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    Tim & Graham were “together” for two months.
    There was no flight 175 or any other whch crashed into the twin towers.

    Is this Tim?

    Gene Arthur Fristoe
    Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Gene Arthur Fristoe, 70, of Amarillo died Friday, Dec. 12, 2008, in Dallas.

    Survivors include his mother, Joyce of Amarillo; his wife, Karen; six children, Gina Rogers, Eddie Fristoe and wife Patti, Geneta and husband Darryl and Kelly Fristoe, all of Amarillo, Becky and R.D. Foster of Dallas and Tim Fristoe of Sonoma

    Spiritus – Cruise central – 190 Commercial Street, Provincetown,Mass.

    June 20 2002

    Tim Fristoe – New Massage Therapist License
    After a review of the necessary paperwork by the Health Inspector, the following motion was made.
    Motion: Mark Baker moved that the Board approve Mr. Fristoe’s application for a massage therapist license.
    Seconded by Kay Halle. The vote was 3-0-0



    So where are we with Berkeley?
    Post above by “James Drummond”, dated September 11 2008 at Legacy.

    WHat’s this – cut and paste by “Drummond” two years later after this identical post
    *** Posted by James Drummond on 2006-09-07 ***

    What’s this on the same page as the earlier post of”James Drummond”:

    In memory of
    Elisa Giselle Ferraina

    I am a friend of Alex, Elisa’s flatmate in London. I feel so happy to have met a person like Elisa. In the short time that I knew her, she makes me smile every time I think about her! I shall cherish the good nights out, and little chats that we had, and will miss her so much! My deepest sympathies go to her family and friends, and to all that had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman.

    *** Posted by Alex B on 2006-09-07 ***

    THe Australian victim at Windows of the World… Our next subject for analysis….



    But hold on a moment. Before we move on, I missed this link from the controlled Guardian newspaper:

    16 September 2001

    While Charles and Pauline Berkeley watched on television as the second plane hit the World Trade Centre, their grief for the loss of others was slowly overwhelmed by the fear that they had seen their son die.

    They knew their son Graham was travelling that day from his home in Boston. From their secluded bungalow in Shrewsbury they called his cell phone and emailed him repeatedly. He did not answer.

    At 10.30pm their phone rang. It was United Airlines informing them that Graham had been on Flight 175, the second plane to hit the World Trade Centre at 9.03am that day.

    ‘At first we thought it was a hoax,’ said Charles. ‘But then United rang back. We had seen the fireball ourselves and knew to expect the worst,’ said Charles, his voice suddenly frail. ‘We watched our child die, unaware. He was a brilliant boy – a brilliant man.’

    Graham had intended to travel with his colleague so they could discuss the software conference they were attending in LA. But to little avail – they chose separate flights, his colleague travelling on American Airlines Flight 11, the plane that hit the north tower of the World Trade Centre 18 minutes earlier.

    Graham’s friend, Timothy Fristoe, 37, from Boston, was also due to travel with him, so the pair could visit friends in California’s Palm Springs after the conference. But Fristoe was delayed by work, and can now only fondly remember his friend. ‘Graham had a way with people,’ he said. ‘He had an uncanny ability to put them at ease and find something that disarmed them and endeared them to him. He was intensely charismatic and talented.’

    Another of those amazing lucky breaks for Fristoe, which pepper the official 9/11 narrative. Was he really booked to travel?

    Graham’s mother Pauline remembers in her son a fiercely bright child promoted ahead of his years, both at primary school in Shrewsbury and at his first job at a software company in Slough.

    what happened to “Shrewsbury College”??

    This story just doesn’t check out at all.

    Mr and Mrs Berkeley did not learn of their son’s death for more than eight hours
    I’d say that the pinnacle of efficiency of United Airlines, ringing around the globe to tell any relative the bad news so quickly. Must have been quite a shock for all those relatives who were not put in the picture so well as the Berkeleys by their son…

    “He always used to ring from the airport and say ‘Hi guys, I’m going to so-and-so’.
    “He never rang this time.”
    Amazing sleuthing by UA to find the Berkeleys phone no so quickly.

