

    I knew Suria at sixth form college, we studied politics together, and hadn’t been in touch for at least 5 years… I didn’t even discover she had been caught up in the awful events of 9/11 until some time later. I write this on 9/11/06 as every year I seem to recall what a lovely charming inquisitive and darling person she was and how the tragedy of her death in such a manner is an endless wordless thing to confront.

    She was a luminous sort, with that subtle humour and liveliness that drew people to her. I quite agree with you that she would have had a more nuanced and wider perspective on these events had she not tragically been a victim of them.


    = born same school year [1971-2] studied at Teddington Comprehensive, but name of Sixth form college not provided.

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    I’ve posted on Harris Beach [which supplied 6 “deaths” for 9/11] on the Fishy Firms blog thread. A key “death” was that of Andrew Zucker who had one of those nice “acts of heroism” stories which the media loves.
    It was noted that his wife Erica remarried circa 2007 and one sister was Cheryl Shames. Another brother was Stuart Zucker who is VERY quiet on 9/11, unlike Cheryl.
    Introducing Cheryl

    September 12 2018 – still remembering, but tolerating the awful potato lens photo of her brother, totally unsuitable for a “hero”.

    The son would now be 16 as reported in 2011 by a niece Temima Neshama Shames
    on 2011-10-08 at the 9/11 heroes site

    Steve Zucker Co Owner at Easyjourney Entertainment
    Thank you for posting
    Andrew is my first cousin I never had the fortune of meeting.


    And another younger potato lens photo

    Curiously, the remarried widow Erica L.Zucker Heisler, [also Erica L. Konovitch previously] who is a friend of Cheryl, seems uninterested in remembering 9/11

    Here’s another post of Cheryl showing a contemporary clipping of Andrew Zucker

    I wonder why it was cropped?
    but – get this – the woman on the right, Prof Hedy P Forspan died December 13 2001 aged 49!
    Ms. Forspan passed away, unexpectedly, in 2001.

    Did she now!!

    Oh, and here’s Maria Celis, Cardozo colleague of Andrew Zucker, at Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University 1996-9

    Another Obituary

    83 years old, died peacefully at home on May 6, 2016. Beloved husband of Deena. Devoted father of Rachel and Joel Sheinfeld, Abram Heisler and Riva Silverman and Eliot and Erica Heisler ***. Cherished and fun-loving grandfather of Gabrielle, Nathan, Shoshana, Naomi, Jacob, Adina, Amanda, James, Jason and Chloe. Respected dentist for over 50 years. President of Congregation Ohab Zedek in Belle Harbor.

    The Dentist’s first wife Sharon Sokol Heisler died in 2004

    HEISLER–Sharon (Sokol), of Great Neck, NY, July 16, 2004. Loving wife of Eliot Heisler; mother of Amanda and James; daughter of Judith and Martin Sokol; sister of Deborah and Robert Hollander, Suzy and Joseph Sokol; aunt to Samantha, Brandon, Alex, Yasmine and Aaron. She will be missed forever.

    <hr />

    Feb 23 2015

    Within Our Family

    Mazal ?Tov to Erica Zucker Heisler & Eliot Heisler on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Jason [Andrew] b 2/14/0] . Mazal Tov to siblings, Amanda, James & Chloe , great-grandmother Margie Berger, grandparents Donald & Deena Heisler, Jonathan and Doris Konovitch, and Martin and Shoshana Sokol.

    Amanda looks the eldest – she at least must be from an earlier marriage of Eliot
    [PS yes, there are two step siblings on remarriage, Amanda and James]
    Since then Erica has remarried with Andrews family in attendance, and had a second child along with two stepchildren – she remains close with Andrews family and keeps her son Andrew close to his fathers family as well.

    Another relative, sister Gayle Zucker Mosenson
    Zucker’s nephew, Jeffrey Mosenson, 20 – who became a firefighter because of his uncle’s influence – died in a car accident

    fireman…..aged just 20
    So, where did Andrew go to, or Hedi Forspan for that matter? Israel?

    And please, ~I don’t want anyone telling me that Andrew Zucker is a synthetic individual who never existed.

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