    They knew their son Graham was travelling that day from his home in Boston.
    [top link]
    Graham had intended to travel with his colleague so they could discuss the software conference they were attending in LA. But to little avail – they chose separate flights, his colleague travelling on American Airlines Flight 11…….

    Totally unbelievable.

    Tom Dalpra
    Tom Dalpra

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Reynolds, Gray
    Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 5:49 PM
    To: All Employees
    Subject: *** Letter from Peter Karmanos, Jr.

    Importance: High

    September 11, 2001

    Dear Compuware Employees:

    I am extremely sorry to report that

    two members of our Compuware
    team died as a result of the senseless tragedy that struck our
    nation earlier today. Myra Aronson and Graham Berkeley, both from our Cambridge, Massachusetts development center, were traveling aboard two of the planes involved in the events that occurred in
    New York City this morning.

    To Myra and Graham’s friends, families and coworkers, we extend
    our deepest sympathies.

    So Compuware announced the deaths of their two employees with a circular
    at 5:49 PM on September 11th 2001.

    Then, we read in that Guardian article: ”At 10.30pm their ( Mr and Mrs Berkeley’s) phone rang. It was United Airlines informing them that Graham had been on Flight 175, the second plane to hit the World Trade Centre at 9.03am that day.”

    So, we learn that the parents ( with the five hour time difference) were only just hearing that Graham was on the doomed flight 175 at just around that the same time as Compuware were releasing a ”high importance” memo to all it’s staff.

    Pah! Really? Honestly? Just as the families were being informed?

    Of course, it’s just another absurdity of 9/11 and an insight into the mechanism of the fraud.

    There was no time to waste on the day of 9/11. As the
    powerful images of planes slicing into buildings were shown over and over again to the world, the ‘reality’ of ‘death’ was being asserted.





    Indeed,Tom. Not sure of the timeone – it might be even earlier – Compuware was based in Detroit, and is.Have a peep at Mr Karmanlos’ bio…,_Jr.

    Peter Karmanos — pool hustler, rebel, runaway, fighter, truant, occasional wearer of ponytails, despiser of rules and authority — is the founder and CEO of Compuware Corp., a $300 million-a-year company with a reputation as one of the finest software and computer services companies in the world.

    Gray Reynolds was director of corporate communications for Compuware at the time, March 1994 – June 2004

    I couldn’t find anything about Compuware losses on 9/11 on archived company web pages.

    10 years later…
    Sept 11 2011

    Compuware hosted the City of Detroit’s 9/11 Memorial Service, which took place Sept. 9 in the atrium.

    What of Aronson? Here spelled Aaronson:


    Gregory Payne addressed the crowd, commemorating Myra Aaronson, a former communication studies professor, Jane Simpkin, a former student, and Sonia Morales Puoppolo, mother of Sonia Tita Puopolo, an Emerson alumnus, who lost their lives on Sept. 11.

    That’s Emerson College, of Boylston Street, Boston

    She had worked as a public relations and alliance manager for Compuware Corp. in Cambridge since May 2000.She leaves her mother, Evelyn, of St. Louis; a brother, Jules, of Bethesda, Md.; and two sisters, Elyse Van Breedan of Clearwater, Fla., and Deborah of St. Louis. –

    I worked with Myra for years, including at the time of her death — I in Detroit, and she in Cambridge. I’ll always appreciate her mentoring me in PR. She was always willing to inform, humor, and befriend. Myra, you continue to be sorely missed. May God richly bless you.
    Posted by Doug Anter on 2011-01-05

    Over the years, she worked as a public relations consultant to many Boston companies.
    was Doug stalking her? Totally unbelievable.

    Funny, I thought she only joined Compuware in 2000…

    comment below:

    Anonymous said…

    Actually, Myra was a little younger; she was in my Ladue High School 1968 graduating class.

    Monday, September 12, 2011 at 6:50:00 PM PDT

    Compuware spokeswoman Lisa Elkin said, “We are devastated by this loss and our sympathies go out to the families and friends of Graham and Myra.”

    Any more photos, other than that crappy 1960s effort?

    References to Ms Aronson, who probably never existed, at Cluesforum from 2010:

    Nancy Aronson, Treasurer, is an experienced director of advocacy, educational program development and management. Nancy recently retired as a Senior Legislative Representative for AARP in Washington, D.C. She came to AARP as a program consultant for NRTA, a division of AARP that supports retired educators. Previously, Nancy was with the Association for Financial Professionals and George Washington University’s Center for Career Education. An experienced public relations and policy director, she also served on the staff of former Representative E.J. Patten. An advisor on the Nuclear Threat Initiative and Safer World Project, Nancy is featured in their public service announcements. Her sister-in-law, Myra, was killed on 9/11.



    Myra is backed up by Doug Anter.
    Doug Anter checks out at Compuware – eg here in 2008

    At the last Digital ID World conference, I bumped into Douglas Anter by sheer luck at the Ping Identity party. He is responsible for Public and Analyst Relations at Compuware, the company that owns Covisint. Whether I would have some time for a briefing, he asked. You bet! I said.
    by Felix Gaehtgens

    In May 2011, Doug was preparing to marry Jacqui Ward at Royal Oak in Michigan.

    Perhaps someone on Twitter can ask Doug more about Myra in view of the virtual nature of the UA flights 11 and 175.

    Not only did Myra not join Compuware until 2000, Doug only was in the firm since November 1999….
    Previously with Marx Layne & Company and Caponigro Public Relations in Michigan. So, how did he know Myra for such a long time, allegedly? “for years”. This is not a convincing back-up story. But hold on a minute, by October 3 2001, he had only known her for a year.(which fits the narratve…)

    Even though I’ve known Myra for about one year, I really grew to know her much, much better in recent months. It started out by my asking her opinion about, say, the wording I’d used in a news release. The conversation would then quickly move into a strategic discussion about what I was trying to accomplish with the words I chose, the people I was trying to reach, and how best to go about achieving my goal, etc.

    Wow. – /blockquote>

    10 years later, he had known her for years… Hmmmm

    Seems Doug didn’t come into contact with Compuware’s “Graham Berkeley”

    As noted previously Nancy Aronson is on the board of directors of families of 9/11. Her husband Jules is the brother of Myra.

    Families of September 11 was represented at the VIIth International Congress of Victims of Terrorism (Congrès International Des Victimes du Terrorisme) in Paris September 15-17th [2011] by FOS11 family, Nancy Aronson and Jules Aronson of Bethesda, Maryland. Mrs. Aronson serves on the FOS 11 Board of Directors.

    Jules P Aronson is seen from about 20:35 in this video until about 24:00
    July 22 2004

    The co-founders of the 9/11 Citizens Watch issued a critique of the September 11 Commission’s report released today.

    More back story:

    Myra ARONSON – deceased

    Myra Aronson, 51, of the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, who was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston, which was the first jet to be crashed into the World Trade Center. Aronson graduated from Ladue Horton Watkins High School in 1968. Evelyn Aronson of Ladue, mother of Myra Aronson, said Monday that she feared from the beginning that her daughter was aboard one of the doomed flights. “I had spoken to her the day before and knew she was flying to LA,” Evelyn Aronson, who still lives in Ladue, said Monday. “I knew she was flying early. As soon as I heard about this, I had a gut feeling that she was on one of those planes.” She said her son, Jules Aronson of Washington, called her that afternoon with word from a friend of Myra Aronson’s in Boston that she had been on Flight 11. She had called the friend just before boarding the Boeing 767 in Boston. The jet was flown into the north tower at 8:48 a.m. (St. Louis time), 18 minutes before a second jet struck the south tower. Myra Aronson was the third of four children of Evelyn and the late Dr. Abraham Aronson of Ladue. After high school, she graduated from Miami University of Ohio then moved to Boston to earn a master’s degree in communications from Boston University. At Ladue, Myra Aronson participated in theater productions, the pep club and student council, and played the oboe in the symphonic and marching bands. Her mother said she had lived in the Boston area since attending graduate school and worked in corporate communications for several companies. At the time of her death, she worked for Compuware Corp., a software company, providing information to trade publications and securities analysts. Evelyn Aronson said her daughter was active in Boston as a volunteer publicist for a choral society and as a volunteer for medical programs that assist AIDS patients. She also was a fitness enthusiast. Myra Aronson, who was single, also is survived by two sisters, Deborah Aronson of St. Louis, and Elyse Van Bremann of Clearwater, Fla. Her parents are natives of Chicago, and the family moved to St. Louis in 1964. Dr. Aronson, who died in 1980, was a psychiatrist on staff at St. Louis University Health Center. [published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sep 18, 2001]



    Back up for Graham Berkeley
    As noted above, from a legacy comment:

    September 08, 2006
    Thinking of Graham at this time.I was a member of the Shropshire Youth Orchestra which was led by Graham for a while. He also played the Bruch concerto with us. I attended the Royal College of Music with him and have fond memories of our orchestral tour to Russia. We organised a reunion of the orchestra from Graham’s time in the early 80?s, in March 2002. Graham’s parents came along and we all brought old photos of those very happy carefree days. Everytime I see that plane going into the second tower,** I am brought to tears thinking of what was going through Graham’s mind.
    No one can ever take away the memories we have of him and I feel glad to have known him.
    Val Berry (Perkins),

    Mark W Berry = Valerie Perkins,[b.1966] Shrewsbury 1994.
    Valerie is still involved in music in Okehampton; Mr B is an estate agent

    Sooooo, a sound back up story for Graham. But why no recorded birth for him?

    Graham was our second Son, born at Home in Worksop Nottinghamshire but spent his Schooldays in Shropshire when theFamily moved due to his Father?s promotion within the Central Electricity Generating Board.

    [Charles Berkeley, father]

    But no trace of it. Apparently born Jan. 12, 1964


    xileffilex wrote:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Reynolds, Gray
    Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 5:49 PM
    To: All Employees
    Subject: *** Letter from Peter Karmanos, Jr ***
    Importance: High
    September 11, 2001

    Dear Compuware Employees:

    I am extremely sorry to report that two members of our Compuware team died as a result of the senseless tragedy that struck our nation earlier today. Myra Aronson and Graham Berkeley, both from our Cambridge, Massachusetts development center, were traveling aboard two of the planes involved in the events that occurred in New York City this morning.

    To Myra and Graham’s friends, families and coworkers, we extend our deepest sympathies.

    Hoi Polloi from Cluesforum, makes an important point that companies can exist on paper alone. And yet their shares may still be traded on the stock market! Probably with the stock buying and selling effected by share-trading algorithms with little to no human oversight. Amstrad plc, another IT operation, is a British example of one of those companies. For years, Amstrad was essentially dormant, yet its shares were still bought and sold in large volumes!

    Compuware, which purportedly employed 911 vicsim “Graham Berkeley”, feels like another paper-only business. Check-out the list of its supposed software products – mainframe development/debugging applications. They look like vapourware products. There’s no ‘back-story’ to them. No client userbase. No online manuals. No users whinging about bugs, crashes, flaws, no sharing of tips, no improvement suggestions, etc. Nothing! Pretty unique for any piece of software!

    Large software contracts are notoriously dodgy. ICL, the blue chip Brit IT company, was famous for securing billion pound contracts with the British government. But, more often, never delivering a thing! You godda wonder where the cash actually went, since ICL rarely, if ever, delivered a working product! Compuware feels the same. Maybe for these Fortune 500 companies to engage Compuware, as Compuware claims they’ve done, is a cover for mafiosi-style deals. A means for the Apparatus to cream off, or illicitly ‘tax’ an otherwise reputable Fortune 500 company, under the guise of fulfilling a burdensome IT contract.

    The wonkypedia reference to Compuware lists several alleged software products developed by the company. But in each case, if you google for the product background, there’s next to nothing to find. Have a go:

    We’re somewhat swirling up the 911 vicsims in this thread, digressing from discussing “Michele Beale”, here:

    Recall: “Michele Beale” was a Financial Conference Director for Risk Waters. “Michele Beale, nee du Berry” was from the Billericay/Wickford/Southend area of Essex, England. She was vicsimmed on 9/11 in the Window on the World complex, on the top floors of the North Tower, along with 15 other employees from financial conference organisers, Risk Waters.

    Michele’s widower back in Billericay, Essex was “Stuart Beale”. “Stuart” sold the “Beale” family home in 2004 to the “Grint” family – “Andrew & Johanna Grint”.

    Recall that “Andy Grint” is a director of Hilson Moran, a major building project firm in the City. While Grint’s wife “Johanna” works for big City accountants Ernst & Young.

    Among the “Grint” family friends are several financial event coordinators (exact same job that “Michele Beale” did).

    And even more amazing (for those who entertain coincidence): one of those Grint family friends (“Elana Nadalutti”) worked for Incisive Media.

    Incisive Who?

    Read what Hoi says here about Incisive Media – they are mysterious back-linked to Risk Waters. e.g. the website of “Michele Beale”s old company, Risk Waters, is managed by Incisive Media, and so on!

    What a vanishingly small world is the City of London, eh?!



    this welles crowther character, the hero in the red bandana, supposedly played division 1 lacrosse at the fine jesuit institution called boston college. it seems the whole family graduated from there.

    if he truly played d1 lacrosse at bc, there should be tons of video evidence of his existence prior to 911. he graduated from bc in 1999, so the story goes.

    it shouldn’t be all that difficult to sort out whether this character was of flesh and blood.



    I’ll have a peep, smj. The usual baloney story from the mom. I don’t believe a word of it.

    “I know I’m meant to be part of something really, really big” – Welles to his mom, Labor Day 9/3 2001

    Indeed. New id no doubt.

    see also

    Part time firefighter, allegedly, and also a job on the 104th floor with Sandler O’Neill, allegedly. An ideal actor for the role.

    I’ll have a look.

    Ref: the “official biography” of renaissence man, Welles. So much crammed in, makes me feel quite inadequate in comparison.



    Sarah Redheffer , formerly Sarah Prothero

    vicsim from the highly suspicious Risk Waters conference at Windows of the World.
    There is already some research on her at CF and elsewhere. see e.g.
    et seq.
    The recently married Redheffers – Eric M and Sarah were reportedly living either in Devon or in a small terraced house in Enfield.
    Since 2001, the unusually named Eric R. has vanished from the face of the earth.
    Michelle Rae, who wrote those cryptic comments on Redheffer’s legacy board definitely exists:Michele Nichols Sulter
    although we never seem to see a photo of the Michele or of any father of the children. The Redheffer connection is made out here:

    Sole Member
    Michele Nichols Consulting
    January 2001 – Present (14 years)Ballina NSW

    In partnership with a colleague based in London at Risk Waters Inc, I established a home based booking and consultation service, in which assisted in locating venues, organising details, speaker and delegates in the South Pacific region for her international events. Working successfully across timezones. This partnership dissolved after the tragic loss of Risk Waters Staff including my partner on September 11, 2001

    The previous employer
    Conference Manager
    April 1999 – February 2000 (11 months)NORTH SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA

    leaves minuscule internet presence.

    Now, have a look here

    Ant Prothero
    11 September ·
    With Michele Nichols Sulter.

    And what is highlighted when you click on the name? Sarah Ann Redheffer.
    Who is Ant Prothero? A professional wedding photographer

    Is there a connection? Sure must be.

    We thought that you might like to know a little about our Fine Art shop.

    All images are a part of a wider piece of work entitled “Sarah” focussing on the loss of loved ones in 9/11. This particular selection was created in New York, where Ant visited the legal team working for the victims families and (prior to the memorial gardens) the area in which families could go to leave notes, sit, think and feel a little closer to the people they lost.

    For every print sold, we will donate £5 to the Sarah Redheffer Memorial Fund (reg. charity 1113700) which is very close to our hearts. The charity is based in Devon and provides financial aid to children and young people resident in the parish of Marldon or attending Marldon Primary School or Parish Church.




    Rev David John Prothero, father of Sarah,was born in 1943 according to Crockfords directory. BA St Peter’s College Oxford 1966, MA 1970. Priest in Kirkby Liverpool 1970-72. St Marychurch, Exeter 1972-4; Marldon 1974-83 and prison chaplain to HMP Channings Wood. Torquay St Martin Barton 1983-91, finally Bathchurch 1991-3 whereupon he retired.

    David and Sue Prothero have already attended one special service for their daughter at the Sacred Heart Church in Paignton, Devon. The service was led by

    her godfather, Father John Smethurst


    who told how he had seen a photograph on television of a woman in a wedding dress.
    Sarah Redheffer.
    Sarah Redheffer was on the 106th floor. He recognised the picture one that stood on his own mantelpiece, from Sarah’s wedding three years ago.
    Sarah lived with her American husband at Marldon, near Paignton.

    er, but also at Enfield, see previous post and below. Fr Smethurst is a Catholic priest,not an Anglican vicar. Curious.

    Sarah was born on July 26 1966. One notices that Rev Prothero and Mrs Prothero [nee Susan E Phillips] were married in Oxford in the first quarter of 1966..,i.e. sometime between New YEars day and the end of March in Crosby, Liverpool. Is there a hint of a hurried student

    ?? Perhaps I am imagining it…

    What does not emerge is that Sarah had a sister Jane Marie Prothero born in late 1968, also in Oxford and who seems to have been curously silent on the death of Sarah Anne, her sister and who herself seems to have vanished from the web; she married in Cyprus around 9/11.

    Which brings us back to Anthony Daniel Prothero, who was born in the Torbay district in 1984 where Dave was a vicar at the time. The mother’s name is given in online records as Prothero….

    What does it add up to? I have no idea.
    Administration of the estate of Sarah Redheffer gave her address as Enfield

    Her estate amounted to around half a million pounds.



    Michele sort of clears up the mystery at CF
    about how her son could be named after Sarah Redheffer

    Michele Nichols Sulter My daughter was named amelia holly..but we call her holly…when I was a teen my neighbour in her 90’s was Holly I used to sit with her and she always defended me to the neighbour hood about my loud music ( ok it was the sexpistols but she did not care) she was happy to hear someone was enjoying them selves…RIP Holly Dart!
    21 June 2011 at 05:05 · Like
    Michele Nichols Sulter My Son is William Ryan named after Sarah Redheffer Prothero who was killed in the WTC 9-11…Ryan means little king and sarah means princesss….
    21 June 2011 at 05:06 · Like

    recap from Michele at CF

    I work with them both before they married at ICM/ THG chicago..




    I am still having trouble with the Micheles
    Certainly Michele Rae crewed a boat in 1998 in Queensland, her sailing partner was long time former Bay Area [SF] Hewlett Packard worker Jean Tully
    Michele’s boating US interview gives her age as 51 in 2001 which can’t be right.
    Her Linkedin provides THG back-up

    ICM International Inc. (Marcus Evans Group)
    March 1996 – February 1997 (1 year)Chicago, IL. United States of America

    There is no work history before 1995.
    Holly may be seen in this 2010 video from Mackay at 1:46; she is given the name Holly Nichols.

    Michele also commented on this palpably fake 9/11 video

    thank you my best friend was up there in window on the world.. i wondered what happened to her now i know.. sheould not have surviced the smoke…

    Perhaps the answer lies here?
    Michele Nichols Sulter
    17 October 2013 · East Ballina, Australia ·
    MY beautiful friend, we live a great distance apart; I feel your pain screaming in my head- the miles between us amplify it. wishing someway I can lighten your load, knowing here or there, this is about what you need not what I want. If you listen to wind you may hear me say I love you. I am here waiting for my ” assignment” what do you need? Xox

    From the Hervey Bay school database

    Michele Sulter Nichols Class of 1988
    Hervey Bay Senior College,Hervey Bay, , Australia


    Hi Felix did you notice that Michele Rae turned up a year later on CF.



    Indeed I did, Anti. Read the whole thread. Shame the CF crew scared her off rather than trying to engage and gain useful information. So often the case, and unhelpful.
    Matt has been very busy, only just noticed.. need to catch up


    Wow ! Matt has been busy, looks like he’s enjoying himself though.

    I think Michele Rae the boatie (obviously raised in the US) and Michele Sulter Nichols (raised in Australia) are 2 different people.

    In Her postings on Clues Forum She doesn’t deny being Michele Sulter Nichols, and goes on to say that “Michele Rae is my given name” for what ever reason, Michele Rae could be just a chosen user name for posting on forums.

    In the boatie article Michele Rae the American says she fell in love with the town of Ayr where the race was held, yet the race was held off Airlie Beach more than a hundred miles away,about midway between Ayr and Mackay.

    Also the American Michele Rae, claims to have lost her husband to a freak work accident.
    That news item I posted on the Clues forum, featured someone with the name of Rae killed in a freak work accident in Mackay.

    The Michele Rae posting on the Clues forum, writes a lot less literately than Michele Sulter Nichols.
    With all these coincidences, lazy grammar (Micheles with one L) how do we know that these people that post on forums, and Legacy/ Memorial sites are who they claim to be.



    Yes Anti, I think Michele Rae from the boat race is someone different, a red herring, but an amazing coincidence, especially since she was leading [boating] seminars.

    However, the Michele Rae who wrote on the [astonishingly small] legacy page of Sarah Redheffer that she had had a child and named him after Redheffer was the very same Sulter who lives in Ballina, as does the latest Michele Rae from the 2013 legacy comment
    and still writes under the name Mchele Rae to the local press…

    Some of Sulter’s outpourings on FB are not terribly literary, and frequently contain coarse language.

    And while we’re in Windows of the World….
    I prevously pointed out to a 2003 forum poster called Leadpencil1 who
    was allegedly invited to that fateful event

    I was supposed to be at the same Risk Waters conference that a.m. at Windows…. Good thing I wasn’t. This was the original email I got. I save it as a reminder. Dear Executive WATERS 2001 FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION September 11 & 12, 2001…..

    It’s strange but Leadpencil1 writes something different on his introductory page at freerepublic

    Scheduled to be at Risk Waters conference at Windows on the World 9/11 and 9/12 2001. My presentation was scheduled for the 12th so skipped the 11th. Alive today. STILL PISSED AS ALL HELL!

    hmmmmm…. so wasn’t supposed to be there at all?
    more nonsense of the same Freerepublic page

    My co-worker was scheduled to be meet some people at Morgan Stanley that day at around 10:00am. Morgan was a huge tenant on the 2nd tower. He still has the email about that meeting.
    I was across the street(on Church St and Fulton) when the whole thing happened. Still livid.
    29 posted on 05/09/2003 18:11:37 by segis

    The alleged runners and riders for 9/11 and 9/12 at WotW are leaked here,
    Andrew Wescott [COMPAQ],chairman, James T Leman [Saloman Smith Barney] Richard G Taggart [JP Morgan Investor Services] Andrew Wescott [COMPAQ], Jack McConville, editor Inside Market Data, Charles J. Garcia [Bloomberg] and Adena Friedman [NASDAQ]
    Other “lucky escapees” from the 11th are included on the above page.
    excepting the afternoon session for the 12th. We can see that the overall chairman for the 11th and 12th was David E Rivers of Waters Magazine.

    Mr. Rivers, 40, was editorial director at Risk Waters Group, a financial technology company that was sponsoring a conference at Windows on The World on Sept. 11. After the first plane hit, Mr. Rivers called his wife,[Ricky Vider Rivers ] who had forgotten that he was in the building

    instantly forgettable that you have just gone out early to chair a two day meeting at the top of WTC1….

    a couple of those links at freerepublic are now dead, but are archived
    IKONOS space imaging of 9/11 – WTC and Pentagon sites

    “Tourist Guy Peter”,1284,48397,00.html

    I find it strange that the [Nichols] children are so high profile while we see no mention of a father/fathers and never see a photo of any parents.



    Michael Benjamin Packer was one of those early speakers at the Risk Waters conference, allegedly. MD Instutional e-commerce, Merrill Lynch – timed to be speaking at 8:40 AM. Unfortunately his name was left off the Westchester 9/11 memorial…
    April 22 2007

    He was 45 and had lived in the Westchester community of Hartsdale since 1990, said his wife, Rekha Packer.
    In planning the memorial, county officials consulted various lists of victims and a group that works with victims’ families. But they were unaware that Michael Packer was a Westchester resident until his wife sent them a letter this fall, said Susan Tolchin, chief adviser to County Executive Andrew Spano. An acquaintance of Rekha Packer’s had visited the memorial and told her about the omission, Tolchin said.

    “We felt terrible,” Tolchin said.

    Some lists said Michael Packer lived in New York City, but articles in several newspapers identified him as a Hartsdale resident.

    Packer is survived by his wife, Rekha, and his two children, Sarita [11] and Jonathan [7].

    And they didn’t know where this polymath lived with his family for 11 years???



    Now, here’s a suspicious back story relating to Packer, who worked for Merrill Lynch
    Prof Peter Cochrane, head of research at British Telecom at Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, UK until….November 2000.
    I fail to see how he would bump into Packer, but no matter. He apparently left for California to start up a company at 2255 S. Bascom Ave in Campbell, CA, which leaves almost no internet presence.

    February 18, 2002
    On 9/11/01 I emailed you with an “are you OK” message. I never received a reply. Fearing the worst and hoping for the best I held my breath. Well, I was notified of the worst just two weeks ago and have since been contemplating my message and words below.

    Although I worked with and for you in my role as a consultant, I always thought of you as a friend…..
    – See more at:

    Where was Peter?

    On 9/10 [2001] I flew out of Boston on a flight that was hijacked the next day and on 7/7 [2005] I had passed through several of the bombsites only hours before.j

    what is he lecturing about to The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance founded incidentally in 2001?
    London, UK – 23 August 2006, 16:51 GMT – Response: Flight Frustrations — Are toothpaste bombs really a big threat? Prof Peter Cochrane:


    and here’s Cochrane rushing into print in the Daily Telegraph, October 25 2001, concerned about backing up computers

    After recovering from my initial horror of realising that thousands of people had died on that tragic day, this thought process prompted me to reflect on my own mode of travel, especially as I had flown out of Boston on September 10.
    Infoconomy, 4 January 2001
    By Samad Masood

    Peter Cochrane’s desicision to quit the company and set up the UK arm of a new technology incubator, ConceptLabs, at the end of 2000 shocked many

    Samad who?
    Lead reporter Risk Waters Publications
    November 1999 – September 2000 (11 months)

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